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World is going stranger day by day. This blog has many cases of weirder things happening worldwide. You might have wondered why I haven’t included Arabians yet. Well, this is the time.

I included Saudi Arabia to the list. Saudi has one of the most divorce rates in the world. There are >82 divorce cases happening on daily basis. These statistics are huge and unbelievable.

The reasons for divorce are however strange. The most ultimate reason for divorce is: a woman is eligible to divorce her husband if he does not supply coffee to her.

You might be wondering how can coffee be considered a valid ground for divorce. Well, it is one of the grounds for ending the marriage. Actually, the law was a part of Turkey too. 400 years ago, coffee was integral part of one’s life. Since Arabs treat marriage as a contract, not supplying the coffee can seem a violation of the contract.  Therefore, non supply of coffee implied valid grounds for divorce.

In earlier times, there were many cases of divorce due to this weird rule. However, recently this does not make for divorce cases. It is to be noted that in Saudi, it is easy for men to divorce while woman divorcing is much more complicated.

Nevertheless, the majority of divorce cases in Arab world are not sensible. Husbands have divorced wives for bad looks. Some husbands divorces wives for ignoring messages. Another husband divorced as his wife took Pepsi despite warnings from the husband. Another case confirmed that wife applied for divorce because her husband was shorter and she thought that this will affect her marriage conditions. There are many more cases and it is practically unthinkable to mention them all here.

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