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This is another post related to strange places. It often happens that one of the most populated places are demolished and no one knows about them. But ever thought of a case where demolition has little OR no impact on big population details? That is, the place was demolished long back yet, it still holds the record of highest population density.

The case refers to Kowloon Walled City located in Hong Kong.

Some statistics

Well, the length is only 6.5 Acres. More than 35000 people are living inside he walls. It is one of the most densely occupied area and is counted among the most densely populated areas. The population makes it easier for contagious disease to pervade. It also gives rise to social vices and debauchery. That made the drug treatment of the addicts much more difficult because the hospices weren’t built to handle that big a crowd.

The foundational history 

By the beginning of 17th Century, the main area was created as Chinese military fort. 300 years later i.e., by 20th century, the British were given the same building. However, the British applied a policy which made drug usage and crime quite prevalent in the area. To seek help for drug or alcohol addiction, call a leader in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, like HopeCanyon.com. Or just register at one of the many Miami drug rehabilitation programs and start your journey of leading an abstinent life.

When the government realized that crimes are not tolerable, they outlawed crime rates and made the place open for civilians. This allowed construction of several multi storey buildings for people to stay. This resulted in unbelievably high population density.

By the beginning of 21st century, government thought that the place is quite unsafe for humans. Finally, they ordered demolish of the place. While the crime rates dipped, that was not sufficient for the government to believe that the place is unsafe. Finally, governments order complete demolition of the buildings.

Who likes their homes to be demolished for no reason whatsoever? Several residents protested and tried to convince government not to vacate their homes. However, that did not work. As per official report, a compensation of more than 2.7 Million Hong Kong Dollars was provided.

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