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Food depends on month

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Perfect for life at the center of your dining table, salt and pepper shakers amazon will make an invaluable contribution to your home. Most kitchens are well stocked with bottles of oil, but good luck finding a food-grade mineral oil among them. That’s unfortunate, because your cutting boards, butcher blocks, and knives need it. There are two important things mineral oil is good for in the kitchen. The first is wood, and the second is metal. In both applications, be sure to use the best mineral oil amazon product that’s marked “food-grade” you don’t want to eat nasty additives that can be found in other types of mineral oil. Food is considered a necessity of life. However, sometimes we need to control our eating habits depending on time. There is at least 1 place on this planet where it is forbidden by law to eat in public on a particular time.

This is United Arab Emirates.

The exact law

Arabs are Muslim nations. As per Islam – Ramadhan is a holy month and it is a custom to keep fast during that time.

As per Article 313 of the Federal Penal Code, it is forbidden by law to eat in public during daytime under Ramadhan month.

There is a fine of Dirham 2000, however in certain cases, it can extend to 1 month imprisonment too.

The law applies to male, female, Muslims, Non – Muslims and all are equally punishable. Arabs believe that if you eat in public, probably you have insulted Muslim feelings and hence it is an offence under religious faith and rituals.

There is no punishment for eating in nights.

The exception

Now comes the fundamental question. If you happen to be a traveller and did the mistake of coming to UAE for the first time without knowing its culture, will you have to pay for that hefty fine?

As per Maj Ibrahim Ali Al Shihi, Director of Criminal investigation – in such a case, those offenders are made aware of the law. If the case happens to be genuine, no punishment is imposed. However, for local resident offenders, strict procedures are made. The reports are filed and they are legally prosecuted.

Shoe connection to health

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World contains many strange features. Sometimes, we encounter strange people, sometimes, weird places and sometimes … weird beliefs. We encounter more and more strange facilities in due course of time. More we try to understand unusual patterns, weirder it becomes.

There is another strange belief which we shall encounter here. This is what it states.

If a person suffers from epilepsy, let him smell shoes and he can be cured of epilepsy.

Don’t be surprised on reading what is mentioned above. This is one of the most common eastern belief and now, even western scholars are getting attracted towards this belief.

For the common man, this seems a stupid unscientific practice which has no base at all. However, for medical professionals, it is better to understand the real scientific basis behind this seemingly unusual approach.

A researcher Harinder Jaseja tried to examine the science behind shoe – smell approach to cure epilepsy.

Entire research paper available here.

The basis of the same could be Aromatherapy. While Mr. Jaseja cautioned by saying that his research should not be used to conclude that epilepsy can be cured by allowing Shoe – smells as the only measure, he added that it can work in some cases; as his experiment confirmed that the patient who smelt shoes had lesser chances of suffering epileptic seizures. Nevertheless, the research paper does not guarantee that this “shoe – smell” technique shall solve the problem.

This is surprising and practiced in some parts of the world especially in the Indian subcontinent. This is so common practice that this is the only practice seen in rural parts. Some people think that this can help someone who fell unconscious too. Really strange yet confusing practice though!

Strange new year customs worldwide

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Now in the current curriculum have only five subjects and no practical at all. The Home science subject that equipped students with the sewing and cooking skills has long since been scrapped from the syllabus. At the same time, the present system favors very few students since it gives no room for creativity.

Let’s hope that the government keeps the ball rolling and give our children the system of learning that they deserve for them to have a better future, some will be even able to start their own business with the welding training with a Used miller XMT 350 CC CV welder.

We all know that 2015 is almost going to end and we will most likely step inside a new year. Surprisingly, this New Year is not just new. There are many traditions which are followed since the ancient times as a celebration for New Year.

Different parts of world have different traditions to celebrate New Year. Some f them are scientific while some aren’t. Let us see them one by one.

Denmark plate tradition

People in Denmark believe that throwing plates at the doors of friends will bring good fortune.

Ecuador burning rule

In Ecuador, people burn scarecrows to bring happiness to their homes.

12 grape rule of Spain

The Spanish believe that only those who can keep 12 grapes in their mouths, then they can achieve good fortune.

GOD’s presence

People of South Asia believe that you should visit holy places (Temples, Mosques, Churches, Stupas, Gurudwaras etc.) during midnight if you wish to please GOD and have his blessings activated.

Underwear color

It is surprising to know that even Underwear colors can also determine new year fate. Usually, in South America, this tradition is followed. For example, if you are wearing gold underwear, you are likely to have wealth and white underwear shall guarantee peace.

