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Cows too need a photo id card

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We have another strange fact in this world. Don’t be surprised by reading the title – even cows need photo id card at times.

Before I explain what really happened – just think why will anyone require photo id card?

In some events / locations, you cannot enter without a valid photo id card. But, in some cases, it turns to be a savior – consider that you are caught in some unknown area and you do not know where to go. You could be still safe provided you met some legit human who can use your id card to put you out of trouble.

But, that is all for humans – what could be its implication for animals? It can help solving animal smuggling considerably.

In West Bengal, India – it is considered necessity that cows / other cattles should have a valid photo id card. Actually, the area suffers from too much cow smuggling. Therefore, to protect illegal activities, government has decided to issue photo id cards to cows.

This way, police officials can protect cows.

As per official reports, the smuggling reports were growing since 2000 where majority of Indian cattles were getting exported to neighboring country Bangladesh. The rate was as high as 20000 cattles a day.

By using of photo id cards, border police has managed to reduce cattle smuggling. Therefore, it is made a custom – let the photos be taken. The photo id cards contain complete detail of actual owner with contact details and address. This data is registered with the government. Border police uses this data to check whether the cattle is genuine.

Converting air to water

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This is another really innovative idea. Probably the best application of technology – it embarks the need to solving the growing need. It enlists the ways to create drinking water. What would be more interesting than converting air to water?

Don’t be surprised with the idea. Let me clarify that while 67% of the Earth is covered with water, only 4% of the water present on Earth is actually drinkable.

This way, you can solve the water needs. But, where will you get the idea to convert air to water?

The idea was found NOT in the developing world but in Lima, Peru. The University of Engineering and Technology together along with its ad agency aims to solve the problem.

Well, this is just a billboard; an advertisement which shows how Reverse Osmosis can be used to create water out of air. This is the first billboard which attempts to produce drinkable water from air. The actual atmospheric humidity in Peru is close to 98%. Peru is actually a water scarce country. So, this technology can prove highly beneficial to them in particular and the world in general.

It depicts how the humidity can be condensed using appropriate condenser by passing the same through air filters and carbon filters and thereby producing upto 96 L water in a day.

Peru definitely laid down an idea for scientists to think about whether OR not should they try for converting air to water. Whether such a conversion is possible, that is what scientist world must look into. However, we should not doubt that this mode of advertisement (may be just to lure students into the world of engineering for the sake of the argument) is definitely one of the most creative advertisements ever.

Elections supported in space

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This is a really innovative application of technology – ability to cast vote in elections from space! You might be wondering – what is this.

Well, this is what NASA astronauts are allowed to do. They can vote for the presidential elections from outer space. This might sound silly but this is an actual practice in place since many years.

The origin

In 1997, Texas legislators passed a bill giving NASA astronauts option to vote for US presidential elections. This is surprising. Mr. David Wolfe was the first astronaut to take advantage of this.

Given the fact that all NASA astronauts live in Houston, Texas; this seems to be a really innovative law which would definitely help many astronauts.

The technology

You might be wondering how is this possible at all? Can you carry a ballot in space? No – you cannot carry it physically. But, you can carry it digitally. In fact, NASA’s Johnson Space Centre located in Houston beams up digital ballot which astronauts carry with them.

This way, they vote digitally. The results are then sent back to Earth via similar path. The path maintains its security and as a result, the election authorities have the votes casted by astronauts in a total encrypted manner.

The system works so smooth that astronauts stationed outside USA can vote. For example, Sunita Williams voted when she was in Russia. A report confirms that more than 100 astronauts will vote from space for the upcoming presidential elections.

Learn to wash your car

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You might be confused looking at the title. We all know how to wash our cars. No one would care of such a education by the way. How and why should I learn to wash my car? Well, you will definitely learn to wash your car if the law requires you to do so.

This post is about strange Russian laws. Russia is a weird countries and probably tops the list of countries hating the USA. They banned the president Obama from entering Chechnya.

They also banned driving a dirty car in Chelyabinsk city. You need to wash your car in order to come out on roads.

Russian directory believes that such a measure helps to prevent pollution on the city. Russian Road sing ruling confirms that it is mandatory to keep your vehicles clean on roads during dry weather. It adds that it is legally forbidden to take the dirt on the roads and thereby pollute the city. The vehicle drivers by the law need to take measures to stop city measures.

