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Demolished yet highest population records

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This is another post related to strange places. It often happens that one of the most populated places are demolished and no one knows about them. But ever thought of a case where demolition has little OR no impact on big population details? That is, the place was demolished long back yet, it still holds the record of highest population density.

The case refers to Kowloon Walled City located in Hong Kong.

Some statistics

Well, the length is only 6.5 Acres. More than 35000 people are living inside he walls. It is one of the most densely occupied area and is counted among the most densely populated areas. The population makes it easier for contagious disease to pervade. It also gives rise to social vices and debauchery. That made the drug treatment of the addicts much more difficult because the hospices weren’t built to handle that big a crowd.

The foundational history 

By the beginning of 17th Century, the main area was created as Chinese military fort. 300 years later i.e., by 20th century, the British were given the same building. However, the British applied a policy which made drug usage and crime quite prevalent in the area. To seek help for drug or alcohol addiction, call a leader in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, like Or just register at one of the many Miami drug rehabilitation programs and start your journey of leading an abstinent life.

When the government realized that crimes are not tolerable, they outlawed crime rates and made the place open for civilians. This allowed construction of several multi storey buildings for people to stay. This resulted in unbelievably high population density.

By the beginning of 21st century, government thought that the place is quite unsafe for humans. Finally, they ordered demolish of the place. While the crime rates dipped, that was not sufficient for the government to believe that the place is unsafe. Finally, governments order complete demolition of the buildings.

Who likes their homes to be demolished for no reason whatsoever? Several residents protested and tried to convince government not to vacate their homes. However, that did not work. As per official report, a compensation of more than 2.7 Million Hong Kong Dollars was provided.

Thank GOD! We are alive here!

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This case refers to Colma, located in San Mateo County in California which is close to a necropolis. You could literally see car bumper stickers expressing gratitude to GOD for being alive in Colma. No, I do not mean that this place is unsafe for living beings.

It is a demographically danger zone. The city is just filled of tombs and cemeteries to protect the dead. The city faced too much criticism for having a considerably dangerous Living to Death ratio. The percentage of the dead is 1000 times more than the living population. That means for every living citizen, there are close to 1001 dead citizens with reference to 2010 census. There are million of underground citizens in this American city as opposed to only few thousand living citizens. This might seem unbelievable yet this is irrefutable.

You might be wondering how can such a city exist. Here is what happened.

In 1900, San Francisco passed an ordinance banning construction of new cemeteries. Another ordinance was passed in 1912 which ordered eviction of all existing cemetery in the city. Since people perceived cemeteries to be health hazards, the ordinance was respected and by 1937, all cemeteries were removed. To respect cemeteries, the association instructed creation of another city outside San Francisco. In 1924, this city was formed by the name of Lawndale. In 1941, it was renamed to Colma. This way, San Francisco ordinance was respected and all the dead are buried in Colma.

Colma is considered the city of the dead and is often recommended must visit place for the ghost hunters. Colma is also considered the city of the silent. The city has more than 17 cemeteries and holds the record of classifying the cemetery. For example, there are Jewish cemeteries, Christian cemeteries, Chinese cemeteries and yes, cemeteries for Pets too.

The future of Railways: Invisible train

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Railways are indeed one of the most important tools to travel long distance. There were many innovations in railways. Bullet trains are most commonly known to many people as innovative railways. But, even those days are gone. It is time for something better.

How about a train which disappears all of a sudden? You might be wondering how this is possible. Let us work out.

How is it possible?

Well, the architect is Pritzker Prize winner Kajuyo Sezima. Her logic is simple – make such buildings which will blend into the environment. She is known for making such buildings. Le Louvre Lens Museum in France contains her works.

Seibu group, Japan is known for hosting Japanese trains and is known for very high speed bullet trains. She is commissioned by them to make such trains which can be mixed with the environment. She will be designing the interiors too. This way, the trains can be mixed and transparent. It often appears that trains are disappearing in the environment.

