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This case refers to Colma, located in San Mateo County in California which is close to a necropolis. You could literally see car bumper stickers expressing gratitude to GOD for being alive in Colma. No, I do not mean that this place is unsafe for living beings.

It is a demographically danger zone. The city is just filled of tombs and cemeteries to protect the dead. The city faced too much criticism for having a considerably dangerous Living to Death ratio. The percentage of the dead is 1000 times more than the living population. That means for every living citizen, there are close to 1001 dead citizens with reference to 2010 census. There are million of underground citizens in this American city as opposed to only few thousand living citizens. This might seem unbelievable yet this is irrefutable.

You might be wondering how can such a city exist. Here is what happened.

In 1900, San Francisco passed an ordinance banning construction of new cemeteries. Another ordinance was passed in 1912 which ordered eviction of all existing cemetery in the city. Since people perceived cemeteries to be health hazards, the ordinance was respected and by 1937, all cemeteries were removed. To respect cemeteries, the association instructed creation of another city outside San Francisco. In 1924, this city was formed by the name of Lawndale. In 1941, it was renamed to Colma. This way, San Francisco ordinance was respected and all the dead are buried in Colma.

Colma is considered the city of the dead and is often recommended must visit place for the ghost hunters. Colma is also considered the city of the silent. The city has more than 17 cemeteries and holds the record of classifying the cemetery. For example, there are Jewish cemeteries, Christian cemeteries, Chinese cemeteries and yes, cemeteries for Pets too.

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