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We all know that love is blind. This proverb is simply passed down the ages. But, sometimes love is more than just blind. This incident and the next will discuss the topic.

This happened in New Delhi, India where an adult male recently witnessed the sudden tragic death of his pet puppy. The love towards the puppy made him mad. But, this wasn’t enough. His girlfriend broke up relationship with him.

This man, named as Nakul Mishra went totally mad now. The grief of death of beloved pet and breakup from girlfriend made him a total psychopath.

He went near Green Park station of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) office and sat there. It was hardly 00:00 hours in night. He sat on the stairs. He saw 3 – 4 dogs coming nearby. He took one of them and started stabbing. After ensuring that this dog is dead – he took the dead body and threw him downstairs. He then went downstairs and threw that dog upstairs. After doing this 3 – 4 times, he went away.

Next day, the sweeper saw the dead body and informed the local guards. DMRC had CCTV installed everywhere but they could not help as the image was not clear. When this happened for the second time, Police set trap and finally caught the mad guy red handed.

The video went viral on news channels and people have started shouting – if this is a human, who exactly is a beast?

The man is caught and he has admitted his crime. He admitted that sudden death of his puppy made him mad and he was upset due to tensed relationship with his girlfriend. He is counted among serial killers.

Love is indeed blind but there is something (even more dangerous) to it.

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  1. Love is blind and people who fall in mad love are more blind than love itself.
    But, there is always some madness in love, and what is the value of that love love if there is no madness.

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