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This post is about Sweden. This European nation has planned to recycle waste. The nation is known for promoting environmental friendly policies. There is no surprise that majority of fuel in Sweden is made up of garbage.

They burn what we call garbage today and create energy from the same. They call this as green energy mechanism.

The factcheck

In fact, only 1% of Swedish garbage remains a waste and everything else is recycled in a number of ways. This is recycling revolution as per Swedish authorities. In 1975, only 38.1% of Swedish waste was actually wasted. On the other hand, in 2012, more than 2.3 million tonnes were recycled.

At least 47% of the Swedish household waste is directly burnt and converted to energy while the rest is reused for the benefit of the society.

It is worth noting that there are special 32 plants in Sweden so far which produced sufficient heat energy for 815000 homes and electricity for 250000 families. The first plant was setup in early 1904.

While the waste recycling in Sweden is unique of its kind, it should be noted that the rule does not limit waste generation process in Sweden. In order to go green, Sweden decided to use only waste management as a tool to produce energy. This recycle revolution is seeing tremendous rise and Sweden is hopeful that soon this model will be implemented in rest of the world as well. This is counted among world’s most innovative green ideas.

The conclusion

Every resource ends in due course of time. Even waste (household / industrial etc.) gets depleted over time. Sweden used up all waste and recycled to the max and now they are short of waste. They demanded nearby countries to help them provide waste so that they can continue recycling. Norway is one of the countries supporting this.

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