Bought a Summer Shorts for 90

As I’ve been blogging about in my previous post, we will be having an overnight beach getaway on the south this coming Wednesday. And we’re getting pretty excited about it. I have a problem as I don’t have something to wear on a beach. I’m not thinking of something that would attract people as we could be the only people on that beach but something that I can actually make use of.

Anyway, I don’t have a short suitable for beach environment. I do have lots of shorts but it’s fabric can’t be that as good for a beach. Most of my shorts are made of, I’m not sure what material is that but it’s the same material we can see on denim jeans. And that’s heavy when it get’s wet.

So yep, I headed to the nearest market a bought myself a summer shorts. At first I was hesitant.  I want to be honest and I am not used on going to the market area and buying items especially clothes in the market but I have no choice as I don’t want to spend huge amount of money on something that I will use for once only.

And yep I bought a summer shorts for 90 pesos only (around $2). I’ve got to say that I do love the floral markings on it. It looks awesome! As I reached home to checked my newly bought summer shorts, I was like whaaaat! This shorts feels like it was just a table clothe that has been made into something like a short. But actually it’s not really that bad as I’ll be wearing trunks inside, It looks fluffy though so I hand washed it hoping it would feel soft like a jersey shorts. lol

Photo Credit: Pixabay