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Indeed there are many strange places in this world. One such location is defined such that it looks like a palace inside water body. That sounds really surprising. How can entire palace be made inside a water body (and it floats)?

This palace is called Jal Mahal and located in Jaipur, India. It was crafted in 17th century and exists in a lake. The lake is surrounded by vast flora and fauna.


The history dates back to 16th century when the ruler constructed the dams. From time to time, the situation changed and the new king restored the entire place and finally a palace was created in midst of the Man Sagar Lake.

This development story does not really end here. Not only palace, but various other forts were developed in the vicinity of the area of which Amer Fort is really famous and was always been a tourist destination.

Nevertheless, this has worried the ecological department as they believe that the quality of water is degrading down and since Jaipur is basically a desert area, this seriously affects the place. To address the issues, several restoration works are planned which attempt to restore the area without affecting the ecological department. This involved: re – involvement of city drains, lake de – silting and sewage management plans. This resulted in removal of half a million cubic metres of waste from the area. Through the process, the habitats for birds was also developed and the growing concern of environmental problem was addressed.

The palace is open for various tourists worldwide and tourists like the scenic beauty of the place.

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