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There are many countries in this world. But, one country is special – the only country in the world which puts an adjective before its name. Hope you understood what I meant. It is: Great Britain.

Do you notice the name? The adjective “Great” is applied before the name. Really it is a great country. Let us see its greatness.

1313 Statute

The statute relates to coming armed in parliament. By law, it is forbidden to wear armors in the legislature assembly. Whenever you are supposed to enter the house, no Member of Parliament can ever wear armor. The reason of implementing this rule is not known.

It started in the beginning of 14th century (year 1313) and is followed till date. Till date, the rule is not repealed. It made sense that time as then the world was safer. Now, the officials are looking to modify the rule looking at the world scenario.

Other strange laws

Well, this is an important rule but there are other rules too. Let us see them

  • You cannot erect a washing line across any street.
  • It is not legally allowed to jump the queue.
  • Also, a person suffering from a significant disease – say plague cannot instruct Taxi to stop. The Taxi driver can stop on his own will and go with the man though. In that case, it is required to be disinfected.
  • You cannot sing profane song in any street
  • You cannot disturb people by ringing doorbells – This is called Ding Dong Ditch – Knock Knocky
  • You cannot order your servant to stand on a sill to clean it.
  • In 1998, UK brought a rule which prohibited nuclear explosion.

I need not re – iterate that it is a great country. It is named as Great Britain.

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