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World contains many strange features. Sometimes, we encounter strange people, sometimes, weird places and sometimes … weird beliefs. We encounter more and more strange facilities in due course of time. More we try to understand unusual patterns, weirder it becomes.

There is another strange belief which we shall encounter here. This is what it states.

If a person suffers from epilepsy, let him smell shoes and he can be cured of epilepsy.

Don’t be surprised on reading what is mentioned above. This is one of the most common eastern belief and now, even western scholars are getting attracted towards this belief.

For the common man, this seems a stupid unscientific practice which has no base at all. However, for medical professionals, it is better to understand the real scientific basis behind this seemingly unusual approach.

A researcher Harinder Jaseja tried to examine the science behind shoe – smell approach to cure epilepsy.

Entire research paper available here.


The basis of the same could be Aromatherapy. While Mr. Jaseja cautioned by saying that his research should not be used to conclude that epilepsy can be cured by allowing Shoe – smells as the only measure, he added that it can work in some cases; as his experiment confirmed that the patient who smelt shoes had lesser chances of suffering epileptic seizures. Nevertheless, the research paper does not guarantee that this “shoe – smell” technique shall solve the problem.

This is surprising and practiced in some parts of the world especially in the Indian subcontinent. This is so common practice that this is the only practice seen in rural parts. Some people think that this can help someone who fell unconscious too. Really strange yet confusing practice though!

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