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Perfect for life at the center of your dining table, salt and pepper shakers amazon will make an invaluable contribution to your home. Most kitchens are well stocked with bottles of oil, but good luck finding a food-grade mineral oil among them. That’s unfortunate, because your cutting boards, butcher blocks, and knives need it. There are two important things mineral oil is good for in the kitchen. The first is wood, and the second is metal. In both applications, be sure to use the best mineral oil amazon product that’s marked “food-grade” you don’t want to eat nasty additives that can be found in other types of mineral oil. Food is considered a necessity of life. However, sometimes we need to control our eating habits depending on time. There is at least 1 place on this planet where it is forbidden by law to eat in public on a particular time.

This is United Arab Emirates.

The exact law

Arabs are Muslim nations. As per Islam – Ramadhan is a holy month and it is a custom to keep fast during that time.

As per Article 313 of the Federal Penal Code, it is forbidden by law to eat in public during daytime under Ramadhan month.

There is a fine of Dirham 2000, however in certain cases, it can extend to 1 month imprisonment too.

The law applies to male, female, Muslims, Non – Muslims and all are equally punishable. Arabs believe that if you eat in public, probably you have insulted Muslim feelings and hence it is an offence under religious faith and rituals.

There is no punishment for eating in nights.

The exception

Now comes the fundamental question. If you happen to be a traveller and did the mistake of coming to UAE for the first time without knowing its culture, will you have to pay for that hefty fine?

As per Maj Ibrahim Ali Al Shihi, Director of Criminal investigation – in such a case, those offenders are made aware of the law. If the case happens to be genuine, no punishment is imposed. However, for local resident offenders, strict procedures are made. The reports are filed and they are legally prosecuted.

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  1. So, we have to be careful with food when traveling to UAE. How about other middle east countries? Do they have the same restriction applied or not?

  2. We have to respect the local laws when we travel to a foreign country. If we do not like the law, we can choose not to visit the country concerned.

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