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This world is indeed a strange place. You never know which place contains which miracle. This often happens that we are trying to find something else and we end up finding something else. Nevertheless, those discoveries help us exploring this world in a better way.

This post is about Caves found in Chinese caverns of Wulong.

Other details

China contains many tunnels. It contains many caverns too. A team of explorer once went into one such cavern. They surprisingly discovered various tunnels and surprisingly all those tunnels led to a place deep inside the Earth having its own weather. That place is called Er Wang Dong. These caves come under the municipality of Chinese city Chongping and are located near to many other geographical beauties.

This underground system is really great and has its own weather. What we heard in adventure – fiction novels OR saw in movies like Journey to the center of the Earth are all real. This cavern contains its own forests, cloud and even rivers. It also contains pass ways which could be passed only through ropes. Hence, scientists are shocked. They are trying to consider this place in even better manner.

Here are the measurement details if you want to explore those cave system.

Passage length is 42 kilometers and the caves are about 1.5 feet in depth.

The cave Er Wang Dong is near to another similar cave named as San Wang Dong. Both of these caves contain their own weather system and are often used by Chinese local to guess the weather out there in their society. For example, indication of fog in these caves confirms rainfall nearby. Nevertheless, these places remain a great discovery to be explored about.

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