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Railways are indeed one of the most important tools to travel long distance. There were many innovations in railways. Bullet trains are most commonly known to many people as innovative railways. But, even those days are gone. It is time for something better.

How about a train which disappears all of a sudden? You might be wondering how this is possible. Let us work out.

How is it possible?

Well, the architect is Pritzker Prize winner Kajuyo Sezima. Her logic is simple – make such buildings which will blend into the environment. She is known for making such buildings. Le Louvre Lens Museum in France contains her works.

Seibu group, Japan is known for hosting Japanese trains and is known for very high speed bullet trains. She is commissioned by them to make such trains which can be mixed with the environment. She will be designing the interiors too. This way, the trains can be mixed and transparent. It often appears that trains are disappearing in the environment.

Scientifically speaking, transparent objects do not cause shadows. The train is likely to be made from transparent and reflective surfaces which can disappear into rural OR urban areas while connecting multiple cities. In reality, nothing is invisible as such. Since, the train blends with the environment, it appears to be invisible. This is an illusion. Train is normal and consists of reflective surfaces.

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