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Cannibalism to the next level

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Here is my last post in the heading of weird eating habits (the others being elephant eating and cannibal prison) which shall show child cannibalism to its peak. This post is about China.

I need not discuss eating habits of China. It is that country where mosquitoes and insects are eaten. Child cannibalism is natural there. Thanks to its one child family policy, abortion of girl child has reported a tremendous rise in Chinese hospitals. Those aborted children can be sold by poor families which are then used inside soups.

While there is no medical proof, many Chinese have practically noticed rise of stamina and nice sexual habits after feeding on human baby soup. There are many testimonies where many couples have noticed the impact of eating human baby soup over their sexual habits. Guangdong is the place where eating of baby herbal soup is now a tradition. The news went to the Seoul Times, CNN media, Washington times, The Daily Mail and leading international newspapers and has received mixed response from the world.

If this doesn’t surprise you, then note that China also manufactures pills containing human baby flesh which is sold to North and South Korea among others. Hong Kong based magazine has already stated that infant fetus has already proven to be beauty supplement. This has traditional roots where it was considered auspicious to reabsorb unborn babies and create new healthier babies. So, mothers eating their own unborn babies and then re – creating new babies was considered a tradition. As per Chinese medicine, it is considered supporter of blood supply.

Various images are found across the net but I am simply skipping them as they are very graphic and not suitable for the faint – hearted.

A place meant for cannibals

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My previous article which focused on elephant eating habit in Zimbabwe received a mixed response from other people. But most humans admitted that to be disgusting news. I wonder what will be your reaction on reading this.

This is about a prison where cannibalism is promoted. Yes, a criminal feeds on flesh of another. This is quite normal here. We are talking about Gitarama prison in Rwanda.

The history

After all, it is a prison. Definitely, criminals would have been kept here. Let us investigate the crime. The crime was tragic genocide which killed over a million people in Rwanda in the early 1990s.

It was a politically driven war where Tutsi tribe was killed by the Hutu tribe. Those Hutu criminals are kept in this prison. Since, it is a prison – the criminals are supposed to be punished. Perhaps, due to really strange punishment, this place is called “Hell on Earth”.

The mathematics

Of course, it is required to see the punishment.

But, before that we must look at the mathematics. Having area of approx. 3700 square yards, this prison is originally meant for hardly 450 prisoners.

Capacity = 450

Population (as of August 2011) = 7000

Space allotted per prisoner ~ 0.5 square yards

This is the impact of being a overcrowded prison. If prisoners are given only half a square yard of space, then where will they stand? Probably on the head of each other.

Due to improper conditions, many prisoners have started developing several diseases. Some suffer from trauma wounds while some suffer from rotting feet. Getting death in such scenario is quite obvious. The place where everyone has to stand day and night cannot afford dead bodies. So, cannibalism is developed and humans start feeding on humans.

The government has now decided to stop arrests for any genocide related crime. Nevertheless, the inhumane condition is this hell like prison counts the same among deadliest places on Earth.

Thou must eat elephant

Thou must eat elephant

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Please do not get confused by the title. There are places where it is custom to eat elephants. One such place is Zimbabwe. It is a custom there to hunt and feed on elephants. The farmers consider elephants a threat to their farms and prefer to hunt elephants.

Having elephant feasts is often considered a normal event and during festivals, these elephants are used to be eaten. This might sound confusing but this is a tradition. As a routine, many villagers go on elephant hunting. Then, a group of 10 – 20 people join to have the feasts. In some villages, this is considered a very auspicious sign.

Now, what is auspicious in killing a living being? That I leave onto you to find out. It is to be noted that this killing is in addition to elephant poaching done for ivory tusks.

This had led to various debates where people even tend to argue whether elephants are edible by any sense. They also tend to wonder whether human tooth are sophisticated enough to enjoy bites of elephant’s skin. Nevertheless, the locals of Zimbabwe are well experienced as far as feeding on elephant skin is concerned. They are doing it since many past centuries and have no problem continuing that.

This often looks like a worry to the animal right advocates like PETA / The Dodo and others who think that this attitude can get African elephant extinct by 2020. The population of elephants in Zimbabwe has already reported a drastic fall in the past decade.

The president Mugabe feeds on a baby elephant along with lions and crocodiles.

