He came to change the world

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A young man named Narendranath Dutta was running in a forest in India. After all, a group of monkeys have attacked. He did not know where to go. Suddenly, he met a man who told him to turn back and face the monkeys. Within no time, monkeys went away.

Narendranath Dutta then decided to make a decision – do not fear any problems. Face them and they shall fade away.

What a memory

During his college time, Narendranath used to be very fond of books. At that time, India was under British rule. So, one day; he was reading a book and a British saw this. Narendra happened to turn pages at abnormally fast rate.

The British man thought that he must be simply turning pages rather than reading the book. He asked Narendra as if he was joking. Narendra turned the book towards that British and said – you can ask whatever you want.

His memory was shocking for that Briton.

A caring attitude

Narendra chose to move ahead on spiritual path. He took permission from his mother. She told him to bring a knife. He brought it. He was holding it in unusual manner.

The sharp edge was pointed to himself. The mother said – you will always care for rest of the world.

Narendra taught Yoga and spirituality to many people worldwide and taught Vedanta spirituality overseas as well.

A philanthropist mentality

Narendra was of caring nature right from his childhood. His focus was remarkable. He was a philanthropist as well. At the same time, he was blunt and outspoken. One day, he saw a man who said that he could walk on water easily. He demonstrated the same. Narendranath asked him how many years it took to develop those powers. The man replied – 10 years.

Narendra said – you were born human not a fish. You wasted 10 precious years to get that power which a fish can do anyway. Had you utilized those 10 years for benefit of the world, it would have been better.

Not only this, but Narendra founded a spiritual mission named after his Guru with primary goal to uplift the poor. He went overseas to teach universal love and harmony.

One day, he went inside a Shiv Temple and notably mentioned this:

There are 2 ways to worship Shiv. The inferior involves worship through rituals. One must understand that the lord is not bound to rituals. The superior way is to see Shiv in every poor man and worship him while helping the oppressed.

A charismatic personality

Narendra possessed a great personality. He was capable enough to impress many great minds. With his team, he explained Vedanta to US and the West. In Chicago, he did start the speech with “Brothers and Sisters” which was done for the first time ever.

Dr. Carl Sagan, Ms. Annie Wood Besant, Sir Niels Bohr, Erwin Shrodinger were among those inspired from his works.

The final journey

It was 1st July 1902 and Narendra turned 39. He told one of his disciple Mr. Nityananda that his body cannot contain his soul and the soul should now leave the body.

On 4th July (3 days later), his soul was freed and the body was destroyed. Narendra is considered a role model for the youth and his Date of Birth 12th January is celebrated as Indian Youth Day.

He is better known by the name Swami Vivekananda. He was a strange man but a real human.

The minister who copies

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One of my friends who lives nearby to my present location told me to write on a present news. The news was related to vehicle number coding in New Delhi, India.

Well, number coding isn’t new to me. Have already covered Filipino number coding here.

But, the case of Delhi was very funny. The Chief Minister did instruct to an odd numbered vehicles on even days and vice versa. The rule started from the very first day of this new year. So, cars ending in 0,2,4,6,8 were banned on 1st Jan 2016. As per the CM, the rule is copied as it is from China. The rule is in place till 15th Jan 2016.

Well, indian ministers rarely do radical innovations. India is perceived as a country of improvisation (called Jugaad in the local language) and not radical innovation.

The minister did instruct a hefty fine of close to 31$ on rule breakers. Till date around 5893 fines were made. The CM thought that the rule shall decrease pollution.

Nothing comes without exception. Here, the exceptions were very funny.

  1. All 2 wheelers are exempted (No one knows why?)
  2. Cars driven by female drivers with children are exempted (Don’t they pollute?)
  3. Natural Gas powered vehicles are exempted for obvious reasons
  4. Vehicles of court judges, armed personnel, Delhi Police, Minister level are also exempted
  5. The rule does not work on Sundays.

The Chief Minister has himself decided to use car pooling.

