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After analyzing ghostly superstition of China, I move onto a second belief – finding the animal within. Thou this is not a superstition but a funny belief as well.

Remember 12 Zodiac sun signs – starting from Aries till Pisces? Both East and West loves to see astrology related to these 12 zodiacs. Well, China too has astrology related to 12 signs. Unlike normal astrology which contains mixture (Taurus is an animal, Pisces is a marine creature, Cancer is an insect, Aquarius is a water carrying utensil etc.), Chinese zodiacs contain only land animals / reptiles.

Here are they:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragons, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Each animal / reptile is associated with a year starting from 1900. Year 1900 belongs to rats, 1901 to ox, and so on. The cycle repeats every 12 years. Those who are born in January / February need to check the New Year in Chinese terms and guess accordingly. Thus, it is easy to guess your personality from the animal list mentioned above.

Now, comes the question: what is really weird in this? Well, if you happen to visit China, especially its villages, you must know which animal are you because you will find many people asking this question. You cannot easily manage without knowing the animal. Chinese consider these as auspicious and use this rule to judge your personality and this data is used to deal with you. If you act as if you do not know, then that might go against you.

Here is a simple guide which can not only help you find your animal but also know your personality in detail from the Chinese perspective.

Well, I am a horse. Who are you?

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