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Food depends on month

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Perfect for life at the center of your dining table, salt and pepper shakers amazon will make an invaluable contribution to your home. Most kitchens are well stocked with bottles of oil, but good luck finding a food-grade mineral oil among them. That’s unfortunate, because your cutting boards, butcher blocks, and knives need it. There are two important things mineral oil is good for in the kitchen. The first is wood, and the second is metal. In both applications, be sure to use the best mineral oil amazon product that’s marked “food-grade” you don’t want to eat nasty additives that can be found in other types of mineral oil. Food is considered a necessity of life. However, sometimes we need to control our eating habits depending on time. There is at least 1 place on this planet where it is forbidden by law to eat in public on a particular time.

This is United Arab Emirates.

The exact law

Arabs are Muslim nations. As per Islam – Ramadhan is a holy month and it is a custom to keep fast during that time.

As per Article 313 of the Federal Penal Code, it is forbidden by law to eat in public during daytime under Ramadhan month.

There is a fine of Dirham 2000, however in certain cases, it can extend to 1 month imprisonment too.

The law applies to male, female, Muslims, Non – Muslims and all are equally punishable. Arabs believe that if you eat in public, probably you have insulted Muslim feelings and hence it is an offence under religious faith and rituals.

There is no punishment for eating in nights.

The exception

Now comes the fundamental question. If you happen to be a traveller and did the mistake of coming to UAE for the first time without knowing its culture, will you have to pay for that hefty fine?

As per Maj Ibrahim Ali Al Shihi, Director of Criminal investigation – in such a case, those offenders are made aware of the law. If the case happens to be genuine, no punishment is imposed. However, for local resident offenders, strict procedures are made. The reports are filed and they are legally prosecuted.

Shoe connection to health

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World contains many strange features. Sometimes, we encounter strange people, sometimes, weird places and sometimes … weird beliefs. We encounter more and more strange facilities in due course of time. More we try to understand unusual patterns, weirder it becomes.

There is another strange belief which we shall encounter here. This is what it states.

If a person suffers from epilepsy, let him smell shoes and he can be cured of epilepsy.

Don’t be surprised on reading what is mentioned above. This is one of the most common eastern belief and now, even western scholars are getting attracted towards this belief.

For the common man, this seems a stupid unscientific practice which has no base at all. However, for medical professionals, it is better to understand the real scientific basis behind this seemingly unusual approach.

A researcher Harinder Jaseja tried to examine the science behind shoe – smell approach to cure epilepsy.

Entire research paper available here.

The basis of the same could be Aromatherapy. While Mr. Jaseja cautioned by saying that his research should not be used to conclude that epilepsy can be cured by allowing Shoe – smells as the only measure, he added that it can work in some cases; as his experiment confirmed that the patient who smelt shoes had lesser chances of suffering epileptic seizures. Nevertheless, the research paper does not guarantee that this “shoe – smell” technique shall solve the problem.

This is surprising and practiced in some parts of the world especially in the Indian subcontinent. This is so common practice that this is the only practice seen in rural parts. Some people think that this can help someone who fell unconscious too. Really strange yet confusing practice though!

The underground city of the deads

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You might be surprised on reading this. What does the city of the dead mean? Well, it is located in Paris. It is known as Catacomb of Paris.

It holds the remains of more than 6 million people. From 6th century onwards, due to Roman culture, people used to have cemeteries. Till 18th century, France was full of Holy Innocent cemetery which occupied too much space.

Starting from 1811, the French mines / cemetery network went through several renovations.

The cemetery was transferred to underground tunnel location and was called as the Catacomb. The catacombs formed an important part of French museums in 2013.

These Catacombs always remained as curiosity for many great personalities. King Charles XI visited that place trying to explore in Early 19th century.

The entry to the catacombs is in the western pavilion of the former Barrière d’Enfer city gate. The catacombs contain darkness worth 18 metres and the bones are piled up under wood.


After all, it was related to holy innocents. So, the dead were actually sacred people. The Church opposed the idea of keeping it opened to public as they believed that this will “expose” holy bones of holy innocents.

On public demand; by the end of 19th century, I was decided that they will be open for general public once a month.

Kick off your camera

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The world is a really strange place. Different laws often bring up sometimes weird from time to time. Let us watch Kazakhstan this time. Once upon a time, this country was under Russian rule but now, it is just independent.

Although now, the country says that it has secular constitution but still it is mandatory to respect local laws. The country as such does not tolerate local law infringement.

Other than Air Astana, no other airlines can be used to travel to and from European Union as they do not entail security standards. Over all, it is a lovely country. But there is a law to be taken care of.

  1. You need original passports at all times. It will be checked any time.
  2. You also need official permission to carry camera near Airports.