War for peace

The Peruvian culture has a really funny belief. There is a saying that those who want peace should prepare for war. Peru believes in exactly this philosophy. By the last day, Peruvians do fight with each other so that they can settle their differences. Then start a fresh.

Water and evil spirits

Poerto Rico has the world’s most complicated rule. They consider that throwing water outside homes will kill evil spirits.

It is interesting to note that different part of world has different ways to celebrate new year. These traditions are practiced for fun.

The foot connection to health

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This is a really weird belief some people in this world particularly those from South Asia are witnessing.

The assumption

This is the assumption behind this belief: Some people are born straight and some are reverse. Actually, more than 92% of people are born straight and remaining ones are born in reverse manner.

This is what the belief actually says – if you are suffering from a back ache OR any other pain, then get yourself kicked by someone who is reverse born OR at least the reverse born must touch the foot to the pain sufferer. That “feet touch” acts like a painkiller and the backache shall be cured permanently within a minute.

No one really knows the science behind this belief. While it is true that some people are born straight and some are reverse born, there is no logic behind this assumption that backache can be cured by the foot of a reverse born.

Despite all this, people keep on finding those who are reverse born and get themselves kicked by such people. Surprisingly enough, the rule has not failed at all. Not even once.

The point to be noted here is that even scientists have tried their best to investigate but this seems something much away than the reach of science. The scientists have given up and concluded this to be “a natural miracle”.

I have seen and heard people travelling from their homes to distant places in search of these natural pain killers in a hope that their problems will be solved without any medicine. There is hardly any case when this hope is broken.

In case you are aware of science behind this weird belief, just let me know.

Slap means good health

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You might be confused on reading the title. How can a slap be linked with health? What could be scientific facts behind this practice? Well no one really knows. Not even those who follow this. Let us look at it in detail.


The country is Albania. I won’t discuss the geography involved; I think you already know that. It is a tradition in Albania that after completing the haircut, you will be slapped at neck once. They say – this is for your health. The Albanian word is “me shëndet” which means “on your health”

This is the tradition followed by local public of Albania. People in health sector training follow this practice on general basis. Albania seems to be quite serious about health, that they can do anything and everything provided that guarantees health even if there is no scientific rule defining the working of that slap. It’s an interesting lesson that I took back home with me. As for myself, I started taking my mental health more seriously. I would get sad or anxious, perhaps signifying depression, and I would shrug it off. Life is fast-paced and you can stow those things away for a quite a while before they get bad enough. I don’t do that anymore obviously. There are cbd products I take regularly that have helped me so much, and I’m doing much better now. Here you can learn more about a dispensary ontario oregon if you think you might want to try this as a potential option or solution for yourself. It worked for me, but allow me to state the obvious: seeing any kind of general physician or specialist is also a great way to get started.

For example, the Albanians keep on watering their roads because they think that this will increase their health. You will notice water paved around everywhere on streets. Again, there is no scientific proof behind this practice and its linking with health. Some people do have commented that this practice is against health as it can breed mosquitoes. There is no one to really listen to them.

While such weird traditions exist in multitude in the country, the point to be noted is that no one cares whether you – the outspoken international knowledgeable traveller will like this OR not. After all, you cannot dare to change their culture. Right?

So, next time during your visit to Albania, if you notice a big tight slap on your neck after haircut, don’t complain. No one will listen to you. Get used to it.

Which animal are you?

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After analyzing ghostly superstition of China, I move onto a second belief – finding the animal within. Thou this is not a superstition but a funny belief as well.

Remember 12 Zodiac sun signs – starting from Aries till Pisces? Both East and West loves to see astrology related to these 12 zodiacs. Well, China too has astrology related to 12 signs. Unlike normal astrology which contains mixture (Taurus is an animal, Pisces is a marine creature, Cancer is an insect, Aquarius is a water carrying utensil etc.), Chinese zodiacs contain only land animals / reptiles.

Here are they:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragons, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Each animal / reptile is associated with a year starting from 1900. Year 1900 belongs to rats, 1901 to ox, and so on. The cycle repeats every 12 years. Those who are born in January / February need to check the New Year in Chinese terms and guess accordingly. Thus, it is easy to guess your personality from the animal list mentioned above.

Now, comes the question: what is really weird in this? Well, if you happen to visit China, especially its villages, you must know which animal are you because you will find many people asking this question. You cannot easily manage without knowing the animal. Chinese consider these as auspicious and use this rule to judge your personality and this data is used to deal with you. If you act as if you do not know, then that might go against you.

