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Taiwan is indeed an interesting place. We also note down various developments happening there but there is one more reason for its weirdness. Particularly, for its highly superstitious ghostly beliefs. Even in this super developed scientific age, ghosts do exist for the Taiwanese.

They believe that ghosts live in water, in late summer they do come out. People tend to offer papers to fire in the crushing summer heat which is to be considered money offered to the ghosts to keep them away and this is not a voluntary torture.

The most important point to be noted is that the belief in existence of ghosts is prevalent even today. Even internationally aware and open minded Taiwanese do not ignore these superstitious facts. Despite so many economic, scientific and monumental developments happening in this country, superstitions particularly related to the existence of ghosts are still alive. So, this belief is simply timeless and immortal. This won’t fade away so easily.

Here are other timeless beliefs about ghosts.

  • Thou shall sleep before midnight at any cost. Else ghosts shall hunt for you.
  • Thou shall not whistle at night, ghosts might be attracted from your whistle.
  • Thou shall not hang clothes, else your home could be mistaken as haunted
  • Thou shall knock doors when entering at any unknown location; else ghosts will be disturbed from your entrance.

Well, the above mentioned superstitions are not only limited to Taiwan only but to entire China as such. It should be noted that in the other parts of China, swimming in any water body is considered a bad practice. After all, ghosts live there. Who knows you are attacked.

So, those who think that ghosts do not exist in this scientific age should visit Taiwan with immediate effect.

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