A Daily 15 Minute Exercise Can Change Something

Exactly how many people nowadays are on to exercising and maintaining a good health especially maintaining a great physical body? I am not sure about the statistics but I’m guessing 50% of the population might don’t care to get good physical body because of maybe so much things to do at work or other priorities. And maybe the other 50% of the population is really on to having a good and almost perfect body and shape.

As for me, I do want to have a good body. I am at 20 right now but still my body looks like a kid and even my face. I could go to the gym, have a schedule but I’m not doing so. I feel like I do have other priorities than buffing up. I got to say that blogging consumes most of my time today other than my school.

I am also not the type of guy who loves to do sports. Sometimes I do play badminton or volleyball but it is something just for fun and it is something I am doing once in a blue moon. I just hate physical activities. Sometimes, I tend to become so stressed in life, lose out temper quickly. Then my younger sister blabs about that I’m too stuck up on my desktop chair and maybe that’s the one causing my irritability and she’s pushing me to at least do some exercise. I realized that and started to make a change.

Actually exercising helps release endorphins, a chemical in our body that promotes happiness and something that relieves us from the feeling of stress. When I tried to do some simple workout at home, I can feel the difference. It’s actually good to sweat especially when there’s a good beat of the music playing while working out. Starting this day again, I will try to maintain my habit of exercising even just for 15 minutes daily.

Photo Credit: Pixabay