Here is a simple guide which can not only help you find your animal but also know your personality in detail from the Chinese perspective.

Well, I am a horse. Who are you?

The ghostly problem of Taiwan

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Taiwan is indeed an interesting place. We also note down various developments happening there but there is one more reason for its weirdness. Particularly, for its highly superstitious ghostly beliefs. Even in this super developed scientific age, ghosts do exist for the Taiwanese.

They believe that ghosts live in water, in late summer they do come out. People tend to offer papers to fire in the crushing summer heat which is to be considered money offered to the ghosts to keep them away and this is not a voluntary torture.

The most important point to be noted is that the belief in existence of ghosts is prevalent even today. Even internationally aware and open minded Taiwanese do not ignore these superstitious facts. Despite so many economic, scientific and monumental developments happening in this country, superstitions particularly related to the existence of ghosts are still alive. So, this belief is simply timeless and immortal. This won’t fade away so easily.

Here are other timeless beliefs about ghosts.

  • Thou shall sleep before midnight at any cost. Else ghosts shall hunt for you.
  • Thou shall not whistle at night, ghosts might be attracted from your whistle.
  • Thou shall not hang clothes, else your home could be mistaken as haunted
  • Thou shall knock doors when entering at any unknown location; else ghosts will be disturbed from your entrance.

Well, the above mentioned superstitions are not only limited to Taiwan only but to entire China as such. It should be noted that in the other parts of China, swimming in any water body is considered a bad practice. After all, ghosts live there. Who knows you are attacked.

So, those who think that ghosts do not exist in this scientific age should visit Taiwan with immediate effect.

Some weird facts

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Unlike other posts, this article aims at finding a summary of really weird facts happening somewhere worldwide. This is just verified tidbits collected and is intended just for fun. Any other conclusion is not allowed.

Naming in USA

In America, there are 84 people named as LOL. Sounds funny but true.

(Note: LOL means Laughing Out Loud)

Number connection to fate

In China OR Japan, 4 is pronounced as Si and so is death. Hence, in Chinese OR Japanese culture, 4 is considered similar to death. So, some hotels in Japan don’t have 4th floor. Most of the people think that having 44 OR 444 will make you vulnerable to death. Considering this rule, apartment no. 104, 204 etc. do not exist. Having 444 in personal email will make you ineligible for any job whatsoever by nature. No one wants to hire death. Right?

Similarly, 9 is considered number of suffering. Using 4 and 9 will bring misfortunes. This is as per Japanese culture.

Well, this isn’t sufficient. If you want to work in a company run by Christians; make sure that number 666 is not found in your personal email id. Bible is responsible for this. 666 is considered the lucky number of the devil and is called as the mark of the beast.

The ketchup problem

France did ban the use of ketchup in schools. The reason is that ketchup were used as an alternative to the French cuisines. So, France attempted to save French cuisines.

Hairstyle problem

In 2010, Iran banned mullets because as per them, it was western way of life and against Islam. Not only this, but as per the local law, even other form of Western hairstyles including spikes were banned.

Many more rules are coming soon for your entertainment.

Food connection to family

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In previous set of articles, we studied various strange and innovative laws worldwide. We also saw funny places wherein we saw strangely happening incidents.

Now, we shall discuss a funny yet important belief from people. This belief tries to establish a link between plants and the ability to bear a child. It can sound confusing but this is awkwardly true. The point behind including such a belief on this website is to showcase how half knowledge can misguide masses.

This superstition was prevalent 2 centuries ago i.e., in 19th century in the United Kingdom. As a belief, it was decided to put a ban on salads completely. The reason was quite weird. Salads, particularly the lettuces were considered anti – fertility foods. So, it was considered that if you ate lettuces, you could probably never bear a child. This may sound confusing but this is surprisingly true.

As per a book on plant lore, lettuces are considered sterile plants and inhibit a strange behavior. It is quite likely that they can operate similar ways on men. So, if you want to grow your family, it wasn’t recommended at all to feed on lettuces. This superstition was so famous that Oxford Dictionary of superstition mentions this among really strange superstitious belief. The most important point to be noted here is that there is no scientific evidence between salads and fertility rates. Nevertheless, superstitions do not require any scientific base to be followed by everyone. People had already stopped eating salads because they thought that salads could stop them from bearing a child. Anyways, with the passage of time, people learnt that plants may be sterile themselves, but that won’t affect your fertility at all. So, you can continue your salad foods and not worry about child bearing capability.

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