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Married today – unmarried tomorrow

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I know you are surprised on reading the title. Actually, I refer to the temporary marriages. Can marriage be temporary? Yes, it is. This case refers to Iran – known for Shi’a Islam. It is known that sex is a very controversial topic to many even in today’s modern world. Many conservatives continue to stand their ground on conventional practices of sex, and the use of sex toys (Read on for more information) are often frowned upon. Some, take up the challenge and find ways and workarounds.

The law forbids having sex without marriage. So, if you want to do sex, you must marry. But, you may not want to marry forever. So, the country allows marriage for … guess what? As low as 3 minutes

This may sound silly – of what use is marriage for 3 minutes? At least, you get time and ability to do sex.

What is the eligibility for the offer? Well, both the girls and the boys must be following monotheistic Islam. Also, the bride to be cannot be currently wed to another man. Also, the woman should not suffer from menstrual disorders. Both men and women should be healthy during marriage.

How it works?

Yes, the most important question – how it works? Groom can opt for a temporary marriage in Tehran through various marriage bureaus. Hafezoon is one such website. The groom needs to pay a sum (which is mostly predefined) to the girl.

Then the contract of marriage is set. It should be noted that marriages are contracts in Islamic law. So, you can set the duration of marriage which varies from 3 minutes to several years.

This duration is important as it is required for both man and woman to agree for the same beforehand. Marriage is a bilateral contract and if the girl disagrees for the same, marriage will be cancelled. Therefore, it is mandatory for both (girl as well as boy) to mutually agree for all terms and conditions.

Interestingly, in this arrangement, women are allowed to set dowry based on their own choice and this is predefined.

This temporary marriage is only allowed as an ability to practice sex. It is often criticized for promoting prostitution in the name of marriage. OOPS!

Have HIV?

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I know you are surprised by the title. Which place in the world can be so cruel to provide jail to HIV positive patients? Well, a country where the disease is spreading very fast can have such a law.

HIV may cause joint pain: Sometimes the HIV infection causes joint and muscle pain, along with inflammation of joints and soft tissues around your joints. The virus can get into the fluid inside your joints and trigger painful reactions. HIV can also make pain, inflammation, or long-term joint damage worse, to treat yourself there are new natural options like CBD which does wonders treating different kinds of pain.

This country is known for one of the best and oldest civilizations. It is that country from whom top scientists and scholars have came. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about Greece.

Greece has laws in place which made HIV+ tests mandatory for everyone. If you are found HIV positive, Police will catch you, confiscate your property, take your money and put you behind bars. And your mistake?

Well, you are a HIV positive. Isn’t that sufficient reason? As per Greek law, getting medically proved HIV positive is more dangerous than begging a death penalty.

Now, coming to the cause. Why this happened?

There are many reasons for this dangerous rule. First, is this strange claim.

WHO (World Health Organization) once claimed that Greek people are deliberately injecting HIV virus in their blood so that they can gain sympathy. The statement went through many debates which faced many criticisms in the world media. Finally WHO apologized for the same.

Crisis struck Greece did cut health budget which noted 200% increase in HIV cases. David Stuckler of Oxford University found out that Greece isn’t the only country. Spain and Portugal are experiencing similar disasters.

Due to both cases, Greece actually started hating HIV. The patients will now be punished for the disease. This is a strange law and criticized because the country is not solving the problem rather it is blaming the victims for the problem. Hundreds have reported and imprisoned – local police officers have commented.

Kill rates, make money

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Peshawar – what comes to your mind when you think of this Pakistani city? People often think of terrorism and mass murders by humans when told to think of this place. Yes, terrorism and murders are menace for many.

But, there are other problems too. I am not talking about humanly intervention. I am talking about rats. We all know that rates are rarely liked by anyone owing to their mischievous nature.

But, do you know that rates can kill humans? Peshawar public reported that rats have killed upto 5 humans. Rats grow very fast. I won’t discuss their breeding rate. You know that better than me.

Something needs to be done about the problem else we will have a RAT – only world in future. Government ordered a plan to kill rates. It speaks of a compensation of Pakistani Rupee 25 for each rat killed. This admininstrative move is welcomed by the locals as they perceive this as extra money making tool.

This rule is unique of its kind. You probably will never hear any similar rule in other part of the world. Pakistan witnessed children getting killed by rats. Rats grow drastically and therefore, it is better to kill them and solve the problem.

Just to add, more than 100,000 rats are killed in just 18 months. Pakistani now have something better to do.

However, there is a challenge; how government actually tracks rat – population and how they count how many rats are killed. Hopefully, all such challenges are met.

Kick off your camera

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The world is a really strange place. Different laws often bring up sometimes weird from time to time. Let us watch Kazakhstan this time. Once upon a time, this country was under Russian rule but now, it is just independent.

Although now, the country says that it has secular constitution but still it is mandatory to respect local laws. The country as such does not tolerate local law infringement.

Other than Air Astana, no other airlines can be used to travel to and from European Union as they do not entail security standards. Over all, it is a lovely country. But there is a law to be taken care of.

