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My Sweet May Memories

All of us have memories. They could be forgettable or not. There are memories that continue to remind us.  How I wish my memories won’t last. As long as the month of May exists, my memories continue to exist. I am reminded of these memories the other day when I dined in a fast food … Continue reading »

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The Realities Of Life

How we like to have our life always in a relaxed way, no hassle, no trouble, no problem. It’s hard, yes, it is hard for every now and then, there are many unforeseen things that just pop up , that may shift our mood. Those problems may not be ours, but we might be affected … Continue reading »

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I Am Not Happy Today

You might ask why I am not happy today. We have many visitors at home and I lost my privacy. They stay whole day at home.  These people are siblings of my niece’ husband side. There are five of them. We serve them food, drinks, snacks. What I am not happy about is the consumption … Continue reading »

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When Tears Fall

There is trouble when tears fall. A tear could mean in many ways. There are tears of joy and tears of sadness. Tears cannot be avoided if feel something bad in any way, but if it is all about tears of joy, the falling takes place only in few minutes. It does not prolong for … Continue reading »

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Stick To Your Goal

We need a goal to inspire us and achieve what we desire no matter how hard. A goal could be daily, weekly, monthly or annually. As a blogger here we have our daily goal that is to reach the points limit. Almost all of us here have this goal and those readers who are not … Continue reading »

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Music And Me

1. I dropped my body on bed too tired of the feeling There I drifted my mind to a blank space, only to feel the emptiness That emptiness made my soul fainted Being alone now is a terrible reality and squinted like a snail Imprisoned in a tough fence of insanity Yes, this was what … Continue reading »

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When I Am In Love

It’s normal to a person to fall in love. Each of us has also our unique way of feeling it though there is no big difference. What I mean here is that, it depends how we carry our own beating. Others condemn love as a killer, and of course, I will oppose for this judgment, … Continue reading »

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Why Daydreaming Inspires Me?

I used to daydream when I was young. I just wanted to daydream. When I am alone, lonely, sad, mad and happy, I daydream. It seems an automatic action my brain employs once feel or encounter any of those reasons. I am relieved from whatever circumstances that I failed to accomplish; likewise, when I am … Continue reading »

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Human Error

Human error is inevitable. This could also be avoided through careful planning and focus .Human error could contribute problems in a big company and most especially in the field of medicine where life of patients is at stake. It should be noted that many perished because of negligence of a doctor giving patient the wrong … Continue reading »

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As the world is getting older…

people change. Man is endowed with intelligence and the lessons acquired in school augmented his capacity to improve his performance; likewise, learning. It is so much advantageous on his part what he becomes, thus making him wise. In fact, we owe much what we have this time to all geniuses like Albert Einstein, Graham Bell, … Continue reading »

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