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I know you are surprised by the title. Which place in the world can be so cruel to provide jail to HIV positive patients? Well, a country where the disease is spreading very fast can have such a law.

This country is known for one of the best and oldest civilizations. It is that country from whom top scientists and scholars have came. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about Greece.

Greece has laws in place which made HIV+ tests mandatory for everyone. If you are found HIV positive, Police will catch you, confiscate your property, take your money and put you behind bars. And your mistake?

Well, you are a HIV positive. Isn’t that sufficient reason? As per Greek law, getting medically proved HIV positive is more dangerous than begging a death penalty.

Now, coming to the cause. Why this happened?

There are many reasons for this dangerous rule. First, is this strange claim.

WHO (World Health Organization) once claimed that Greek people are deliberately injecting HIV virus in their blood so that they can gain sympathy. The statement went through many debates which faced many criticisms in the world media. Finally WHO apologized for the same.

Crisis struck Greece did cut health budget which noted 200% increase in HIV cases. David Stuckler of Oxford University found out that Greece isn’t the only country. Spain and Portugal are experiencing similar disasters.

Due to both cases, Greece actually started hating HIV. The patients will now be punished for the disease. This is a strange law and criticized because the country is not solving the problem rather it is blaming the victims for the problem. Hundreds have reported and imprisoned – local police officers have commented.

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