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I know you are surprised on reading the title. Actually, I refer to the temporary marriages. Can marriage be temporary? Yes, it is. This case refers to Iran – known for Shi’a Islam. It is known that sex is a very controversial topic to many even in today’s modern world. Many conservatives continue to stand their ground on conventional practices of sex, and the use of sex toys (Read on https://pluglust.com for more information) are often frowned upon. Some, take up the challenge and find ways and workarounds.

The law forbids having sex without marriage. So, if you want to do sex, you must marry. But, you may not want to marry forever. So, the country allows marriage for … guess what? As low as 3 minutes

This may sound silly – of what use is marriage for 3 minutes? At least, you get time and ability to do sex.

What is the eligibility for the offer? Well, both the girls and the boys must be following monotheistic Islam. Also, the bride to be cannot be currently wed to another man. Also, the woman should not suffer from menstrual disorders. Both men and women should be healthy during marriage.

How it works?

Yes, the most important question – how it works? Groom can opt for a temporary marriage in Tehran through various marriage bureaus. Hafezoon is one such website. The groom needs to pay a sum (which is mostly predefined) to the girl.

Then the contract of marriage is set. It should be noted that marriages are contracts in Islamic law. So, you can set the duration of marriage which varies from 3 minutes to several years.

This duration is important as it is required for both man and woman to agree for the same beforehand. Marriage is a bilateral contract and if the girl disagrees for the same, marriage will be cancelled. Therefore, it is mandatory for both (girl as well as boy) to mutually agree for all terms and conditions.

Interestingly, in this arrangement, women are allowed to set dowry based on their own choice and this is predefined.

This temporary marriage is only allowed as an ability to practice sex. It is often criticized for promoting prostitution in the name of marriage. OOPS!

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