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Demolished yet highest population records

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This is another post related to strange places. It often happens that one of the most populated places are demolished and no one knows about them. But ever thought of a case where demolition has little OR no impact on big population details? That is, the place was demolished long back yet, it still holds the record of highest population density.

The case refers to Kowloon Walled City located in Hong Kong.

Some statistics

Well, the length is only 6.5 Acres. More than 35000 people are living inside he walls. It is one of the most densely occupied area and is counted among the most densely populated areas. The population makes it easier for contagious disease to pervade. It also gives rise to social vices and debauchery. That made the drug treatment of the addicts much more difficult because the hospices weren’t built to handle that big a crowd.

The foundational history 

By the beginning of 17th Century, the main area was created as Chinese military fort. 300 years later i.e., by 20th century, the British were given the same building. However, the British applied a policy which made drug usage and crime quite prevalent in the area. To seek help for drug or alcohol addiction, call a leader in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, like Or just register at one of the many Miami drug rehabilitation programs and start your journey of leading an abstinent life.

When the government realized that crimes are not tolerable, they outlawed crime rates and made the place open for civilians. This allowed construction of several multi storey buildings for people to stay. This resulted in unbelievably high population density.

By the beginning of 21st century, government thought that the place is quite unsafe for humans. Finally, they ordered demolish of the place. While the crime rates dipped, that was not sufficient for the government to believe that the place is unsafe. Finally, governments order complete demolition of the buildings.

Who likes their homes to be demolished for no reason whatsoever? Several residents protested and tried to convince government not to vacate their homes. However, that did not work. As per official report, a compensation of more than 2.7 Million Hong Kong Dollars was provided.

Married today – unmarried tomorrow

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I know you are surprised on reading the title. Actually, I refer to the temporary marriages. Can marriage be temporary? Yes, it is. This case refers to Iran – known for Shi’a Islam. It is known that sex is a very controversial topic to many even in today’s modern world. Many conservatives continue to stand their ground on conventional practices of sex, and the use of sex toys (Read on for more information) are often frowned upon. Some, take up the challenge and find ways and workarounds.

The law forbids having sex without marriage. So, if you want to do sex, you must marry. But, you may not want to marry forever. So, the country allows marriage for … guess what? As low as 3 minutes

This may sound silly – of what use is marriage for 3 minutes? At least, you get time and ability to do sex.

What is the eligibility for the offer? Well, both the girls and the boys must be following monotheistic Islam. Also, the bride to be cannot be currently wed to another man. Also, the woman should not suffer from menstrual disorders. Both men and women should be healthy during marriage.

How it works?

Yes, the most important question – how it works? Groom can opt for a temporary marriage in Tehran through various marriage bureaus. Hafezoon is one such website. The groom needs to pay a sum (which is mostly predefined) to the girl.

Then the contract of marriage is set. It should be noted that marriages are contracts in Islamic law. So, you can set the duration of marriage which varies from 3 minutes to several years.

This duration is important as it is required for both man and woman to agree for the same beforehand. Marriage is a bilateral contract and if the girl disagrees for the same, marriage will be cancelled. Therefore, it is mandatory for both (girl as well as boy) to mutually agree for all terms and conditions.

Interestingly, in this arrangement, women are allowed to set dowry based on their own choice and this is predefined.

This temporary marriage is only allowed as an ability to practice sex. It is often criticized for promoting prostitution in the name of marriage. OOPS!

Thank GOD! We are alive here!

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This case refers to Colma, located in San Mateo County in California which is close to a necropolis. You could literally see car bumper stickers expressing gratitude to GOD for being alive in Colma. No, I do not mean that this place is unsafe for living beings.

It is a demographically danger zone. The city is just filled of tombs and cemeteries to protect the dead. The city faced too much criticism for having a considerably dangerous Living to Death ratio. The percentage of the dead is 1000 times more than the living population. That means for every living citizen, there are close to 1001 dead citizens with reference to 2010 census. There are million of underground citizens in this American city as opposed to only few thousand living citizens. This might seem unbelievable yet this is irrefutable.

You might be wondering how can such a city exist. Here is what happened.

In 1900, San Francisco passed an ordinance banning construction of new cemeteries. Another ordinance was passed in 1912 which ordered eviction of all existing cemetery in the city. Since people perceived cemeteries to be health hazards, the ordinance was respected and by 1937, all cemeteries were removed. To respect cemeteries, the association instructed creation of another city outside San Francisco. In 1924, this city was formed by the name of Lawndale. In 1941, it was renamed to Colma. This way, San Francisco ordinance was respected and all the dead are buried in Colma.

