Anger Control

Anger is another kind of feeling .It is inherent to any normal person. Anger cannot be avoided and varies according to its cause. This kind of feeling is hard to control. It suddenly attacks an individual at any time of the day. It may easily subside or not. Others cannot just put an end to this kind of feeling without submitting the self to a fight. It may end to a fatal action. It really creates trouble if anger is caused by revenge or jealousy. It is also bad if the person feeling angry has high blood pressure. We already know what this sickness all about if triggered.  There is no second chance of this, if tolerate the feeling. We all aspire to have a healthy and long life, so we must treasure life. What to do if angry? How to control this inevitable feeling?

If you have high blood pressure, avoid trouble, despite taking your maintenance medicine, but if anger is at its extreme point, then the medicine taken cannot fight back for you to cool you down. Many landed six feet below the ground because of uncontrolled anger. To stay away from trouble is the best remedy to avoid heart attack. Let us value our life and foresee ahead the sorrow and pain your family may feel if you won’t listen to your body. It is just the pride that urges you to fight back, to end the life of a person or to comment on a nonsense topic or issue.

If feel at the rage of anger, count 1 to 100 to cool you off. Also evaluate the gravity and capacity of the cause of your anger that may give result to a deadly effect. Think first if the cause of your anger is worth to end your life. Think the possible way to make yourself happy. Listen to mellow music to cool you down, then close your eyes and say serendipity. Also see in your mind while closing your eyes vast green fields. Those are the best way to control our anger. Let us enjoy life for it is too short to be wasted away by a nonsense cause.

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Time Management

Time management is so important, so nothing will be put to waste in our day-to-day living. It is also very important in an organization. What will happen to an organization if there is no time management?  Anywhere in the world, time management is the sole strategy to prosper more and more. In a work for example, we cannot finish a work assigned to us if we do not have time management. W e might finish only partial task in a day, so works the next day will be loaded to you, hard to accomplish because we lack time management. To do list is one effective way to monitor time. After finishing one or more tasks, see and check your list things done to avoid failures.

This is how I manage my time. I list down in the evening the things I do the next day. Then, I put a check mark on those already done. I also spare some minutes talking to work mates and answer some calls in my cellular phone and texts messages. In case, my work requires so much attention because it is necessary, so I put off my cellular phone and just explain later the cause. It should be made sure to prioritize works accordingly. It is not easy to see undone works in a day or week. One reason why many do over time work is to finish all the works for the due time is closer. Works done in haste may not be effective. It somehow causes frustration, because while doing the works fast, our mind also thinks of other activities we supposed to do, but being evaded due to time constraints. Nevertheless, the body may also be affected. Too much stress may plunge you to bed earlier and you no longer have time for yourself and your family.

Time management if planned well results to ease, success and happiness. You will have much time for others and family.

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I Was Cheated By My Friend

Who wouldn’t trust a friend, in front of you crying and knelling just to persuade your emotion? My friend went to my work place and begged me to assume my housing unit. He is an engineer and was newlywed the time he approached me. His wife was his student, jobless. He wanted to have a permanent home, but at that time, as a newly married, they did not have savings to provide themselves with their needs. That begging and knelling of my friend convinced my soul to let them assume my unit, though I never had an intention to do so. I had a plan to give that housing to my brother who worked abroad, married, two children, but wife left them for another man, so to console my brother, I secretly plan to give to him my other unit. I had at that time two housing units acquired through our National Home Mortgage and Housing Authority.

So everything was set, but on the actual day, my friend failed to pay the full payment for my right and the assumption fee. He and his wife begged me again. I allowed them for I saw his wife pregnant. I sometimes hate myself for I cannot easily refuse if someone begs with tears. The lawyer was not also available for the deed of assumption. They promised me to bring the lawyer with them after a month. It was they to pay for the deed of assumption for that was their promise to me, for being that kind to them.

