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Peshawar – what comes to your mind when you think of this Pakistani city? People often think of terrorism and mass murders by humans when told to think of this place. Yes, terrorism and murders are menace for many.

But, there are other problems too. I am not talking about humanly intervention. I am talking about rats. We all know that rates are rarely liked by anyone owing to their mischievous nature.

But, do you know that rates can kill humans? Peshawar public reported that rats have killed upto 5 humans. Rats grow very fast. I won’t discuss their breeding rate. You know that better than me.

Something needs to be done about the problem else we will have a RAT – only world in future. Government ordered a plan to kill rates. It speaks of a compensation of Pakistani Rupee 25 for each rat killed. This admininstrative move is welcomed by the locals as they perceive this as extra money making tool.

This rule is unique of its kind. You probably will never hear any similar rule in other part of the world. Pakistan witnessed children getting killed by rats. Rats grow drastically and therefore, it is better to kill them and solve the problem.

Just to add, more than 100,000 rats are killed in just 18 months. Pakistani now have something better to do.

However, there is a challenge; how government actually tracks rat – population and how they count how many rats are killed. Hopefully, all such challenges are met.

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