Scientifically speaking, transparent objects do not cause shadows. The train is likely to be made from transparent and reflective surfaces which can disappear into rural OR urban areas while connecting multiple cities. In reality, nothing is invisible as such. Since, the train blends with the environment, it appears to be invisible. This is an illusion. Train is normal and consists of reflective surfaces.

The underground city of the deads

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You might be surprised on reading this. What does the city of the dead mean? Well, it is located in Paris. It is known as Catacomb of Paris.

It holds the remains of more than 6 million people. From 6th century onwards, due to Roman culture, people used to have cemeteries. Till 18th century, France was full of Holy Innocent cemetery which occupied too much space.

Starting from 1811, the French mines / cemetery network went through several renovations.

The cemetery was transferred to underground tunnel location and was called as the Catacomb. The catacombs formed an important part of French museums in 2013.

These Catacombs always remained as curiosity for many great personalities. King Charles XI visited that place trying to explore in Early 19th century.

The entry to the catacombs is in the western pavilion of the former Barrière d’Enfer city gate. The catacombs contain darkness worth 18 metres and the bones are piled up under wood.


After all, it was related to holy innocents. So, the dead were actually sacred people. The Church opposed the idea of keeping it opened to public as they believed that this will “expose” holy bones of holy innocents.

On public demand; by the end of 19th century, I was decided that they will be open for general public once a month.

Palace on water

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Indeed there are many strange places in this world. One such location is defined such that it looks like a palace inside water body. That sounds really surprising. How can entire palace be made inside a water body (and it floats)?

This palace is called Jal Mahal and located in Jaipur, India. It was crafted in 17th century and exists in a lake. The lake is surrounded by vast flora and fauna.

The history dates back to 16th century when the ruler constructed the dams. From time to time, the situation changed and the new king restored the entire place and finally a palace was created in midst of the Man Sagar Lake.

This development story does not really end here. Not only palace, but various other forts were developed in the vicinity of the area of which Amer Fort is really famous and was always been a tourist destination.

Nevertheless, this has worried the ecological department as they believe that the quality of water is degrading down and since Jaipur is basically a desert area, this seriously affects the place. To address the issues, several restoration works are planned which attempt to restore the area without affecting the ecological department. This involved: re – involvement of city drains, lake de – silting and sewage management plans. This resulted in removal of half a million cubic metres of waste from the area. Through the process, the habitats for birds was also developed and the growing concern of environmental problem was addressed.

The palace is open for various tourists worldwide and tourists like the scenic beauty of the place.

Fortress built on a hill

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This is about a wonder place. Most of the world may not know about it at all. There is actually a fortress located in Tallinn, Estonia. 90% of the Europeans may not know that there is a wonder fortress. Well, this is located in the capital of Estonia exactly in the centre of the city.

It is a wonder place. The fortress made built in 10th Century AD and that too, on top of a hill. The fortress is located on top of the Talinn Hill and is a beautiful place to be seen at least once in the lifetime.

It is a great place as it portrays a wall made in 14th century. The wall is still intact despite so many invasions the place witnessed so far. No doubt, it is a really great place including arts and artifacts ranging from 10th to 18th century. It is counted among UNESCO World Heritage sites too.

It is a place to be enjoyed by any traveller. If you happen to visit here, you will probably be shocked to see its level of artistic beauty. It is not weird as such but is not known to many. This is included here to inform that something like this really exists. If you are exited, you may visit. It is worth it.

A view of the fortress from Top

Image source

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This GOD is happy by you killing yourself

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This is another religious place – In Euthanasia. This is a Church in Massachusetts, United States of America.

The mission

While it is a church, it has its own mission statement. It calls itself a non profit organization. the mission statement reads that the Church works for restoring balance between humans and remaining species (may be animals) on the planet.

As per Rev. Chris Korda, the founder; the Church is actually an anti – human religion.

As per Judeo – Christianity, GOD did provide 10 Commandment to Moses. All the future prophets (including Jesus Christ) came to fulfill those commadnments.

For this Church, there is 1 commandment (probably coming from GOD directly)




Yes, you would have shocked on reading this. The Church mentions that population reduction is the only way to save planet Earth from getting destroyed. It stresses on the point that Earth cannot and will not sustain itself if population keeps on increasing like this.

