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I hope we all understand the term eccentricity with respect to human behavior. Doing something which is strange and unconventional is eccentric. Well, there is something peculiar with the man under discussion.

He ruled Turkmenistan in the year 1992. He remains a motivation for various eccentrics worldwide. Let us understand all one by one. He called himself Turkmenbashi which means motivator for Turkmenistan.

GOD supports him

What can be the best way to end competition? Create monopoly and increase entry barriers. GOD did this for this man. He ended competition for this man. He was the only person standing for Presidential election and therefore, won the election. He took undue advantage and declared himself Turkmen President forever. There was no opposition at all.

The statue

He ordered creation of his statue made of pure gold. He made it rotational so that it keeps on facing Sun. It is still a mystery what the statue was supposed to do at night.


The lovely book

He was not only a president. Turkmenbashi is also an author. He wrote a book Ruhnama which is a book on spirituality. He made that book mandatory. How this book was marketed? He issued a rule: Those who read it completely daily shall attain a free pass to heaven. The certificate is in the book.

He made job interview questions from the book and also made it a credit subject in all schools and universities. Any insult to the book will guarantee capital punishment.

The name changer

Turkmenbashi wanted to change names of everything – yes, even the calendars were not ignored. January was renamed Turkmenbashi, April was renamed Turkmenbashi’s mother. September was renamed Ruhnama. Days were named based on characters in Ruhnama.

Not only this, but he renamed a city to Turkmenbashi. He named airports after himself and even ended up naming a meteorite as Turkmenbashi’s vehicle.

He discontinued Hippocratic oath for Doctors and started Turkmenbashi oath instead.

He gave 11th commandment – guess what? He made chewing bones mandatory for teeth health. He had a valid logic – that is what dogs do.

Internet censored

He banned all private ISPs. He also closed Cyber Café so that he could see what people are surfing. He made compulsory to search Turkmenbashi. No woman was allowed to order beauty products and makeup was officially banned as he believed that the same is not required at all. Women are beautiful without it.

Just to be fair

It does not seem fair that we discuss his madness. Just to be fair – he issued some good rules too. Electricity and Gas were made free of cost.

The demise

In year 2006, Turkmen noticed a tragedy. This great Turkmenbashi leader left this world. His funeral was attended by many political leaders. OOPS! I just forgot to mention his real name: It is Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov.

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