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Slap means good health

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You might be confused on reading the title. How can a slap be linked with health? What could be scientific facts behind this practice? Well no one really knows. Not even those who follow this. Let us look at it in detail.


The country is Albania. I won’t discuss the geography involved; I think you already know that. It is a tradition in Albania that after completing the haircut, you will be slapped at neck once. They say – this is for your health. The Albanian word is “me shëndet” which means “on your health”

This is the tradition followed by local public of Albania. People in health sector training follow this practice on general basis. Albania seems to be quite serious about health, that they can do anything and everything provided that guarantees health even if there is no scientific rule defining the working of that slap. It’s an interesting lesson that I took back home with me. As for myself, I started taking my mental health more seriously. I would get sad or anxious, perhaps signifying depression, and I would shrug it off. