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The world is a really strange place. Different laws often bring up sometimes weird from time to time. Let us watch Kazakhstan this time. Once upon a time, this country was under Russian rule but now, it is just independent.

Although now, the country says that it has secular constitution but still it is mandatory to respect local laws. The country as such does not tolerate local law infringement.

Other than Air Astana, no other airlines can be used to travel to and from European Union as they do not entail security standards. Over all, it is a lovely country. But there is a law to be taken care of.

  1. You need original passports at all times. It will be checked any time.
  2. You also need official permission to carry camera near Airports.

Kazakhstan government officials check whether you have a camera in your store whenever you are entering airports. It is illegal and entails heavy fine whenever you are caught possessing a camera near any airport. They consider taking photo as illegal and often think that you are damaging their property. There are even heavier restrictions enabled.

Well, airports are not the only places where restrictions are in effect. It is illegal to travel to military establishments without prior permissions. It is illegal to take photographs there as well. Most of the Kazakh supermarkets too prohibit photography by law. Although Kazakhstan is beautiful, you can click pictures without violating the place try Aurora HDR to enhance the details. However, there is no direct indication mentioned on their Kazakh notice boards. Therefore, it often seems indirect notification.

As a traveller, it is recommended to check above mentioned rule before entering Kazakh land. While no significant arrests are known for violators but still, better safe than sorry.

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