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Learning love from Hitler

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World is full of strange people. In the previous post on the same website, I showed you how death of a puppy and breakup from girlfriend rendered a man as mad.

This story is even more dangerous. A man living in UP, India did not like breakup. He then took Mein Kampf and started reading it. After reading the book, he became a fan of Hitler. He studied various other sources too on Hitler.

Then he devised a plan to kidnap his girlfriend. He followed her for more than 1 year and purchased auto ricksaws to kidnap her with the help of 4 people. The girl’s bag was buried nearby. How can this solve the problem? Well, this man now portrayed himself as a hero and told the girl that other kidnappers want to harm you and he can save her. He was confident that he thought that the girl will marry him due to this heroic deed.

Police somehow managed to catch the girl safe. This was a different case since kidnappers did not call her parents for any ransom. All the 5 accused were sent to jail. During interrogation, the man revealed that he read Mein Kampf and got motivation from there. He added that he learnt this trick to prove love from a Bollywood Movie. The girl was not harmed at all and safely reached home.

This is a unique case of all times. The man even told Police that Hitler invaded Poland too and this is written in Mein Kampf. He narrated the events and incidents in the Mein Kampf and explained how that book motivated him for the plot. The police are happy that his “Hitler madness” did not harm the girl.

Love is blind but …

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We all know that love is blind. This proverb is simply passed down the ages. But, sometimes love is more than just blind. This incident and the next will discuss the topic.

This happened in New Delhi, India where an adult male recently witnessed the sudden tragic death of his pet puppy. The love towards the puppy made him mad. But, this wasn’t enough. His girlfriend broke up relationship with him.

This man, named as Nakul Mishra went totally mad now. The grief of death of beloved pet and breakup from girlfriend made him a total psychopath.

He went near Green Park station of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) office and sat there. It was hardly 00:00 hours in night. He sat on the stairs. He saw 3 – 4 dogs coming nearby. He took one of them and started stabbing. After ensuring that this dog is dead – he took the dead body and threw him downstairs. He then went downstairs and threw that dog upstairs. After doing this 3 – 4 times, he went away.

Next day, the sweeper saw the dead body and informed the local guards. DMRC had CCTV installed everywhere but they could not help as the image was not clear. When this happened for the second time, Police set trap and finally caught the mad guy red handed.

The video went viral on news channels and people have started shouting – if this is a human, who exactly is a beast?

The man is caught and he has admitted his crime. He admitted that sudden death of his puppy made him mad and he was upset due to tensed relationship with his girlfriend. He is counted among serial killers.

Love is indeed blind but there is something (even more dangerous) to it.

He redefined eccentricity

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I hope we all understand the term eccentricity with respect to human behavior. Doing something which is strange and unconventional is eccentric. Well, there is something peculiar with the man under discussion.

He ruled Turkmenistan in the year 1992. He remains a motivation for various eccentrics worldwide. Let us understand all one by one. He called himself Turkmenbashi which means motivator for Turkmenistan.

GOD supports him

What can be the best way to end competition? Create monopoly and increase entry barriers. GOD did this for this man. He ended competition for this man. He was the only person standing for Presidential election and therefore, won the election. He took undue advantage and declared himself Turkmen President forever. There was no opposition at all.

The statue

He ordered creation of his statue made of pure gold. He made it rotational so that it keeps on facing Sun. It is still a mystery what the statue was supposed to do at night.

The lovely book

He was not only a president. Turkmenbashi is also an author. He wrote a book Ruhnama which is a book on spirituality. He made that book mandatory. How this book was marketed? He issued a rule: Those who read it completely daily shall attain a free pass to heaven. The certificate is in the book.

He made job interview questions from the book and also made it a credit subject in all schools and universities. Any insult to the book will guarantee capital punishment.

The name changer

Turkmenbashi wanted to change names of everything – yes, even the calendars were not ignored. January was renamed Turkmenbashi, April was renamed Turkmenbashi’s mother. September was renamed Ruhnama. Days were named based on characters in Ruhnama.

Not only this, but he renamed a city to Turkmenbashi. He named airports after himself and even ended up naming a meteorite as Turkmenbashi’s vehicle.

He discontinued Hippocratic oath for Doctors and started Turkmenbashi oath instead.