Because I was so busy and even this time always busy, so I forgot those important things. I only remember my unit last year after ten years of forgetting and trusting , that my friend paid direct to the National Home Mortgage office, when I received a notice from the Mortgage that my unit was foreclosed. I was so terrified and sobbed bitterly why it happened that way. I went to my housing unit so far from my home and found my unit empty. All doors were intentionally damaged and they had just left. I proceeded to the Mortgage office and was told that the fake occupants only made three years payments. The outstanding arrears reached to  1.8 million. How could I pay that instantly? I was told to reconstruct, but someone approached us and willing to assume my unit. That foreigner married to a Filipina heard me crying in despair. He instantly paid the unit with all those assumption papers. He also paid the tax, and the unpaid water and current bills.

That same year, I had cleared my name in the mortgage. I am so thankful to the new occupants and has now the unit renovated, most especially thankful to God for He hears my prayers. God is truly a loving God, and I do entrust to him the unfaithfulness of my friend.


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That Song, Our Theme Song

In my solitude flashes a picture of yours, thus making my waking moment empty and blue. Then at that instance,  I hear a melodious song that seems like killing me. Yes, that song is making me crazy, our theme song. It was the song he likes, and I bet it was from his heart. At first, I disliked our them song , for I felt it so corny, LOL and the title was “ HABANG MAY BUHAY” ( In English, While Life Is There). Then as days go by, I felt it with deep meaning and began to like it to the bones.

I met my first love in Silang; Cavite, Philippines, Estie is his name (May he rest in peace). I was there in Cavite to spend a one month summer vacation in my uncle’s house. I was seventeen that time, so sweet, and charming, hehehe. Estie has red lips, (no vise, of course), flawless skin, tall, slim, cute, handsome and also a freshman at Adamson University, taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. He wanted to become an accountant and public servant. Well, to make the story short, we became young lovers. My uncle, a retired US Army, was so amused of my happiness, having a first love in their place. Estie visited me every other day. During his visits, he brought with him chocolates and roses, wow, what a young love, full of life, and happiness to the maximum. We spent time laughing, giggling and promising he and me to be as one when we were through with our schooling.

My summer vacation came to an end, so I have to go home and bade goodbye to my love. He cried, and sobbed bitterly. I was touched and carried by his emotion. We both cried for we’ll surely miss each other. No choice, but I have to go and let the feeling rolls differently. Somehow, I felt the longing of him during lonely nights.  One night, I dreamed of a violet card with black butterflies sent to me from mother of Estie. It said there that it was an advanced birthday card for me, July is my birthday and that was June. I was very much confused why sent me that violet card with black butterflies. Three day after I dreamed of that card, I received a telegram from  mother of Estie.The message said that Estie died on that day I dreamed of that violet card with black butterflies.  He met a car accident. His car was bumped by a teen wheeler. The driver of that teen wheeler was drunk. I cried in pain of a lost love. Estie, babe I missed you so much until these years. My tears cannot stop falling every time I remember you.

It is proven true, that first love never dies.

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You Make Me Sigh And Sink To My Fantasy

It was one moonlit night when I sat alone in Paradise Park. This park is called Paradise Park because long time ago this was a thick forest. When the world and its inhabitants evacuated and landed anywhere in the world, this place was among inhabited by refugees from south archipelago. Those inhabitants were so excited, more than ever they have realized, when flocked to these once forested site. They denuded the forest, replanted the sapling, renewed the place by planting many flowers of different species, planted tree called “bonsai” and mounted some brick-like caves. That was it, and somehow along the way, they augmented some attractions to fill the earth of their own super galactic and artistic. Indeed, it was.

As years go by, they were dethroned by the real owners of the land, the government, so all their dreams shattered and vanished on air and dream. Surely, they were relocated to a far away north and started all over again. This place those inhabitants innovated and developed was transformed into a more interesting and captivating site and was named Paradise Park.