It is to be noted that the law puts the punishments and necessary exceptions too kept in place. It mentions that no one is punishable just for washing the cars on roads however; you will be punished if you do so in sand. The article 7 of the law defines the various clauses and article rules with reference to this principle. That’s the big law really.

Just for information, the authorized punishment for violating the above mentioned rule is $63. So, next time if you want to travel in the Russian city, do so with caution. It is always recommended to learn how to wash your cars. Better safe than sorry!

Let us purchase garbage

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This post is about Sweden. This European nation has planned to recycle waste. The nation is known for promoting environmental friendly policies. There is no surprise that majority of fuel in Sweden is made up of garbage.

They burn what we call garbage today and create energy from the same. They call this as green energy mechanism.

The factcheck

In fact, only 1% of Swedish garbage remains a waste and everything else is recycled in a number of ways. This is recycling revolution as per Swedish authorities. In 1975, only 38.1% of Swedish waste was actually wasted. On the other hand, in 2012, more than 2.3 million tonnes were recycled.

At least 47% of the Swedish household waste is directly burnt and converted to energy while the rest is reused for the benefit of the society.

It is worth noting that there are special 32 plants in Sweden so far which produced sufficient heat energy for 815000 homes and electricity for 250000 families. The first plant was setup in early 1904.

While the waste recycling in Sweden is unique of its kind, it should be noted that the rule does not limit waste generation process in Sweden. In order to go green, Sweden decided to use only waste management as a tool to produce energy. This recycle revolution is seeing tremendous rise and Sweden is hopeful that soon this model will be implemented in rest of the world as well. This is counted among world’s most innovative green ideas.

The conclusion

Every resource ends in due course of time. Even waste (household / industrial etc.) gets depleted over time. Sweden used up all waste and recycled to the max and now they are short of waste. They demanded nearby countries to help them provide waste so that they can continue recycling. Norway is one of the countries supporting this.

Probably the loveliest Valentine Day

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14th Feb is celebrated worldwide as Valentine Day. I need not describe the festival  significance and its spirit.

While I disbelieve that love can be confined to 1 day per year yet there is a strong need of having at least 1 day dedicated to love. In today’s busy scenario and due to ever increasing demand of money, we do not have time for love and relationships. At this stage, the world needs a Valentine Day so that people can focus on relationship more than work at least for 1 day. Love is actually a continuous and gradual process which is sense of care and emotion / feeling between 2 groups / people. But today, this definition is getting extinct.

Anyways, this post is about Velentine Day celebration tradition happening at a relatively small location. Different countries have different tradition related to Valentine Day. But this is a special case. It is in Philippines.

You know how Filipinos celebrate Valentine Day? They call for mass wedding. Different couples join together and wed again. What actually could be an expression of love better than this?

Filipinos join together for a mass wedding in Manila

As per the local government, the primary purpose of such a tradition is to promote unity and love. This is a really great tradition and probably the loveliest way to celebrate the festival which speaks of love. After all, mass wedding is a tool to show others how much you love each other.

Year after year, many people have joined Valentine Day celebration. In 2013 alone, Around 4000 Couples have reported to opt for mass wedding.

The smoke law

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I need not discuss the ill effects of smoking. Almost every single packet of cigarette today comes with a message – smoking is injurious to health and leads to Cancer. Some people are often linking smoking with your sexual health. Despite all these, the population of smokers is on the rise.

The problem with smoking is that not only active smokers but also passive smokers are affected by this.

The difference

Active smokers are those who are themselves smoking. On the other hand, a passive smoker is not a smoker himself but is near to an active smoker.

WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that both active and passive smokers are equally affected by the ill effects of smoking. The reason is that when active smokers smoke, then that smoke might enter the body of passive ones too.

The law

Different countries have come up with different laws at different times. This refers to the case of Latvia.

Latvia has stated in their new law that from 2014 onwards, smoking in an environment where children are present shall be considered a case of physical violence. The law also banned smoking in a public place. Not only this, but the law also banned usage of electronic smoking devices to be used in the presence of a child. It does not matter whether they contain nicotine OR not.

The same has been taken to notice of World Health Organization and the health advisor giant had appreciated this move. The law is as per the guidelines set up by WHO’s FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control).

