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World is full of strange people. In the previous post on the same website, I showed you how death of a puppy and breakup from girlfriend rendered a man as mad.

This story is even more dangerous. A man living in UP, India did not like breakup. He then took Mein Kampf and started reading it. After reading the book, he became a fan of Hitler. He studied various other sources too on Hitler.

Then he devised a plan to kidnap his girlfriend. He followed her for more than 1 year and purchased auto ricksaws to kidnap her with the help of 4 people. The girl’s bag was buried nearby. How can this solve the problem? Well, this man now portrayed himself as a hero and told the girl that other kidnappers want to harm you and he can save her. He was confident that he thought that the girl will marry him due to this heroic deed.

Police somehow managed to catch the girl safe. This was a different case since kidnappers did not call her parents for any ransom. All the 5 accused were sent to jail. During interrogation, the man revealed that he read Mein Kampf and got motivation from there. He added that he learnt this trick to prove love from a Bollywood Movie. The girl was not harmed at all and safely reached home.

This is a unique case of all times. The man even told Police that Hitler invaded Poland too and this is written in Mein Kampf. He narrated the events and incidents in the Mein Kampf and explained how that book motivated him for the plot. The police are happy that his “Hitler madness” did not harm the girl.

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