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This post is about South Korea. The country is known for that innovation which no one can even think about. They ban airplanes to avoid disturbance to the students.

The rule in detail

CSAT (College Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the most important examinations of the country. It decides whether a particular student can take admission in a given college. The examination is considered efficient and of very high international meritocratic results. This examination is clearly defined as the chance to make OR break one’s destiny and contains various sections including law, ethics, lanuages, politics, science and mathematics, vocational knowledge, social sciences etc. to judge the overall personality of the student.

So, particularly when the English listening sessions are held, they stop all airplanes in the sky holding them from a particular height. This height ranges from 3 – 8 kilometres, so that no unnecessary noise is made. Airplane landings were also delayed to prevent any disturbance to the students. This rule is followed from past 15 years without fail and is still prevalent nationwide. The airplane agencies are okay with this and they like to strictly obey the rule.

But, this isn’t sufficient. Students may appear late for the examination due to traffic jam. Even that problem is taken care of. The stock markets open late, cars and other mono user vehicles are also controlled and the public transport is increased. In some cases, Police Officers are deputed to carry the students to the examination center.

Well, the examination is the only criteria to join the premium colleges in the country. It is therefore logical to link it with stress and it is one of the most important reasons which have rendered South Korea world’s 3rd country in terms of suicide rates.

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