Gerbera- The Colorful Attractive Flower

Gerbera- The Colorful Attractive Flower

Gerbera- The Most Colorful Flower

Gerbera, the attractive flower from daisy family has perhaps the most colorful flowers available anywhere in the world. Gerbera flower is available in almost 350 colors and shades including shining red, yellow, saffron, cream, terracotta, maroon, pink, white etc. The gerbera flower basically originates from South Africa but available in almost every part of the world especially Asian and south American countries.

The flower gerbera comes from composite floral family also known as Transvaal 92 and Barberton Daisy with 10 other including hybrid is considered one of the best in commercial varieties besides decoration as it can remain fresh for almost a week with a single precaution, it becomes weak if kept in water and in straight position. Gerbera flower’s stem can be kept moist but not deep soaked in water.

Gerbera is one of the most popular and garden plant for its beauty and easy maintenance as a house plant but indoors or in the garden because it grows up to a maximum height of 2-3’ and spreads no more than 2’ in sides flowers for almost round the year. Gerbera plants remain healthy under the light sunlight but under the temperature of 25 degree Celsius.

Gerbera sapling generally planted in long rectangular trays, pots or in rock gardens. Gerbera bear a large and dense flat cluster of small flowers and two lipped ray florets in different shades give your house a wonderful look. The plant flowers within 40-45 days and the plants flower for longer time with proper pruning and practice involving the removal of rotten leaves from gerbera plant such as branches, buds, or roots and proper care of pots.

The gerbera flower is good for commercial planting and currently countries like Israel, Holland and India successfully. Indian states of Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra have especially taken up to commercial production of gerbera plant as the atmospherically the weather is best suited for gerbera plantation.

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  1. Ross

    Definitely one of the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen. Love it as part of a bouquet

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