He gave 11th commandment – guess what? He made chewing bones mandatory for teeth health. He had a valid logic – that is what dogs do.

Internet censored

He banned all private ISPs. He also closed Cyber Café so that he could see what people are surfing. He made compulsory to search Turkmenbashi. No woman was allowed to order beauty products and makeup was officially banned as he believed that the same is not required at all. Women are beautiful without it.

Just to be fair

It does not seem fair that we discuss his madness. Just to be fair – he issued some good rules too. Electricity and Gas were made free of cost.

The demise

In year 2006, Turkmen noticed a tragedy. This great Turkmenbashi leader left this world. His funeral was attended by many political leaders. OOPS! I just forgot to mention his real name: It is Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov.

Sorry! But this politics is not recommended

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In one of my previous post, I discussed how some barbarians attempted to destroy world peace and harmony. Now, we shall discuss what happened next.

After witnessing such a barbaric attack, world forces united to fight. USA and France joined hands to fire rockets and destroy terrorist forces. Russia too joined the fight and started bombing.

Probably you cannot imagine USA and Russia united for the same cause. So, USA started blaming Russia for escalating the tension in the area. Recently, white House mentioned that we cannot have peace in the area and no peace talks can be resumed unless Russia stops bombing. Everything went viral and Kremlin spokesmen had to comment – we are not bombing, we are preventing our troops from getting attacked.

See the level of politics on a very sensitive issue. But this does not end here.

Middle East was told to intervene and alliances were formed to end terrorism. Saudi Arabia and Turkey joined the battle. Initially, USA did not like this but later agreed. But, this does not end refugee tradition. Refugees are still rising and probably will do so.

Whatever Saudi do, faces tough criticism from their neighbor – Iran. Iranian representative asserted that Saudi & Turkey will worsen the situation rather than solving it. It is to be noted that Iran did not send any troops to solve the problem. Actually, the present president of the disputed area is backed by Iran. The terrorists actually did not like this. That’s why the problem begin.

Still, world is not serious in tackling terrorism. USA says Russia does not want peace to happen. Russia says we are just protecting our troops. Iran says – Saudi shall worsen the problem. Saudi says – we are just here to overthrow the president.

So many forces against terrorism but still terrorists are rejoicing.

What could be worse than terrorism? Politics over terrorism is 10 times worse than terrorism itself.


He came to change the world

swami-vivekananda-quotes-in-englishHello Everyone!

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A young man named Narendranath Dutta was running in a forest in India. After all, a group of monkeys have attacked. He did not know where to go. Suddenly, he met a man who told him to turn back and face the monkeys. Within no time, monkeys went away.

Narendranath Dutta then decided to make a decision – do not fear any problems. Face them and they shall fade away.

What a memory

During his college time, Narendranath used to be very fond of books. At that time, India was under British rule. So, one day; he was reading a book and a British saw this. Narendra happened to turn pages at abnormally fast rate.

The British man thought that he must be simply turning pages rather than reading the book. He asked Narendra as if he was joking. Narendra turned the book towards that British and said – you can ask whatever you want.

His memory was shocking for that Briton.

A caring attitude

Narendra chose to move ahead on spiritual path. He took permission from his mother. She told him to bring a knife. He brought it. He was holding it in unusual manner.

The sharp edge was pointed to himself. The mother said – you will always care for rest of the world.

Narendra taught Yoga and spirituality to many people worldwide and taught Vedanta spirituality overseas as well.

A philanthropist mentality

Narendra was of caring nature right from his childhood. His focus was remarkable. He was a philanthropist as well. At the same time, he was blunt and outspoken. One day, he saw a man who said that he could walk on water easily. He demonstrated the same. Narendranath asked him how many years it took to develop those powers. The man replied – 10 years.

Narendra said – you were born human not a fish. You wasted 10 precious years to get that power which a fish can do anyway. Had you utilized those 10 years for benefit of the world, it would have been better.

Not only this, but Narendra founded a spiritual mission named after his Guru with primary goal to uplift the poor. He went overseas to teach universal love and harmony.

One day, he went inside a Shiv Temple and notably mentioned this:

There are 2 ways to worship Shiv. The inferior involves worship through rituals. One must understand that the lord is not bound to rituals. The superior way is to see Shiv in every poor man and worship him while helping the oppressed.

