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Let us visit Vietnam this time. It is a country of rich tradition. Yet, really strange.

The motivation

History speaks of war happening in Vietnam where even USA and Poland were involved. The war claimed many lives as usual the case with any war. While it was aimed to stop the growth of communism, it did the opposite. Both North and South Vietnam had united under the name of Socialist republic.

From that day, Vietnam became a hundred percent communist nation. Hence, all the laws were inspired by Communism.

The weird rules

Since, it became a communist nation, the laws were introduced like that. Pornography in all forms including Prostitution was banned. The punishment can range from being sent to Jail to even getting death penalty imparted.

The communist nation has banned a foreigner to take driver license. It is to be noted that by default the country does not recognize the international driver’s license. The only way to get a license is to support bribery.

The funniest rule is that their police is not at all interested in your problem. So, if you are deceived to pay higher fine OR someone has overcharged you OR you are ripped off, don’t rush to the police. This is considered a civil matter and as per Police, this is not to be classified as a crime. You can however contact Police to find some stolen OR lost goods. In that case, you need to pay them service fees. No, as per the law; this is not corruption or bribery but just a service tax.

It is difficult to digest such nonsense rules. Hence, people like to complain of this system. Sorry but that is not allowed because the country does not support freedom of speech.

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