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You might be confused on reading the title. How can a slap be linked with health? What could be scientific facts behind this practice? Well no one really knows. Not even those who follow this. Let us look at it in detail.


The country is Albania. I won’t discuss the geography involved; I think you already know that. It is a tradition in Albania that after completing the haircut, you will be slapped at neck once. They say – this is for your health. The Albanian word is “me shëndet” which means “on your health”

This is the tradition followed by local public of Albania. People in health sector training follow this practice on general basis. Albania seems to be quite serious about health, that they can do anything and everything provided that guarantees health even if there is no scientific rule defining the working of that slap.

For example, the Albanians keep on watering their roads because they think that this will increase their health. You will notice water paved around everywhere on streets. Again, there is no scientific proof behind this practice and its linking with health. Some people do have commented that this practice is against health as it can breed mosquitoes. There is no one to really listen to them.

While such weird traditions exist in multitude in the country, the point to be noted is that no one cares whether you – the outspoken international knowledgeable traveller will like this OR not. After all, you cannot dare to change their culture. Right?

So, next time during your visit to Albania, if you notice a big tight slap on your neck after haircut, don’t complain. No one will listen to you. Get used to it.

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