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Australia is a place for various innovations and funny laws. It is that country which legalized electric bulb repair from only the licensed electrician. Not only this, but Victoria has prohibited wearing pink pants on a Sunday during Mid day.

Australia seems really funny. One such funny law is that they decide where and how should you walk on road. By law, it is required to walk on only the left side of the road. The rule applies to footpath as well. Well, if you are found violating this law, you might be fined OR sent to jail. Hence, you should not walk on the right side on the footpath as well.

Now, you might wonder why this rule is implemented. Who is the government to decide where and how should we walk on the footpath? Well, if this is what you are thinking, you will be punished for treason. Aussies take their governments seriously and any attempt to insult governments could be dangerous.

Though this is not documented in the constitution, you will hear this in the speeches by the government and will also sometimes notice this in the newspapers. Don’t be confused. This is true.

Some other funny rules include:

  • Children are not allowed to purchase cigarettes and alcohol however the law does not ban them from using them. So, if a child wants to use alcohol purchased by his father, he is not banned by the law.
  • Leaving the car keys in an unattended vehicle is not allowed. The Aussies have a law for this as well.
  • It is mandatory for all bars to have a stable. Not only this, but they should also feed the horses of their patrons.
  • Owning AK47 was not illegal. They are planning to cancel this law but this isn’t guaranteed.

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