The organization also stated that they are keen towards looking such new & innovative developments to tackle smoking problem. Let us pledge for a smokeless world.


Airplane connection to examination

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This post is about South Korea. The country is known for that innovation which no one can even think about. They ban airplanes to avoid disturbance to the students.

The rule in detail

CSAT (College Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the most important examinations of the country. It decides whether a particular student can take admission in a given college. The examination is considered efficient and of very high international meritocratic results. This examination is clearly defined as the chance to make OR break one’s destiny and contains various sections including law, ethics, lanuages, politics, science and mathematics, vocational knowledge, social sciences etc. to judge the overall personality of the student.

So, particularly when the English listening sessions are held, they stop all airplanes in the sky holding them from a particular height. This height ranges from 3 – 8 kilometres, so that no unnecessary noise is made. Airplane landings were also delayed to prevent any disturbance to the students. This rule is followed from past 15 years without fail and is still prevalent nationwide. The airplane agencies are okay with this and they like to strictly obey the rule.

But, this isn’t sufficient. Students may appear late for the examination due to traffic jam. Even that problem is taken care of. The stock markets open late, cars and other mono user vehicles are also controlled and the public transport is increased. In some cases, Police Officers are deputed to carry the students to the examination center.

Well, the examination is the only criteria to join the premium colleges in the country. It is therefore logical to link it with stress and it is one of the most important reasons which have rendered South Korea world’s 3rd country in terms of suicide rates.

Name must include gender

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We all want to name our babies wisely. They are our kids, hence we have all the authority to name them as per our wish. Well, will you like when the government tries to interfere with this? In Germany, government interferes in how you name your kid. Seems stupidity but that is by law. So, want to name your kid in Germany (Deutschland), take the approval from approving body first.

Well, it isn’t that much dangerous as it seems. The only thing is that the chosen names must carefully hint at the gender. So, it is illegal to impart a boy name to a girl OR vice versa. Also, using a last name OR any common noun cannot be selected for the first names of your baby. So, you need to carefully select the first name for your baby.

The approving body

Now comes the fundamental question – who approves the name? It isn’t the national government rather the local office (Standesamt) which does the approval. While evaluating the names, they refer to a book and makes necessary calculation.

You can appeal against their judgments. But, if you lose, you must change the name. Also, that process involves hefty fine. The fine increases exponentially with each failed attempt. So, in order to avoid ongoing hassle, many parents decide to opt for standard names. Some examples are: Alexander for boys; Marie for girls etc.

Rest of the world

The rule is followed by local Germans. But, what if you are not from Germany? For foreigners too, this process is to be strictly followed. But, how will Standesamt understand non – German names? Well, they consult foreign embassies for that and based on their feedback, the final decision is taken.

Interesting Singapore laws

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After visiting funny laws of various countries, we now move on to Singapore and understand various funny laws in this great nation. Singapore is indeed a great tourist place and a country of many innovations.

The gum sale

Singapore is a country where personal hygiene is recommended. As a habit, people cannot tolerate chewing gums lying on streets. Hence, a law came into place which banned sale and purchase of chewing gums. You can however; use chewing gums if you took it from some other country but in that case, you must have kept chewing gums in your mouths.

If you are caught with chewing gums, you might be imprisoned.

The sexual problem

Singapore not only prohibits homosexuality but also makes it punishable by imprisoning for life. This is officially documented by the Penal Code Chapter 224 Section 377 and 377(A) where such a sexual intercourse is considered against the order of nature. So, LGBT human right lovers, stay away.

The pee rule

This rule is even funnier. Singapore forbids peeing in elevators. This might be linked with their liking for cleanliness. Other similar rules include

  • Litterers need to clean the street on Sundays.
  • Flushing the toilet is always mandatory especially in public places.
  • It is a strict no smoking country

Obsessed with the X word

Ever tried watching XXX (or similar movies)? Well, Singapore hates pornography completely. Hence, all forms are illegal. Even the extreme rules exist there.

For example, moving around your home without clothes (even for males) is classified as pornography. Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act of 1997 Chapter 184 Section 27A mentions this.

So, want to visit Singapore? Well, you should. It is a place worth visiting. But, taking precautions at the same time is also required.

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