Kazakhstan government officials check whether you have a camera in your store whenever you are entering airports. It is illegal and entails heavy fine whenever you are caught possessing a camera near any airport. They consider taking photo as illegal and often think that you are damaging their property. There are even heavier restrictions enabled.

Well, airports are not the only places where restrictions are in effect. It is illegal to travel to military establishments without prior permissions. It is illegal to take photographs there as well. Most of the Kazakh supermarkets too prohibit photography by law. Although Kazakhstan is beautiful, you can click pictures without violating the place try Aurora HDR to enhance the details. However, there is no direct indication mentioned on their Kazakh notice boards. Therefore, it often seems indirect notification.

As a traveller, it is recommended to check above mentioned rule before entering Kazakh land. While no significant arrests are known for violators but still, better safe than sorry.

Learn to wash your car

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You might be confused looking at the title. We all know how to wash our cars. No one would care of such a education by the way. How and why should I learn to wash my car? Well, you will definitely learn to wash your car if the law requires you to do so.

This post is about strange Russian laws. Russia is a weird countries and probably tops the list of countries hating the USA. They banned the president Obama from entering Chechnya.

They also banned driving a dirty car in Chelyabinsk city. You need to wash your car in order to come out on roads.

Russian directory believes that such a measure helps to prevent pollution on the city. Russian Road sing ruling confirms that it is mandatory to keep your vehicles clean on roads during dry weather. It adds that it is legally forbidden to take the dirt on the roads and thereby pollute the city. The vehicle drivers by the law need to take measures to stop city measures.

It is to be noted that the law puts the punishments and necessary exceptions too kept in place. It mentions that no one is punishable just for washing the cars on roads however; you will be punished if you do so in sand. The article 7 of the law defines the various clauses and article rules with reference to this principle. That’s the big law really.

Just for information, the authorized punishment for violating the above mentioned rule is $63. So, next time if you want to travel in the Russian city, do so with caution. It is always recommended to learn how to wash your cars. Better safe than sorry!

He redefined eccentricity

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I hope we all understand the term eccentricity with respect to human behavior. Doing something which is strange and unconventional is eccentric. Well, there is something peculiar with the man under discussion.

He ruled Turkmenistan in the year 1992. He remains a motivation for various eccentrics worldwide. Let us understand all one by one. He called himself Turkmenbashi which means motivator for Turkmenistan.

GOD supports him

What can be the best way to end competition? Create monopoly and increase entry barriers. GOD did this for this man. He ended competition for this man. He was the only person standing for Presidential election and therefore, won the election. He took undue advantage and declared himself Turkmen President forever. There was no opposition at all.

The statue

He ordered creation of his statue made of pure gold. He made it rotational so that it keeps on facing Sun. It is still a mystery what the statue was supposed to do at night.

The lovely book

He was not only a president. Turkmenbashi is also an author. He wrote a book Ruhnama which is a book on spirituality. He made that book mandatory. How this book was marketed? He issued a rule: Those who read it completely daily shall attain a free pass to heaven. The certificate is in the book.

He made job interview questions from the book and also made it a credit subject in all schools and universities. Any insult to the book will guarantee capital punishment.

The name changer

Turkmenbashi wanted to change names of everything – yes, even the calendars were not ignored. January was renamed Turkmenbashi, April was renamed Turkmenbashi’s mother. September was renamed Ruhnama. Days were named based on characters in Ruhnama.

Not only this, but he renamed a city to Turkmenbashi. He named airports after himself and even ended up naming a meteorite as Turkmenbashi’s vehicle.

He discontinued Hippocratic oath for Doctors and started Turkmenbashi oath instead.

He gave 11th commandment – guess what? He made chewing bones mandatory for teeth health. He had a valid logic – that is what dogs do.

Internet censored

He banned all private ISPs. He also closed Cyber Café so that he could see what people are surfing. He made compulsory to search Turkmenbashi. No woman was allowed to order beauty products and makeup was officially banned as he believed that the same is not required at all. Women are beautiful without it.

Just to be fair

It does not seem fair that we discuss his madness. Just to be fair – he issued some good rules too. Electricity and Gas were made free of cost.

The demise

In year 2006, Turkmen noticed a tragedy. This great Turkmenbashi leader left this world. His funeral was attended by many political leaders. OOPS! I just forgot to mention his real name: It is Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov.

Coffee and marriage

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World is going stranger day by day. This blog has many cases of weirder things happening worldwide. You might have wondered why I haven’t included Arabians yet. Well, this is the time.

I included Saudi Arabia to the list. Saudi has one of the most divorce rates in the world. There are >82 divorce cases happening on daily basis. These statistics are huge and unbelievable.

The reasons for divorce are however strange. The most ultimate reason for divorce is: a woman is eligible to divorce her husband if he does not supply coffee to her.