  1. You need original passports at all times. It will be checked any time.
  2. You also need official permission to carry camera near Airports.

Kazakhstan government officials check whether you have a camera in your store whenever you are entering airports. It is illegal and entails heavy fine whenever you are caught possessing a camera near any airport. They consider taking photo as illegal and often think that you are damaging their property. There are even heavier restrictions enabled.

Well, airports are not the only places where restrictions are in effect. It is illegal to travel to military establishments without prior permissions. It is illegal to take photographs there as well. Most of the Kazakh supermarkets too prohibit photography by law. Although Kazakhstan is beautiful, you can click pictures without violating the place try Aurora HDR to enhance the details. However, there is no direct indication mentioned on their Kazakh notice boards. Therefore, it often seems indirect notification.

As a traveller, it is recommended to check above mentioned rule before entering Kazakh land. While no significant arrests are known for violators but still, better safe than sorry.

Coffee and marriage

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World is going stranger day by day. This blog has many cases of weirder things happening worldwide. You might have wondered why I haven’t included Arabians yet. Well, this is the time.

I included Saudi Arabia to the list. Saudi has one of the most divorce rates in the world. There are >82 divorce cases happening on daily basis. These statistics are huge and unbelievable.

The reasons for divorce are however strange. The most ultimate reason for divorce is: a woman is eligible to divorce her husband if he does not supply coffee to her.

You might be wondering how can coffee be considered a valid ground for divorce. Well, it is one of the grounds for ending the marriage. Actually, the law was a part of Turkey too. 400 years ago, coffee was integral part of one’s life. Since Arabs treat marriage as a contract, not supplying the coffee can seem a violation of the contract.  Therefore, non supply of coffee implied valid grounds for divorce.

In earlier times, there were many cases of divorce due to this weird rule. However, recently this does not make for divorce cases. It is to be noted that in Saudi, it is easy for men to divorce while woman divorcing is much more complicated.

Nevertheless, the majority of divorce cases in Arab world are not sensible. Husbands have divorced wives for bad looks. Some husbands divorces wives for ignoring messages. Another husband divorced as his wife took Pepsi despite warnings from the husband. Another case confirmed that wife applied for divorce because her husband was shorter and she thought that this will affect her marriage conditions. There are many more cases and it is practically unthinkable to mention them all here.

Armor in Parliament

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There are many countries in this world. But, one country is special – the only country in the world which puts an adjective before its name. Hope you understood what I meant. It is: Great Britain.

Do you notice the name? The adjective “Great” is applied before the name. Really it is a great country. Let us see its greatness.

1313 Statute

The statute relates to coming armed in parliament. By law, it is forbidden to wear armors in the legislature assembly. Whenever you are supposed to enter the house, no Member of Parliament can ever wear armor. The reason of implementing this rule is not known.

It started in the beginning of 14th century (year 1313) and is followed till date. Till date, the rule is not repealed. It made sense that time as then the world was safer. Now, the officials are looking to modify the rule looking at the world scenario.

Other strange laws

Well, this is an important rule but there are other rules too. Let us see them

  • You cannot erect a washing line across any street.
  • It is not legally allowed to jump the queue.
  • Also, a person suffering from a significant disease – say plague cannot instruct Taxi to stop. The Taxi driver can stop on his own will and go with the man though. In that case, it is required to be disinfected.
  • You cannot sing profane song in any street
  • You cannot disturb people by ringing doorbells – This is called Ding Dong Ditch – Knock Knocky
  • You cannot order your servant to stand on a sill to clean it.
  • In 1998, UK brought a rule which prohibited nuclear explosion.

I need not re – iterate that it is a great country. It is named as Great Britain.

The minister who copies

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One of my friends who lives nearby to my present location told me to write on a present news. The news was related to vehicle number coding in New Delhi, India.

Well, number coding isn’t new to me. Have already covered Filipino number coding here.

But, the case of Delhi was very funny. The Chief Minister did instruct to an odd numbered vehicles on even days and vice versa. The rule started from the very first day of this new year. So, cars ending in 0,2,4,6,8 were banned on 1st Jan 2016. As per the CM, the rule is copied as it is from China. The rule is in place till 15th Jan 2016.

Well, indian ministers rarely do radical innovations. India is perceived as a country of improvisation (called Jugaad in the local language) and not radical innovation.

The minister did instruct a hefty fine of close to 31$ on rule breakers. Till date around 5893 fines were made. The CM thought that the rule shall decrease pollution.

Nothing comes without exception. Here, the exceptions were very funny.

  1. All 2 wheelers are exempted (No one knows why?)
  2. Cars driven by female drivers with children are exempted (Don’t they pollute?)
  3. Natural Gas powered vehicles are exempted for obvious reasons
  4. Vehicles of court judges, armed personnel, Delhi Police, Minister level are also exempted
  5. The rule does not work on Sundays.

The Chief Minister has himself decided to use car pooling.

The drama

The ministry can do drama really well. The media is full of reports where it shows Chief Minister calling any random individual and educating him of the rule. There he mentioned that the volunteers had told a man to use the correct numbered car. He went home and came on a bike.