The drama

The ministry can do drama really well. The media is full of reports where it shows Chief Minister calling any random individual and educating him of the rule. There he mentioned that the volunteers had told a man to use the correct numbered car. He went home and came on a bike.

WOW! If you happen to travel in a wrong car, you must go back home and come on a 2 wheeler. That will reduce pollution.

A second drama was also in place.

His volunteers were actually found burning wood in evening and when interrogated the reason – they mentioned that the state government has suggested this. They were asked whether this will pollute OR not. Then they replied – it won’t pollute Delhi but it can pollute outer areas / NCR.

WOW! What a politics – deliberately pollute nearby areas. So, in future, if this leads to a civil war on pollution grounds, that is allowed.

The criticism

The rule looked very easy but it wasn’t. Firstly, it totally ignored non vehicular pollution like industrial, dust, other means.

Media report confirms that the odd – even rule made the situation even worse.

The conclusion

The high court has ordered government to submit the reports of pollution. All the details are already there and the court shall share the results tomorrow.

As per the transport minister, the rule shall anyway end after 15th Jan 2016 since they have got enough money. This money shall be used to subsidize bicycle procurements.

All this drama to end very soon.

The jani festival

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Latvia is a wonderful country in the Europe. Let us discuss a great tradition of the country. It is about a summer solstice festival called Jani. Given the fact that in Latvia, you might notice 16 – 17 hours of sunlight, it seems a tropically hot nation. Well, Latvians respect summer and the summer solstice day is celebrated countrywide.

It should be noted that 49% of the country is covered by forests and the area turns into a scenic beauty during this Jani festival.

The history

The festival started for the farmer community. It is celebrated during the last week of June. During this period, the farmers used to wear garlands completely made of plant leaves. Today, people wear garlands of oak flowers. The festival is celebrated in the midst of nature.


The celebrations happen regardless of the weather. Be it sunshine OR be it rainy, merrymaking shall happen.

People believe that the herbs plucked on this day are composed of various healing powers. Everything will be decorated in this country on this day. There is another strange and complicated belief.

Latvians believe that one shall not sleep in the night. If at all you want to sleep, you should do so during the day time after seeing the sunrise. Additionally, men like to walking through the morning dew which they believe can bring prosperity and money. On the other hand, women consider it traditional to wash their faces with this dew to increase their beauty.

In addition to what is mentioned above, people often sing and dance and the activities continue till the dawn.

It is a good festival to experience. Latvia is a country ranked among Top 3 in environmental Index and you will enjoy its beauty during Jani time.

Journey to heaven / hell

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This post is about a very strange place in India. Located near Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh, this place is called Bharmour.

The place is famous for 84 temples called Chaurasi in the local language. The legend says that Hindu GOD Shiva along with 84 spiritually uplifted people arrived here to do Penance. While going, all of them decided to create various shivalingam.

Thus 84 Shivalingam are created.

The lord of Death Yamaraj too decided to stay here. That place is called as Dharmaraj Temple and is located in the north side of 84 temples. Though, Dharmaraj temple is considered a Shiv Temple.

The temple of Bharmani Goddess exists to 3 kilometers to the north of the site. It is mandatory to visit there to make the journey complete.

The image below is taken from Indianetzone.com and contains an overview of how 84 temples look like.


The speciality

Everyone knows that it is GOD sends souls to heaven to hell after death. There must be some place where it is decided where souls are supposed to go.

These 84 temples are the place where it is decided whether souls should go to heaven OR hell.

It has a courtlike structure where souls are interrogated and Yamaraj and Shiva are themselves the judges.

The places contain the marking – “Way to go to heaven”

However, the path is not suitable for bodies and due to extreme cold weather and dangerous path, only souls are allowed to go.

Some miracles

People have confirmed hearing interrogative questions when actually no one was present. They believe that it is soul who is being intervened. Some have confirmed that they saw souls. Several tourists have visited there and it is recommended to visit here at least once.