I was on that deep thought about the legend and history of the park, when an image appeared nearer me, and when I looked up, oh my, I saw a handsome guy at my age. He looked at me, and I looked at him. I asked him who he was, and just said Ferman, my gosh, LOL.  He sat beside me and asked my name, hehehe, and of course, I gave mine. I noticed that he was so gentle and seemed like very lonely. I told myself it was my chance to have a handsome boyfriend, LOL. I talked and talked and he responded softly. My happiness and fantasy sank, shy type not my type. Then suddenly he stood up pointing at a tall tree. He said, “It was there I usually sat with my family.” Then he stepped forward and bade goodbye.

At a wink of my eyes, he vanished, so terrified I was that, I ran back home. Ferman appeared before me, to remind all that this park where many enjoyed this time, was once their own.

Oh, what a sigh, fantasy dies in vain.

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The First Time I Met You

The first time I met you, my eyes cannot stay away from you. It seemed like magic. I just looked at you with some questions that came to my mind. We did not know each other. I just saw you sang on stage during the program. My mind asked if you are strict; if you are approachable; if you are friendly, and foremost, negotiable, LOL. I cannot describe my feeling. I was so stunned with what I felt, and I was a teenager that time. Maybe it was just an admiration for he was able to sing well.  Yes, he had that voice a la Elvis Presley. Your voice vibrates, of good quality. After that episode, my mind kept on imagining your flawless skin, your broad shoulder, your perfect height, your well-shaped nose and handsome face. I was feeling like crazy, LOL. I was tossing in bed. I spent sleepless nights. My heart told me, I had a crush on you. It seems an insanity liking someone I do not know.

The next day, I was restless. I wanted to know your name. It was still me that stopped that crazy feeling. I have learned that I was two years older than him. His name was Luther and he studied in the same university where I was also studying. I was fourth year in Bachelor of Science in Physics, and he sophomore in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I knew all these things about him from my classmates who happened to be their classmates in minor subject. I also learned that he already has a girlfriend, unknowingly, my classmate in Calculus and Chemistry. My goodness, I met him again and our eyes met. It seemed I was frozen. He smiled at me, and I smiled back at him.

That was a very unforgettable moment in my life; someone I like smiled at me sweetly. Oh, what a charm, and oh, what a love.

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Let There Be Rain

Our country suffers drought for many months now. Many landed in hospital due to heat stroke. Many also suffer different kinds of sicknesses brought so much by hot environment like mumps, sore eyes, chicken pox and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It is advisable to always drink water and to even bring a bottle of water anywhere a person goes here to avoid UTI. At home, two members in our family already contaminated with mumps virus. My co-workers, many of them were contaminated with sore eyes. Too long drought now is not a joke. There is always fire in a crowded city. Rain is the only hope to minimize problems our country is facing with this time.
People here always clamor for rain. Every now and then, we look up the skies to see if dark clouds too appear soon .This is the usual sign of a rain to come dark clouds. If this drought in Philippines continues, most probably, our source of power or energy may turn dry and empty. Then what do we expect to happen? We hope it won’t. What shall we do here? Climate change might be one cause of this very long drought. This must be given priority by the entire world to stop or even minimize calamities that always occur country to country.
Too much abuse of mother earth is another cause of the many sufferings of the world. Better in other countries, they have snow, so they can minimize their electricity and water bills. It is so scary here managing the long drought. Because of this long drought, we experience too marathon blackouts. When rain comes, this will be momentarily ceased. It seems rain is still far in the horizon. We are waiting for a natural rain not rain caused by storm, as what our country faces with year after year.
Many keep on asking, where is rain?
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When You Are In Love

The interesting fact of life is when you are in love. The intensity of feeling cannot be measured. The heart keeps on smiling for happiness when you are in love. When there is love; there is inspiration. Your mood keeps on twisting to the different directions of positivity when love is felt truly by you. The feeling is undeniable. There is always reason to wake up for the next day when there is someone who brightens your days and nights. Every difficult task is made easy, and no day without his / her picture on your mind. That is how powerful love is others taken for granted. Love gives everyone the right direction and peace.