You might be wondering how can coffee be considered a valid ground for divorce. Well, it is one of the grounds for ending the marriage. Actually, the law was a part of Turkey too. 400 years ago, coffee was integral part of one’s life. Since Arabs treat marriage as a contract, not supplying the coffee can seem a violation of the contract.  Therefore, non supply of coffee implied valid grounds for divorce.

In earlier times, there were many cases of divorce due to this weird rule. However, recently this does not make for divorce cases. It is to be noted that in Saudi, it is easy for men to divorce while woman divorcing is much more complicated.

Nevertheless, the majority of divorce cases in Arab world are not sensible. Husbands have divorced wives for bad looks. Some husbands divorces wives for ignoring messages. Another husband divorced as his wife took Pepsi despite warnings from the husband. Another case confirmed that wife applied for divorce because her husband was shorter and she thought that this will affect her marriage conditions. There are many more cases and it is practically unthinkable to mention them all here.

Armor in Parliament

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There are many countries in this world. But, one country is special – the only country in the world which puts an adjective before its name. Hope you understood what I meant. It is: Great Britain.

Do you notice the name? The adjective “Great” is applied before the name. Really it is a great country. Let us see its greatness.

1313 Statute

The statute relates to coming armed in parliament. By law, it is forbidden to wear armors in the legislature assembly. Whenever you are supposed to enter the house, no Member of Parliament can ever wear armor. The reason of implementing this rule is not known.

It started in the beginning of 14th century (year 1313) and is followed till date. Till date, the rule is not repealed. It made sense that time as then the world was safer. Now, the officials are looking to modify the rule looking at the world scenario.

Other strange laws

Well, this is an important rule but there are other rules too. Let us see them

  • You cannot erect a washing line across any street.
  • It is not legally allowed to jump the queue.
  • Also, a person suffering from a significant disease – say plague cannot instruct Taxi to stop. The Taxi driver can stop on his own will and go with the man though. In that case, it is required to be disinfected.
  • You cannot sing profane song in any street
  • You cannot disturb people by ringing doorbells – This is called Ding Dong Ditch – Knock Knocky
  • You cannot order your servant to stand on a sill to clean it.
  • In 1998, UK brought a rule which prohibited nuclear explosion.

I need not re – iterate that it is a great country. It is named as Great Britain.

Palace on water

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Indeed there are many strange places in this world. One such location is defined such that it looks like a palace inside water body. That sounds really surprising. How can entire palace be made inside a water body (and it floats)?

This palace is called Jal Mahal and located in Jaipur, India. It was crafted in 17th century and exists in a lake. The lake is surrounded by vast flora and fauna.

The history dates back to 16th century when the ruler constructed the dams. From time to time, the situation changed and the new king restored the entire place and finally a palace was created in midst of the Man Sagar Lake.

This development story does not really end here. Not only palace, but various other forts were developed in the vicinity of the area of which Amer Fort is really famous and was always been a tourist destination.

Nevertheless, this has worried the ecological department as they believe that the quality of water is degrading down and since Jaipur is basically a desert area, this seriously affects the place. To address the issues, several restoration works are planned which attempt to restore the area without affecting the ecological department. This involved: re – involvement of city drains, lake de – silting and sewage management plans. This resulted in removal of half a million cubic metres of waste from the area. Through the process, the habitats for birds was also developed and the growing concern of environmental problem was addressed.

The palace is open for various tourists worldwide and tourists like the scenic beauty of the place.

Let us purchase garbage

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This post is about Sweden. This European nation has planned to recycle waste. The nation is known for promoting environmental friendly policies. There is no surprise that majority of fuel in Sweden is made up of garbage.

They burn what we call garbage today and create energy from the same. They call this as green energy mechanism.

The factcheck

In fact, only 1% of Swedish garbage remains a waste and everything else is recycled in a number of ways. This is recycling revolution as per Swedish authorities. In 1975, only 38.1% of Swedish waste was actually wasted. On the other hand, in 2012, more than 2.3 million tonnes were recycled.

At least 47% of the Swedish household waste is directly burnt and converted to energy while the rest is reused for the benefit of the society.

It is worth noting that there are special 32 plants in Sweden so far which produced sufficient heat energy for 815000 homes and electricity for 250000 families. The first plant was setup in early 1904.

While the waste recycling in Sweden is unique of its kind, it should be noted that the rule does not limit waste generation process in Sweden. In order to go green, Sweden decided to use only waste management as a tool to produce energy. This recycle revolution is seeing tremendous rise and Sweden is hopeful that soon this model will be implemented in rest of the world as well. This is counted among world’s most innovative green ideas.

The conclusion

Every resource ends in due course of time. Even waste (household / industrial etc.) gets depleted over time. Sweden used up all waste and recycled to the max and now they are short of waste. They demanded nearby countries to help them provide waste so that they can continue recycling. Norway is one of the countries supporting this.

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