Strange new year customs worldwide

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Now in the current curriculum have only five subjects and no practical at all. The Home science subject that equipped students with the sewing and cooking skills has long since been scrapped from the syllabus. At the same time, the present system favors very few students since it gives no room for creativity.

Let’s hope that the government keeps the ball rolling and give our children the system of learning that they deserve for them to have a better future, some will be even able to start their own business with the welding training with a Used miller XMT 350 CC CV welder.

We all know that 2015 is almost going to end and we will most likely step inside a new year. Surprisingly, this New Year is not just new. There are many traditions which are followed since the ancient times as a celebration for New Year.

Different parts of world have different traditions to celebrate New Year. Some f them are scientific while some aren’t. Let us see them one by one.

Denmark plate tradition

People in Denmark believe that throwing plates at the doors of friends will bring good fortune.

Ecuador burning rule

In Ecuador, people burn scarecrows to bring happiness to their homes.

12 grape rule of Spain

The Spanish believe that only those who can keep 12 grapes in their mouths, then they can achieve good fortune.

GOD’s presence

People of South Asia believe that you should visit holy places (Temples, Mosques, Churches, Stupas, Gurudwaras etc.) during midnight if you wish to please GOD and have his blessings activated.

Underwear color

It is surprising to know that even Underwear colors can also determine new year fate. Usually, in South America, this tradition is followed. For example, if you are wearing gold underwear, you are likely to have wealth and white underwear shall guarantee peace.

War for peace

The Peruvian culture has a really funny belief. There is a saying that those who want peace should prepare for war. Peru believes in exactly this philosophy. By the last day, Peruvians do fight with each other so that they can settle their differences. Then start a fresh.

Water and evil spirits

Poerto Rico has the world’s most complicated rule. They consider that throwing water outside homes will kill evil spirits.

It is interesting to note that different part of world has different ways to celebrate new year. These traditions are practiced for fun.

The foot connection to health

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This is a really weird belief some people in this world particularly those from South Asia are witnessing.

The assumption

This is the assumption behind this belief: Some people are born straight and some are reverse. Actually, more than 92% of people are born straight and remaining ones are born in reverse manner.

This is what the belief actually says – if you are suffering from a back ache OR any other pain, then get yourself kicked by someone who is reverse born OR at least the reverse born must touch the foot to the pain sufferer. That “feet touch” acts like a painkiller and the backache shall be cured permanently within a minute.

No one really knows the science behind this belief. While it is true that some people are born straight and some are reverse born, there is no logic behind this assumption that backache can be cured by the foot of a reverse born.

Despite all this, people keep on finding those who are reverse born and get themselves kicked by such people. Surprisingly enough, the rule has not failed at all. Not even once.

The point to be noted here is that even scientists have tried their best to investigate but this seems something much away than the reach of science. The scientists have given up and concluded this to be “a natural miracle”.

I have seen and heard people travelling from their homes to distant places in search of these natural pain killers in a hope that their problems will be solved without any medicine. There is hardly any case when this hope is broken.

In case you are aware of science behind this weird belief, just let me know.

Really weird forest

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This post is about a really weird place called Hoia Forest located in Romania. This forest is often called as Bermuda Triangle of Romania and is strange due to various abnormal / paranormal activities happening here.


The forest is actually located in Cluj County in Transylvania, Romania. The area of this forest is about 1 square miles. There are many other tourist places to be seen near this like Tucului valley in the east and Mujai Forest in the west.

The real purpose of including that forest in this strange world website is that to show how weird and strange is this place. Here is some really weird nature of this wonderful place.


UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and is often considered as a spacecraft where aliens can live. UFOs were often spotted in this strange forest. However, no alien was spotted.

Death / ghost connection

There were various frequent cases of deaths occurring. People often concluded that this place is haunted. No ghosts were found but mysteries behind frequent deaths are also not solved yet. Several scientists went on to search for scientific reasons behind such accidents but could not reach on a consensus.

Some people have seen certain faces in the photograph which were not visible from the naked eye and they concluded that this is due to ghostly existence. However, scientists have called it paranormal electromagnetic radiation happenings.