A charismatic personality

Narendra possessed a great personality. He was capable enough to impress many great minds. With his team, he explained Vedanta to US and the West. In Chicago, he did start the speech with “Brothers and Sisters” which was done for the first time ever.

Dr. Carl Sagan, Ms. Annie Wood Besant, Sir Niels Bohr, Erwin Shrodinger were among those inspired from his works.

The final journey

It was 1st July 1902 and Narendra turned 39. He told one of his disciple Mr. Nityananda that his body cannot contain his soul and the soul should now leave the body.

On 4th July (3 days later), his soul was freed and the body was destroyed. Narendra is considered a role model for the youth and his Date of Birth 12th January is celebrated as Indian Youth Day.

He is better known by the name Swami Vivekananda. He was a strange man but a real human.

The minister who copies

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One of my friends who lives nearby to my present location told me to write on a present news. The news was related to vehicle number coding in New Delhi, India.

Well, number coding isn’t new to me. Have already covered Filipino number coding here.

But, the case of Delhi was very funny. The Chief Minister did instruct to an odd numbered vehicles on even days and vice versa. The rule started from the very first day of this new year. So, cars ending in 0,2,4,6,8 were banned on 1st Jan 2016. As per the CM, the rule is copied as it is from China. The rule is in place till 15th Jan 2016.

Well, indian ministers rarely do radical innovations. India is perceived as a country of improvisation (called Jugaad in the local language) and not radical innovation.

The minister did instruct a hefty fine of close to 31$ on rule breakers. Till date around 5893 fines were made. The CM thought that the rule shall decrease pollution.

Nothing comes without exception. Here, the exceptions were very funny.

  1. All 2 wheelers are exempted (No one knows why?)
  2. Cars driven by female drivers with children are exempted (Don’t they pollute?)
  3. Natural Gas powered vehicles are exempted for obvious reasons
  4. Vehicles of court judges, armed personnel, Delhi Police, Minister level are also exempted
  5. The rule does not work on Sundays.

The Chief Minister has himself decided to use car pooling.

The drama

The ministry can do drama really well. The media is full of reports where it shows Chief Minister calling any random individual and educating him of the rule. There he mentioned that the volunteers had told a man to use the correct numbered car. He went home and came on a bike.

WOW! If you happen to travel in a wrong car, you must go back home and come on a 2 wheeler. That will reduce pollution.

A second drama was also in place.

His volunteers were actually found burning wood in evening and when interrogated the reason – they mentioned that the state government has suggested this. They were asked whether this will pollute OR not. Then they replied – it won’t pollute Delhi but it can pollute outer areas / NCR.

WOW! What a politics – deliberately pollute nearby areas. So, in future, if this leads to a civil war on pollution grounds, that is allowed.

The criticism

The rule looked very easy but it wasn’t. Firstly, it totally ignored non vehicular pollution like industrial, dust, other means.

Media report confirms that the odd – even rule made the situation even worse.

The conclusion

The high court has ordered government to submit the reports of pollution. All the details are already there and the court shall share the results tomorrow.

As per the transport minister, the rule shall anyway end after 15th Jan 2016 since they have got enough money. This money shall be used to subsidize bicycle procurements.

All this drama to end very soon.

Air on my shopping list

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Don’t get shocked with the title. I was also shocked when I came to know of it. What will you shop for? Air? Why? Is air so scarce in your locality that you need to go to a market and buy it? You can even use an ebay coupon to buy this.

This post is actually about China. The Chinese are buying bottles of fresh air from international market especially Canada. The Canadians tried to sell a bottle of air and this idea was actually a prank to make fun of Chinese. But, the idea went big and sale is booming. The company name is Vitality Air. Due to growth of sales, it is quite likely that more and more people enter this industry and more companies start this fresh air selling business.

It is hard to digest this news. The fact is that this really happens. The company witnessed skyrocketing sales figures. If you want the proof, click here to know more.

Proof link

There are many theories behind this air purchase but the most obvious looks like a solution to China’s smog problem.

We all know that recently a climate change deal happened under advice of the United Nations and the European Union. It was an international assembly and plans were laid down to address this global phenomenon. I won’t go into detail of what really happened during the climate deal meeting.

The point to be noted is that due to growth of pollution problem, it is getting difficult for people to take fresh air. Looking at the current scenario, soon world might need to go for procurement of air.

