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You might be confused looking at the title. We all know how to wash our cars. No one would care of such a education by the way. How and why should I learn to wash my car? Well, you will definitely learn to wash your car if the law requires you to do so.

This post is about strange Russian laws. Russia is a weird countries and probably tops the list of countries hating the USA. They banned the president Obama from entering Chechnya.

They also banned driving a dirty car in Chelyabinsk city. You need to wash your car in order to come out on roads.

Russian directory believes that such a measure helps to prevent pollution on the city. Russian Road sing ruling 1pdd.ru confirms that it is mandatory to keep your vehicles clean on roads during dry weather. It adds that it is legally forbidden to take the dirt on the roads and thereby pollute the city. The vehicle drivers by the law need to take measures to stop city measures.

It is to be noted that the law puts the punishments and necessary exceptions too kept in place. It mentions that no one is punishable just for washing the cars on roads however; you will be punished if you do so in sand. The article 7 of the law defines the various clauses and article rules with reference to this principle. That’s the big law really.

Just for information, the authorized punishment for violating the above mentioned rule is $63. So, next time if you want to travel in the Russian city, do so with caution. It is always recommended to learn how to wash your cars. Better safe than sorry!

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