Light appearance

The forest is strange for one more reason. Many orbs of light have found to have appeared all of a sudden. This had puzzled various scientists. In year 1999, scientists have found that this happens due to strange location of this forest. Further, the sudden appearance of light can be linked with electromagnetic phenomena happening here.

The conclusions

Nevertheless, this forest remains a mystery for most of the world. The forest remains a good tourist place. However, if you want to visit here, it is recommended to take necessary precautions.

Air on my shopping list

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Don’t get shocked with the title. I was also shocked when I came to know of it. What will you shop for? Air? Why? Is air so scarce in your locality that you need to go to a market and buy it? You can even use an ebay coupon to buy this.

This post is actually about China. The Chinese are buying bottles of fresh air from international market especially Canada. The Canadians tried to sell a bottle of air and this idea was actually a prank to make fun of Chinese. But, the idea went big and sale is booming. The company name is Vitality Air. Due to growth of sales, it is quite likely that more and more people enter this industry and more companies start this fresh air selling business.

It is hard to digest this news. The fact is that this really happens. The company witnessed skyrocketing sales figures. If you want the proof, click here to know more.

Proof link

There are many theories behind this air purchase but the most obvious looks like a solution to China’s smog problem.

We all know that recently a climate change deal happened under advice of the United Nations and the European Union. It was an international assembly and plans were laid down to address this global phenomenon. I won’t go into detail of what really happened during the climate deal meeting.

The point to be noted is that due to growth of pollution problem, it is getting difficult for people to take fresh air. Looking at the current scenario, soon world might need to go for procurement of air.

By the way, what is your opinion? Should we opt for procurement of fresh air to save ourselves from growing problem of pollution?

The smoke law

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I need not discuss the ill effects of smoking. Almost every single packet of cigarette today comes with a message – smoking is injurious to health and leads to Cancer. Some people are often linking smoking with your sexual health. Despite all these, the population of smokers is on the rise.

The problem with smoking is that not only active smokers but also passive smokers are affected by this.

The difference

Active smokers are those who are themselves smoking. On the other hand, a passive smoker is not a smoker himself but is near to an active smoker.

WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that both active and passive smokers are equally affected by the ill effects of smoking. The reason is that when active smokers smoke, then that smoke might enter the body of passive ones too.

The law

Different countries have come up with different laws at different times. This refers to the case of Latvia.

Latvia has stated in their new law that from 2014 onwards, smoking in an environment where children are present shall be considered a case of physical violence. The law also banned smoking in a public place. Not only this, but the law also banned usage of electronic smoking devices to be used in the presence of a child. It does not matter whether they contain nicotine OR not.

The same has been taken to notice of World Health Organization and the health advisor giant had appreciated this move. The law is as per the guidelines set up by WHO’s FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control).

The organization also stated that they are keen towards looking such new & innovative developments to tackle smoking problem. Let us pledge for a smokeless world.


The Glass bridge

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The previous post was about a bridge made of rope while this post is about a bridge made of glass.

This bridge is called as brave man bridge and located in Central China. It is long enough as 3 football fields and spans 2 cliffs in Shiniuzhai National Geographic Park.


The bridge is called brave man because of its devastating structure. It is not recommended for the faint hearted men. The place undergoes various repairs and is often closed for many times during a year. Right now, it is open if you wish to experiment.

It offers vertigo inducing views. The Chinese name for the same is Haohan Qaio. In 2004, the bridge was made of wood but slowly in 2014, the idea of adding glass started. Now, the bridge is fully made of glass supported by a small glass frame.


The width of glass being used in this bridge is approx. 3 centimetres. The bride is approx. 180 metres above the sea level and approx. 305 metre in length. The bridge has been declared as the longest glass bottom suspension bridge in the world.

Right now, China has decided to build another glass bottom bridge and has planned to compete with the existing one. The plan and architecture is already designed and implementation is under place. Who knows it is ready soon.

Want to visit this place? Well, you must be brave enough as this place is specially meant for the brave men.

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