While this is disgusting news, we must acknowledge that this is happening on the same Earth where we all live. So, next time, if you wish to go to Zimbabwe, make sure you can habitually feed on elephants. Wish you all the best.

Dinosaur inside hotels

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This is another article on Japan. I remember during my history lectures, World War 2 happened. In that war, USA hit Japan with 2 terrific nuclear bombs. The places were at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A nuclear weapon is considered messenger of the doomsday. Yet, the fight is against Japan. Nothing destructive happened to Nagasaki though.


We shall discuss about a strange hotel in Japan. It is known for Dinosaurs serving the visitors. Dinosaur – those giant creatures disappeared from the face of this planet over 6 billion years ago. How can they be used to serve the visitors? Well, these are homemade robots looking like a dinosaur not the real dinosaur. What would you think about such a strange hotel? Well, I would name it weird hotel. That’s right. It is named Henn na which means weird hotel in Japanese.

If this does not sound hilarious enough, you have an interactive touch panel where you need to enter all your information. You do not need any key to open the door because it works on facial recognition system to open the door. An automatic porter is used to handle the luggage.

Well, this hotel seems cheaper after all there are no human training costs involved. The price here is hardly $73 while other hotels might cost 3 times than that. Hats off to the innovative owner.


The owner Hideo Sawada has decided to open other similar hotels as well. Even today, this hotel remains a source of inspiration for rest of the world.

No doubt, Japan is a country of innovation and has given many robots to this world. Given the fact that Nagasaki witnessed tragic nuclear war, such innovations from its people are worth appraisal.

Its horror time

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This is another article on Thailand. This is a really horror place depicting hell itself (of course as per Buddhist beliefs).

Known as Wang Saen Suk Monastery near Thailand’s Bang Saen beach, this place was one of Thailand’s place for tourist attractions. But, sounds stupidity. Would you name a monastery on hell? Well, they did.

The very first line is “Welcome to the hell” written in English as well as Thai language. Then, on entering inside, you shall see a notice board written: if you meet the devil in this life, don’t postpone merit making which will help you defeat him in next life.

In fact, this place is a mix of heaven and hell. It not only contains horrific statues but also a statue of Buddha and various peaceful spiritual scenes.

Of course, it is a hell. It contains 2 ghosts (called Preta in local language) standing in the center and various people being punished. The people being punished are often given animalistic forms. The guardians of hell – dogs are depicted punishing sinners. For example, corrupt people are made pigs, ungrateful become tigers etc. Not only this, but also various people are punished for their sins. Thieves are punished by a spear being pierced through their stomach; women crushed who allow abortions to happen and so on. At the feat of each feature, the plaques are marked with inscriptions as to what sin was committed by you (that’s what hellfire is defined for. Right?).

Parents bring their children here and this is considered an educational site. It is traditionally believed that bringing children here will make them good humans. Have personally visited this place and this isn’t as horrific as it seems from the description. Showing the central pic for your reference.

A structure of cars

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We shall now see a strange structure. We are talking about Carhenge located near Sandhills of Nebraska in USA. This is a different structure wherein monoliths of cars can be easily found.

The history

A monolith is formed of stones. Carhenge is formed of cars. Now comes the question – who made this and why?

This structure was made by a British sculpture Jim Reinders who studied the structure of various Stonehenges. He got the idea of carhenge from there. His father lives in an American farm. In his memory, Jim built the carhenge. The first monolith Carhenge was actually a memorial built in 1987. The idea was to create a replica of the Stonehenge using a structure of cars. It took 5 years for the construction to finish.

With the passage of time, the passion grew and more and more such sculptures were erected.

More details

This carhenge is today, one of the most famous tourist places to visit. Here, you can notice various cars from all over the world. In June 2014, it was named among Top 3 Quirky landmarks of USA.

What more to say, you don’t have to spend a single penny to visit there OR to see any of the sculpture. However, for security reasons, camping is banned while overnight accommodation is also available. The only revenue model for the architect is via donations.

Besides Stonehenge replica sculpture of cars, you will also find several other attractions like golf course, knight museums, park fountains etc. So, do you want to visit there? Want to become a friend of this carhenge? Enjoy your journey… Wish you all the best.

A sample pic is attached with this article which is taken from the original website


Food connection to family

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In previous set of articles, we studied various strange and innovative laws worldwide. We also saw funny places wherein we saw strangely happening incidents.

