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When I Am In Love

It’s normal to a person to fall in love. Each of us has also our unique way of feeling it though there is no big difference. What I mean here is that, it depends how we carry our own beating. Others condemn love as a killer, and of course, I will oppose for this judgment, … Continue reading »

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You Make Me Sigh And Sink To My Fantasy

It was one moonlit night when I sat alone in Paradise Park. This park is called Paradise Park because long time ago this was a thick forest. When the world and its inhabitants evacuated and landed anywhere in the world, this place was among inhabited by refugees from south archipelago. Those inhabitants were so excited, … Continue reading »

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The First Time I Met You

The first time I met you, my eyes cannot stay away from you. It seemed like magic. I just looked at you with some questions that came to my mind. We did not know each other. I just saw you sang on stage during the program. My mind asked if you are strict; if you … Continue reading »

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