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This post is about Hong Kong – a country of its weirdest laws. After all, this country made procuring license for dog owners a mandatory aspect by law and also banned skates and prohibited the use of any obscene language (including foul language, shouting and abuses) in Ocean Park. Not only this, but Hong Kong government had also banned the use of T Shirts with any logo which can make them wonder them of triad membership. Any violation of these rules is punishable by imprisonment for a definite period of time.

Keeping in mind, the great aspects of Hong Kong weird laws, this article and the next will focus on the 2 most important yet funny laws of the republic of Hong Kong.

The law

If you go with the Hong Kong legislation, it is mentioned that you need a written permission / official approval from the government and the legal bodies if you want to sing a song on any bathing beach in the country.

If you plan to violate the rule, you could be sent to prison for approximately two weeks. There are many people who had been sent to prison due to his mistake.

The repercussions

The above mentioned rule came into existence almost 5 decades ago. The real purpose of implementation is not known yet, but this rule forms a part of safety at the beach law in Hong Kong. You might wonder how singing is related to safety at beach. That I leave onto you to find out by yourself.

Since, the real reason is not clearly identifiable, it becomes obvious that the rule is to be blindly followed and taking a note of the same as a precaution is always recommended.


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