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Fortress built on a hill

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This is about a wonder place. Most of the world may not know about it at all. There is actually a fortress located in Tallinn, Estonia. 90% of the Europeans may not know that there is a wonder fortress. Well, this is located in the capital of Estonia exactly in the centre of the city.

It is a wonder place. The fortress made built in 10th Century AD and that too, on top of a hill. The fortress is located on top of the Talinn Hill and is a beautiful place to be seen at least once in the lifetime.

It is a great place as it portrays a wall made in 14th century. The wall is still intact despite so many invasions the place witnessed so far. No doubt, it is a really great place including arts and artifacts ranging from 10th to 18th century. It is counted among UNESCO World Heritage sites too.

It is a place to be enjoyed by any traveller. If you happen to visit here, you will probably be shocked to see its level of artistic beauty. It is not weird as such but is not known to many. This is included here to inform that something like this really exists. If you are exited, you may visit. It is worth it.

A view of the fortress from Top

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Sorry! But this politics is not recommended

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In one of my previous post, I discussed how some barbarians attempted to destroy world peace and harmony. Now, we shall discuss what happened next.

After witnessing such a barbaric attack, world forces united to fight. USA and France joined hands to fire rockets and destroy terrorist forces. Russia too joined the fight and started bombing.

Probably you cannot imagine USA and Russia united for the same cause. So, USA started blaming Russia for escalating the tension in the area. Recently, white House mentioned that we cannot have peace in the area and no peace talks can be resumed unless Russia stops bombing. Everything went viral and Kremlin spokesmen had to comment – we are not bombing, we are preventing our troops from getting attacked.

See the level of politics on a very sensitive issue. But this does not end here.

Middle East was told to intervene and alliances were formed to end terrorism. Saudi Arabia and Turkey joined the battle. Initially, USA did not like this but later agreed. But, this does not end refugee tradition. Refugees are still rising and probably will do so.

Whatever Saudi do, faces tough criticism from their neighbor – Iran. Iranian representative asserted that Saudi & Turkey will worsen the situation rather than solving it. It is to be noted that Iran did not send any troops to solve the problem. Actually, the present president of the disputed area is backed by Iran. The terrorists actually did not like this. That’s why the problem begin.

Still, world is not serious in tackling terrorism. USA says Russia does not want peace to happen. Russia says we are just protecting our troops. Iran says – Saudi shall worsen the problem. Saudi says – we are just here to overthrow the president.

So many forces against terrorism but still terrorists are rejoicing.

What could be worse than terrorism? Politics over terrorism is 10 times worse than terrorism itself.


Probably the loveliest Valentine Day

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14th Feb is celebrated worldwide as Valentine Day. I need not describe the festival  significance and its spirit.

While I disbelieve that love can be confined to 1 day per year yet there is a strong need of having at least 1 day dedicated to love. In today’s busy scenario and due to ever increasing demand of money, we do not have time for love and relationships. At this stage, the world needs a Valentine Day so that people can focus on relationship more than work at least for 1 day. Love is actually a continuous and gradual process which is sense of care and emotion / feeling between 2 groups / people. But today, this definition is getting extinct.

Anyways, this post is about Velentine Day celebration tradition happening at a relatively small location. Different countries have different tradition related to Valentine Day. But this is a special case. It is in Philippines.

You know how Filipinos celebrate Valentine Day? They call for mass wedding. Different couples join together and wed again. What actually could be an expression of love better than this?

Filipinos join together for a mass wedding in Manila

As per the local government, the primary purpose of such a tradition is to promote unity and love. This is a really great tradition and probably the loveliest way to celebrate the festival which speaks of love. After all, mass wedding is a tool to show others how much you love each other.

Year after year, many people have joined Valentine Day celebration. In 2013 alone, Around 4000 Couples have reported to opt for mass wedding.

This GOD is happy by you killing yourself

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This is another religious place – In Euthanasia. This is a Church in Massachusetts, United States of America.

The mission

While it is a church, it has its own mission statement. It calls itself a non profit organization. the mission statement reads that the Church works for restoring balance between humans and remaining species (may be animals) on the planet.

As per Rev. Chris Korda, the founder; the Church is actually an anti – human religion.

As per Judeo – Christianity, GOD did provide 10 Commandment to Moses. All the future prophets (including Jesus Christ) came to fulfill those commadnments.

For this Church, there is 1 commandment (probably coming from GOD directly)




Yes, you would have shocked on reading this. The Church mentions that population reduction is the only way to save planet Earth from getting destroyed. It stresses on the point that Earth cannot and will not sustain itself if population keeps on increasing like this.

The operation

Well, this is not a simple process. No, they don’t advocate murdering others. Rather, they believe in suicide, abortion and even cannibalism. They often market sodomy as well and their methodology is similar to Dadaist movement.

The Church hates sex and promotes birth control as a tool to promote environmental concerns. They have hosted several campaigns raising environmental awareness.

The Church was notorious as they had posted a video linking sex with 9/11 US terrorism attacks. The Church had only 1 motto – No humans will make the world a safer place.

They underwent controversies too because people committed suicide following their ways and this literally caused a legal case on the Church administrators.

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