The operation

Well, this is not a simple process. No, they don’t advocate murdering others. Rather, they believe in suicide, abortion and even cannibalism. They often market sodomy as well and their methodology is similar to Dadaist movement.

The Church hates sex and promotes birth control as a tool to promote environmental concerns. They have hosted several campaigns raising environmental awareness.

The Church was notorious as they had posted a video linking sex with 9/11 US terrorism attacks. The Church had only 1 motto – No humans will make the world a safer place.

They underwent controversies too because people committed suicide following their ways and this literally caused a legal case on the Church administrators.

The crying lion

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This is another post on a monument. This is not a religious building as such yet a very important monument. This is called as lion monument and located in Switzerland.

The history

Don’t get confused with the title. The monument has nothing to do with any lion. You might be wondering what is strange here.

Well, its theme is strange. You shall see a crying lion in the front of the monument. But, it really is not dependent on a lion. It is made in memory of some Swiss guards who were killed during French revolution.

More than 600 Swiss guards were killed during August of 1792. The idea to build the monument was by Karl Pfiffer von Altisofen. Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen tried to build the monument.

Lukas Ahorn did hewn this monument in 1821 AD.

The exact structure

The monument does depict a crying lion. Impaled by a spear and covered by a shield. The length is 10 metres and its height is 6 metres.

At the bottom of the lion, there is an inscription which states the essence of the monument is about the dead scene of Swiss Guard. It mentioned that approx. 760 were killed and 350 were wounded. This is unique of its kind type of monument as a dying lion is depicted to show the sufferings of some security guards.

Mark Twain did mark the sculpture as “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world” and called it the most impressive monument ever.

The most ultimate temple

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This is another post on one more temple. This time in Karnataka. Probably such a temple would have been seen nowhere. It is a temple dedicated to dogs.

While it is true that people would love dogs. Some call them cute pets while some consider them best possible friend of mankind.

A scholarly resource where dogs are considered management guru and points out 6 important leadership lessons we learn from dogs.

But the idea of having a temple dedicated to dogs is marvelous. The local villagers have developed a temple dedicated to a dog couple. Yes, that isn’t a joke; you shall see the statues of a dog and a bitch. The statues are well decorated and respected as if the GOD is inside that dog family.

The local villagers think that if dogs are happy with you, no theft cases shall be reported. WOW! What a belief. It should not be doubted that dogs are friends of mankind  but to this level – you must develop their religious buildings and worship them?

This is hilarious concept. It is really strange as this is what is probably seen nowhere. The temple exist in Chennapat Taluka in Ramnagar district and is considered as holy as the main deity. This temple is near to the main temple of the village. Daily people visit this place and consider it auspicious to please the dog diety.

GOD! Please provide me VISA

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Let us see one more strange place. Another temple! this time Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – Chilkur Balaji.

As per Indian beliefs, Balaji is a form of almighty Vishnu – the preserving GOD. (Indians believe that GOD has 3 forms – Creator Brahma, Preservor Vishnu and Terminator Rudra)

So, in this temple dedicated to Balaji; you will find a huge population of devotee. The GOD of this temple is a special one – lord Balaji shall decide who shall get VISA for international temple and who shall not.

Don’t get confused – Balaji is not going to send VISA to your home. Actually, as we all know that VISA is a lengthy and interview involving process, people often develop a fear that their VISA application may not be approved.

Therefore, they apply for a VISA, come to this temple, pray and offer holy food, do the worship including (but not limited to) multiple circumambulations and request GOD to simplify further processes for them. Once all this is done, they happily go back in a relaxed mood as they are now sure that GOD is with them.

In a cheerful and relaxed mood, they prepare for the upcoming VISA processes.

It works in most of the cases. However, I think it is their confidence which helps them get the VISA and not any GOD’s intervention; but let it be.

The temple is famed for being called VISA offering temple. Due to this going trend, more temples are carved which claim to aid you in VISA approval process. Khadia temple in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one of them.

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