Now, we shall discuss a funny yet important belief from people. This belief tries to establish a link between plants and the ability to bear a child. It can sound confusing but this is awkwardly true. The point behind including such a belief on this website is to showcase how half knowledge can misguide masses.

This superstition was prevalent 2 centuries ago i.e., in 19th century in the United Kingdom. As a belief, it was decided to put a ban on salads completely. The reason was quite weird. Salads, particularly the lettuces were considered anti – fertility foods. So, it was considered that if you ate lettuces, you could probably never bear a child. This may sound confusing but this is surprisingly true.

As per a book on plant lore, lettuces are considered sterile plants and inhibit a strange behavior. It is quite likely that they can operate similar ways on men. So, if you want to grow your family, it wasn’t recommended at all to feed on lettuces. This superstition was so famous that Oxford Dictionary of superstition mentions this among really strange superstitious belief. The most important point to be noted here is that there is no scientific evidence between salads and fertility rates. Nevertheless, superstitions do not require any scientific base to be followed by everyone. People had already stopped eating salads because they thought that salads could stop them from bearing a child. Anyways, with the passage of time, people learnt that plants may be sterile themselves, but that won’t affect your fertility at all. So, you can continue your salad foods and not worry about child bearing capability.

Just for laugh

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After visiting through various places worldwide, we shall now jump to Italy. Italy, the country of multiculturalism is indeed a nice country to visit. At the same time, it is funny as well. Particularly, for the laughter law being introduced in Milan. Let us see the funny laws in detail.


By law, it is required to smile (if not laugh) at all times in Milan. Of course, exceptions exist.

  • You are inside home (no one will check you there)
  • You are visiting a patient in hospital (that’s not a reason to laugh)
  • You are attending a funeral (you can’t laugh. Obvious)

Leaving aside above mentioned 3 cases, laughing (at least smiling) at all times is mandatory in Milan. Any violation can get you fined for at least $102.

Better to practice laughter before visiting Milan. The fake laughter can be easily noticed by locals.

Clothing laws

Well, if laughter rule does not look funny, we shall move onto next rule. This is related to clothes. Here is it.

  • In entire Italy, if a man wears a skirt, he shall be arrested for sure (you do not want to look like a male – female combo. Right?)
  • In Lerici, hanging a towel out of window to dry it is not allowed (that does not look nice)

Group law

Rome is a great place in Italy. It is known for weird laws. It bans 3 people to sing OR dance together in a group. Any violation will imply fine of Euro 500. They believe to curb noise pollution this way.

Note that group of 2 is allowed.

Food problem

There are multiple laws. Why these are introduced and how will these benefit others – this isn’t known. Yet, these are funny and strange.

  • Feeding the pigeons in the city center is illegal
  • Opening kebab in historic center is banned

Both the laws exist in Lucca.

Want to travel to Italy. Get some idea of the local law first.


Control your weight here

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(Note: Please review the very first introduction post before reading any of updates in this website.)

Japan! The land of multiple innovations, the place of very great culture and above all, the country of Sumo wrestling. They gave us Toyota among automobiles; they gave us Nippon Telegraph in Telecommunications and Hitachi in electronics. They also have the world’s most strange rule for those who are overweight.

The law

As a law, it is required for both men and women having age 45 to 74 to examine their waistlines almost every year. If the measurements fall outside the specified standards, it is mandatory to seek medical advice after undergoing various counseling sessions. This law is known as metabo law and was introduced to address the problem of metabolic syndrome.

The point to be noted here is that it is rumored that you could be fined heavily if you are found overweight. This is only half true. It seems illogical that the country which gave sumo wrestling to the world will make obesity illegal. Well, fine is there but not on the individuals. By law, fines are imposed on companies and local governments for not imposing this measure strictly.

35.4 inch is the largest waistline meant for men and 31.5 meant for women.

If you want to travel to Japan, it is recommended to check your waistline.

The repercussions

The law came into existence in 2008 and came into existence to eliminate cases of diabetes and other obesity borne diseases. The law faced mix responses from people. The news spread to the New York Times who praised this decision while Tokai University’s school of medicine called this rule an unnecessary step.

Nevertheless, this rule proved to be a great point. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has concluded Japan to be the world’s least obese nation.

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