WOW! If you happen to travel in a wrong car, you must go back home and come on a 2 wheeler. That will reduce pollution.

A second drama was also in place.

His volunteers were actually found burning wood in evening and when interrogated the reason – they mentioned that the state government has suggested this. They were asked whether this will pollute OR not. Then they replied – it won’t pollute Delhi but it can pollute outer areas / NCR.

WOW! What a politics – deliberately pollute nearby areas. So, in future, if this leads to a civil war on pollution grounds, that is allowed.

The criticism

The rule looked very easy but it wasn’t. Firstly, it totally ignored non vehicular pollution like industrial, dust, other means.

Media report confirms that the odd – even rule made the situation even worse.

The conclusion

The high court has ordered government to submit the reports of pollution. All the details are already there and the court shall share the results tomorrow.

As per the transport minister, the rule shall anyway end after 15th Jan 2016 since they have got enough money. This money shall be used to subsidize bicycle procurements.

All this drama to end very soon.

What a law!

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This post is about Iowa. Iowa is a state in United State. It is a city of great geographical beauties because both the Eastern and Western borders are formed by rivers, yet a city of various unknown things.

This post speaks about one complicated law. It just states that a man having moustache can never kiss any woman in public. Yes, it might sound complicated but is a reality. It is allowed for a man without any moustache to kiss a woman in public but not for a man having one.

You might wonder the logic. Well, it is very simple. Women might shout because women in that country don’t like the touch of moustache. Well, a man having moustache can kiss a girl in home. The law only bans public kissing.

This is a really surprising rule. The rule seems containing various loopholes. After all, who bans public kissing but allows private kissing for same individual?

While some Americans have got up against this rule, some argue that this does not exist. The reality is that there is no documentation to this rule yet this is to be followed in practice.

If this does not surprise you enough, then let me tell you that even winking at another lady is not allowed. Any violation of this rule will neither get you fined nor busted but still you could be insulted.

Just for your information, strange rules regarding love making form an integral part of American lives. For example, in Colorado, you can never kiss a sleeping lady.

So, if you want to celebrate love making in America, it is better and always recommended to take a close look at the local laws.


Count your coins

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This post is a bit complicated. It is about a really strange and complicated law in Canada. The law limits the usage of coins in a tender. It is strange to know coin limited in a tender. Well, that is a part of the Canadian Currency Act of 1985.

The coins are defined under Point No. 7(1) and 7(2) and the usage is defined under section 8(1) and 8(2) of the law.

Coin structure

As per the section 7(2) of the Act, the coin to be used should not be bent or mutilated or defaced. It shall be considered illegal if it is made to be reduced in weight.

The coin is defined as current under Royal Canadian Mint Act.

The limitations

As per section 8(1), only current coins could be used as coins in currency. The only other accepted currency is official notes issued by the Bank of Canada.

Section 8(2) describes the limitations of coins in detail.

  1. If the value of the coin is 1 cent, then those cannot be used in tender involving more than 25 cents.
  2. If the value of the coin is 5 cents, then those cannot be used in tender involving more than 5 dollars.
  3. If the value of the coin is between 10 cents and less than 1 dollars, then those cannot be used in tender involving more than 10 dollars.
  4. If the value of the coin is 1 dollar, then those cannot be used in tender involving more than 25 dollars.
  5. If the value of the coin is between 2 dollars and 10 dollars, then those cannot be used in tender involving more than 40 dollars.
  6. If the value of the coin is more than 10 dollars, then those cannot be used more than once in any tender and that tender should not have value more than that coin.
  7. If more than one amount is to be payable on the same day, then the total of all amounts shall be considered.
  8. There is no limitation on usage of notes.

No one really knows the reason behind implementing those limitations.



Check your modem

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Internet! We all know that it is an interesting and really helpful tool. In today’s advanced cyber world, if you happen to meet someone who does not has an internet modem, you are likely to call him a nomad OR an uncivilized barbarian.

GOD often works in a balance. Good is always accompanied by a bad and fraudster means could be developed to hinder the growth of a really helpful technology and internet is not an exception to this rule. Due to this, possibility of deception has also increased in the usage of internet. We shall study the repercussions of that in detail. This post is about Burma. Also known as Myanmar, Burma is a South East Asian country and shares direct border with India and Bangladesh, China and Thailand.

The law in place here is called as anti – modem law and is simply stated as:

Using internet modem without official permission can lead to a prison term of up to 15 years.

Yes, that is true. By law, you need to get your internet modem censored. Well, this is not enough. Burma has implemented self – censorship in internet usage. However, that does not include anonymous commenting on blogs.

The purpose of implementing anti modem laws is to put a check on unauthorized access. The Burmese believe that they can catch the criminals of internet this way and can make the cyberworld better.

Due to such restrictions in place, internet market in Burma is getting limited. Only 5.5 hundred thousand were able to use internet as of June 2012 and that is only 1% of the Burmese population. Several reforms to boost internet market in the country are in place. Trials of Fiber To The Home (FTTH) are also happening

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