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We have another strange fact in this world. Don’t be surprised by reading the title – even cows need photo id card at times.

Before I explain what really happened – just think why will anyone require photo id card?

In some events / locations, you cannot enter without a valid photo id card. But, in some cases, it turns to be a savior – consider that you are caught in some unknown area and you do not know where to go. You could be still safe provided you met some legit human who can use your id card to put you out of trouble.

But, that is all for humans – what could be its implication for animals? It can help solving animal smuggling considerably.

In West Bengal, India – it is considered necessity that cows / other cattles should have a valid photo id card. Actually, the area suffers from too much cow smuggling. Therefore, to protect illegal activities, government has decided to issue photo id cards to cows.

This way, police officials can protect cows.

As per official reports, the smuggling reports were growing since 2000 where majority of Indian cattles were getting exported to neighboring country Bangladesh. The rate was as high as 20000 cattles a day.

By using of photo id cards, border police has managed to reduce cattle smuggling. Therefore, it is made a custom – let the photos be taken. The photo id cards contain complete detail of actual owner with contact details and address. This data is registered with the government. Border police uses this data to check whether the cattle is genuine.

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