Colma is considered the city of the dead and is often recommended must visit place for the ghost hunters. Colma is also considered the city of the silent. The city has more than 17 cemeteries and holds the record of classifying the cemetery. For example, there are Jewish cemeteries, Christian cemeteries, Chinese cemeteries and yes, cemeteries for Pets too.

Have HIV? Jail awaits you

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I know you are surprised by the title. Which place in the world can be so cruel to provide jail to HIV positive patients? Well, a country where the disease is spreading very fast can have such a law.

This country is known for one of the best and oldest civilizations. It is that country from whom top scientists and scholars have came. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about Greece.

Greece has laws in place which made HIV+ tests mandatory for everyone. If you are found HIV positive, Police will catch you, confiscate your property, take your money and put you behind bars. And your mistake?

Well, you are a HIV positive. Isn’t that sufficient reason? As per Greek law, getting medically proved HIV positive is more dangerous than begging a death penalty.

Now, coming to the cause. Why this happened?

There are many reasons for this dangerous rule. First, is this strange claim.

WHO (World Health Organization) once claimed that Greek people are deliberately injecting HIV virus in their blood so that they can gain sympathy. The statement went through many debates which faced many criticisms in the world media. Finally WHO apologized for the same.

Crisis struck Greece did cut health budget which noted 200% increase in HIV cases. David Stuckler of Oxford University found out that Greece isn’t the only country. Spain and Portugal are experiencing similar disasters.

Due to both cases, Greece actually started hating HIV. The patients will now be punished for the disease. This is a strange law and criticized because the country is not solving the problem rather it is blaming the victims for the problem. Hundreds have reported and imprisoned – local police officers have commented.

Learning love from Hitler

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Image source: Pixabayadolf-hitler-30380_1280

World is full of strange people. In the previous post on the same website, I showed you how death of a puppy and breakup from girlfriend rendered a man as mad.

This story is even more dangerous. A man living in UP, India did not like breakup. He then took Mein Kampf and started reading it. After reading the book, he became a fan of Hitler. He studied various other sources too on Hitler.

Then he devised a plan to kidnap his girlfriend. He followed her for more than 1 year and purchased auto ricksaws to kidnap her with the help of 4 people. The girl’s bag was buried nearby. How can this solve the problem? Well, this man now portrayed himself as a hero and told the girl that other kidnappers want to harm you and he can save her. He was confident that he thought that the girl will marry him due to this heroic deed.

Police somehow managed to catch the girl safe. This was a different case since kidnappers did not call her parents for any ransom. All the 5 accused were sent to jail. During interrogation, the man revealed that he read Mein Kampf and got motivation from there. He added that he learnt this trick to prove love from a Bollywood Movie. The girl was not harmed at all and safely reached home.

This is a unique case of all times. The man even told Police that Hitler invaded Poland too and this is written in Mein Kampf. He narrated the events and incidents in the Mein Kampf and explained how that book motivated him for the plot. The police are happy that his “Hitler madness” did not harm the girl.

Love is blind but …

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We all know that love is blind. This proverb is simply passed down the ages. But, sometimes love is more than just blind. This incident and the next will discuss the topic.

This happened in New Delhi, India where an adult male recently witnessed the sudden tragic death of his pet puppy. The love towards the puppy made him mad. But, this wasn’t enough. His girlfriend broke up relationship with him.

This man, named as Nakul Mishra went totally mad now. The grief of death of beloved pet and breakup from girlfriend made him a total psychopath.

He went near Green Park station of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) office and sat there. It was hardly 00:00 hours in night. He sat on the stairs. He saw 3 – 4 dogs coming nearby. He took one of them and started stabbing. After ensuring that this dog is dead – he took the dead body and threw him downstairs. He then went downstairs and threw that dog upstairs. After doing this 3 – 4 times, he went away.

Next day, the sweeper saw the dead body and informed the local guards. DMRC had CCTV installed everywhere but they could not help as the image was not clear. When this happened for the second time, Police set trap and finally caught the mad guy red handed.

The video went viral on news channels and people have started shouting – if this is a human, who exactly is a beast?

The man is caught and he has admitted his crime. He admitted that sudden death of his puppy made him mad and he was upset due to tensed relationship with his girlfriend. He is counted among serial killers.

Love is indeed blind but there is something (even more dangerous) to it.

The future of Railways: Invisible train

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Image source: Click here

Railways are indeed one of the most important tools to travel long distance. There were many innovations in railways. Bullet trains are most commonly known to many people as innovative railways. But, even those days are gone. It is time for something better.

