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You might be surprised on reading this. What does the city of the dead mean? Well, it is located in Paris. It is known as Catacomb of Paris.

It holds the remains of more than 6 million people. From 6th century onwards, due to Roman culture, people used to have cemeteries. Till 18th century, France was full of Holy Innocent cemetery which occupied too much space.

Starting from 1811, the French mines / cemetery network went through several renovations.

The cemetery was transferred to underground tunnel location and was called as the Catacomb. The catacombs formed an important part of French museums in 2013.

These Catacombs always remained as curiosity for many great personalities. King Charles XI visited that place trying to explore in Early 19th century.

The entry to the catacombs is in the western pavilion of the former Barrière d’Enfer city gate. The catacombs contain darkness worth 18 metres and the bones are piled up under wood.


After all, it was related to holy innocents. So, the dead were actually sacred people. The Church opposed the idea of keeping it opened to public as they believed that this will “expose” holy bones of holy innocents.

On public demand; by the end of 19th century, I was decided that they will be open for general public once a month.

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