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I know you are confused on reading the title. Even I was when I came to know of this really strange fact. Of what use is Sex to the retired?

Let me clear the suspense. It is a retirement community rife named as “The Villages” located in Florida. If we speak of statistics, it is actually the largest retirement community in this entire world. It is officially considered “the friendliest hometown” and “the Disney World for the retired” and has more than 100,000 people over age of 54. Quite interestingly, around half a century ago, it had only few hundreds & noticed huge increase since then. Demographically, there are 10 woman to every man so if you are planning to move, you better take your natural male enhancement supplements. There are 34 golf courses, 9 country clubs, 2 downtown squares as well. Most importantly, it has a black market for Viagra as well. It has 3 golf carts for every car.

Due to this favoring environment, people have shown interest towards sex and outdoor sex is highly rampant over here. Sex post retirement is quite obvious here and many females were arrested for public indecency. You should not be surprised if you see 70 year old fighting over same woman. The community is a scandal and has recorded multifold increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). During days, everyone talks about various amenities and facilities this place offers but during night, the discussion changes considerably. It seems people have a better topic to discuss at night. 😛

By law, children are not allowed and if grandchildren want to stay, they can but then they should stay for only 2 days a month. If stayed longer, punishments are called for. There are rules governing garden ornaments too.

Since the transmission of STD is on rise, there are numerous medical facilities and medical camps to treat the diseased.

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