By the way, what is your opinion? Should we opt for procurement of fresh air to save ourselves from growing problem of pollution?

How are you?

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This rule is strange and often considered a dangerous attitude of Hungary. Majority of people are having a bad temper. Before I begin, would like to apologize if any Hungarian feels bad in the process. This is not my belief, rather an observation of various tourists.

While I am not saying anything bad against the general public but their attitude is often suspicious by nature. The reality is that they are straight forward. So, they do not hide anything and whatever be the truth – good OR bad, they will disclose the same.

Due to this attitude, people find it really difficult to talk any general thing with Hungarians. They are so blunt that they will tell on your face the fact.

Many Asians and Americans have disliked this attitude but the bitter truth is that you have to get used to it, either today OR tomorrow.

I remember people asking – “How are you?” (Hope there is nothing bad and disliking in this question) and the Hungarian ended up complaining them of their style of asking this question. The question does not end in providing a standard answer – “I am good. You say”. Rather, the response could be complaining too. The Hungarians are blunt and straightforward.

Cases are reported when a native Hungarian is greeted – Good Morning! And the response was a shout – my morning is not good, a thief broke into my house yesterday night. You better mind your own business.

Theories have emerged. Many think that this is due to several invasions these people witnessed. Well, these are only guesses and no real proof exists.

Some really strange Hungarian shocks to Americans

So, if you wish to greet any native Hungarian, either check his temper OR be ready to get a shock.


Paying our tributes

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World is indeed a strange place. Sometimes it appears that people are helping by nature supporting each other, sometimes it appears that humans simply hate each other. This post is not aimed at telling weird laws OR weird attitudes OR anything innovative yet out of box approach. Rather, this box discusses dangerous mentality with special context to what happened in France: A really dangerous attack of terrorism which made yesterday the day of Black Friday.

What happened was definitely a big slap on the face of humanity. While France was trying to attack terrorists in Syria so that we can have a safe world to live, they attempted to cast various airstrikes.

It is obvious that the French airstrikes weren’t liked by the terrorists. Hence, terrorists selected Paris as their next victim of attack. Killing 125+ in just a day, the attacks received huge attention from the world media. Syrian President called it a huge savage attack and mentioned that Syria was witnessing the same since 5 years. India linked it with 2008 Mumbai Attacks while USA called it anti – humanity attacks. UK, Deutschland, Italy and other European nations condemned this attack and this news spread to the United Nations.

France has declared this a state of emergency and called for a combined effort to end terrorism. The most ridiculous part is that politics started here as well. Instead of finding solutions, French (and rest of the Europeans) are linking this activity with religion. Whether, terrorism is associated with any religion OR not, I won’t discuss it right now. Whatever, it is agreed by all that what happened is definitely a total evil practice and no human would support it. It is not to be doubted that those innocents who lost their precious lives will probably never regain it and this is an irreparable loss.

Dear GOD, please come back from your vacations and do the justice. Also, give us strength to make this world a better place to live. Let us pay tribute to the innocent victims.

The blood in the home

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After going through various other articles in this website wherein explored weird places; we shall discuss about a strange house here which discusses about a strange person.

This house is located in Amsterdam near Netherlands. This house is located in 216, Amstel. This house is strange because of bloody stains located everywhere on the outer.

Different people have different theories regarding what could have really happened. Some call it a coincidence while others link it with a theory wherein they call the blood related to the owner himself. So, let us find who that owner was.

The house was originally meant for a businessman who was owner of a soap manufacturing location. But, he sold it to an ambassador and Mayor – Mr. Coenraad Van Beuningen who was a great politician and very successful person.

Unfortunately, not all successful people remain so for long. He started suffering from bipolar disorder. Doctors commented this to have happened due to sudden failures he witnessed arising from recession. Various medications were suggested but nothing worked and he started becoming more and more mad. The condition became worse and he ended up painting various superstitious Kabbalistic signs.

It is a really interesting point that the original owner of the home is not even remembered while the house is still considered “the house with the bloody stains”.

It seems that he painted that with his own blood. Well, no one really knows whether this is true although it looks like one for sure. This happened several years back but even today, it is apparent that those signs are carved from someone’s blood. The house remains unoccupied even today. Therefore, it remains a mystery till date why all this happened.

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