When you are in love, night is made day. Your mind always focuses on the activities you have had in a day. This time lovers fully loaded their cellular phone so as not to miss any message very important to a relationship. Every waking moment is challenging to you. You always get excited to face another day. In love you are always willing to traverse the high mountains just to reach the top for the sake of love, and to give what is due for it , and the life you would want to build with her and your future children. This time seldom has this kind of emotion dedicated fully to life and love because of so many temptations; hence, one must be strong and committed. It’s also hard to commit if your intention is raw and partial. Somehow in life, we do not expect negative things to cross our ways, so we have to assess every action made to avoid regrets.

It is truly hard to adhere to one’s expectations if not associated with the right and sincere intentions. It is not easy to bet heartaches and pains. When you are in love, do everything to make your dreams happen and do believe that dream you want to follow. Further, develop your love fully if you think that someone is right for you. Yes, you are willing to sacrifice just to reach to perfection of your relationship. Love is truly awesome, for how hard life is, you can still withstand the many tests and obstacles of life.

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The Picture of Long Drought in the Community Where I Live

Long drought brings distasteful feeling to everyone in the community where I live. Since it is near the sea, so less green environment is seen, unless go to a far distance where sea is no longer reachable. What remains standing near the sea at this point of disaster are strong and old trees despite years and amidst strong attack of storms. But if drought continues to outsmart the most awaited rain, most probably, these shadowy, robust, leafy, sturdy and proud trees may gradually weaken and lost their desire to protect humans. Many sit under these trees morning till evening to feel the fresh air coming from them and the cool air that sweeps through them by sea. That is what makes people in my community feel proud of. There are numerous trees that are planted near the sea , and children here gather around to play.

Despite this scenario, we can still feel the extreme temperature brought by drought especially in the afternoon. Not all the time that we gather under the trees for there are many things to do at home. Also, when we travel to mall, store, or church, we cannot avoid to walk under the heat of the sun. The heat here this time may cause heat stroke. Also observed this time in our place, many are sick of flu, mumps, chicken fox, sore eyes, and urinary tract infection. At home, my young nephew, age 5 was sick of mumps. We wondered at home why our baby cried. He said his left ear was so painful and when my sister, her mom, touched him he was so hot. He was brought to our family doctor only to learn he’s attacked of mumps virus. He is well now, but who us next after my nephew, my sister, his mother. My sister was also brought to our family doctor. She was prescribed anti-bio-tic and advised to wear a face mask to stop the spread of the virus.

There are many occurrences here while drought is still with our entire country. Maybe, what we experience in the community where I live is also the same with others place to place. Better the other countries, they have snow, ice rain, soothing atmosphere. We are patiently waiting here for rain to come and spread to our vast land.

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Technology Changes Lives

In the yesteryear, when earth was not so crowded, and when technology was at scarce, there was seldom a precedence of suicide having a broken relationship as the cause. This was so because there was less invitation to temptation. People in the past concentrate more on their family and having only dramas in radios tuned in and TV was not so introduced in some rural areas. People were contented to have some talk, some bonding and some short, but substantial gathering of the family after dinner, weekend and holidays. No one ever envied about styles and glittering belongings of a neighbor. There was strong camaraderie among neighbors, and constant communication that made them closer and helping each other in times of need was always attained.

This time, sad to say, many committed a suicide due to depression. Parents no longer have time for their children. They entrust their children to house helpers .House helpers lack the feeling towards the kids compared to that of the parents. The latter may not be blamed because of the soaring prices in the market. Children need constant attention and communication by the parents, so many children, even youngsters and mature ones struggle to adjust their lifestyles. Communication is very vital in a family and in the society where we belong. Other reason derived from the children themselves. With advent of technology, they experience many things that tend to destroy their future. Rampant this time technology related works like texting, selfie , on line games, and many more using their cellular phone, net books, lap tops and others. One game Dota is trending this time that made many students to flunk due to addiction of this on line game.

Those who are usually doing these activities are  coming from the rural areas, suburbs and experience culture shock when they arrived in the city to continue their education. Sometimes, parents blame our technology for the changes of the children’s attitude. Parents play vital role on the part of their children so they must always remind their children to concentrate on their studies and never be exploited by the works of technology.

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