How about a train which disappears all of a sudden? You might be wondering how this is possible. Let us work out.

How is it possible?

Well, the architect is Pritzker Prize winner Kajuyo Sezima. Her logic is simple – make such buildings which will blend into the environment. She is known for making such buildings. Le Louvre Lens Museum in France contains her works.

Seibu group, Japan is known for hosting Japanese trains and is known for very high speed bullet trains. She is commissioned by them to make such trains which can be mixed with the environment. She will be designing the interiors too. This way, the trains can be mixed and transparent. It often appears that trains are disappearing in the environment.

Scientifically speaking, transparent objects do not cause shadows. The train is likely to be made from transparent and reflective surfaces which can disappear into rural OR urban areas while connecting multiple cities. In reality, nothing is invisible as such. Since, the train blends with the environment, it appears to be invisible. This is an illusion. Train is normal and consists of reflective surfaces.

Cows too need a photo id card

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We have another strange fact in this world. Don’t be surprised by reading the title – even cows need photo id card at times.

Before I explain what really happened – just think why will anyone require photo id card?

In some events / locations, you cannot enter without a valid photo id card. But, in some cases, it turns to be a savior – consider that you are caught in some unknown area and you do not know where to go. You could be still safe provided you met some legit human who can use your id card to put you out of trouble.

But, that is all for humans – what could be its implication for animals? It can help solving animal smuggling considerably.

In West Bengal, India – it is considered necessity that cows / other cattles should have a valid photo id card. Actually, the area suffers from too much cow smuggling. Therefore, to protect illegal activities, government has decided to issue photo id cards to cows.

This way, police officials can protect cows.

As per official reports, the smuggling reports were growing since 2000 where majority of Indian cattles were getting exported to neighboring country Bangladesh. The rate was as high as 20000 cattles a day.

By using of photo id cards, border police has managed to reduce cattle smuggling. Therefore, it is made a custom – let the photos be taken. The photo id cards contain complete detail of actual owner with contact details and address. This data is registered with the government. Border police uses this data to check whether the cattle is genuine.

Kill rates, make money

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Photo taken from


Peshawar – what comes to your mind when you think of this Pakistani city? People often think of terrorism and mass murders by humans when told to think of this place. Yes, terrorism and murders are menace for many.

But, there are other problems too. I am not talking about humanly intervention. I am talking about rats. We all know that rates are rarely liked by anyone owing to their mischievous nature.

But, do you know that rates can kill humans? Peshawar public reported that rats have killed upto 5 humans. Rats grow very fast. I won’t discuss their breeding rate. You know that better than me.

Something needs to be done about the problem else we will have a RAT – only world in future. Government ordered a plan to kill rates. It speaks of a compensation of Pakistani Rupee 25 for each rat killed. This admininstrative move is welcomed by the locals as they perceive this as extra money making tool.

This rule is unique of its kind. You probably will never hear any similar rule in other part of the world. Pakistan witnessed children getting killed by rats. Rats grow drastically and therefore, it is better to kill them and solve the problem.

Just to add, more than 100,000 rats are killed in just 18 months. Pakistani now have something better to do.

However, there is a challenge; how government actually tracks rat – population and how they count how many rats are killed. Hopefully, all such challenges are met.

Converting air to water

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This is another really innovative idea. Probably the best application of technology – it embarks the need to solving the growing need. It enlists the ways to create drinking water. What would be more interesting than converting air to water?

Don’t be surprised with the idea. Let me clarify that while 67% of the Earth is covered with water, only 4% of the water present on Earth is actually drinkable.

This way, you can solve the water needs. But, where will you get the idea to convert air to water?

The idea was found NOT in the developing world but in Lima, Peru. The University of Engineering and Technology together along with its ad agency aims to solve the problem.

Well, this is just a billboard; an advertisement which shows how Reverse Osmosis can be used to create water out of air. This is the first billboard which attempts to produce drinkable water from air. The actual atmospheric humidity in Peru is close to 98%. Peru is actually a water scarce country. So, this technology can prove highly beneficial to them in particular and the world in general.

It depicts how the humidity can be condensed using appropriate condenser by passing the same through air filters and carbon filters and thereby producing upto 96 L water in a day.

Peru definitely laid down an idea for scientists to think about whether OR not should they try for converting air to water. Whether such a conversion is possible, that is what scientist world must look into. However, we should not doubt that this mode of advertisement (may be just to lure students into the world of engineering for the sake of the argument) is definitely one of the most creative advertisements ever.

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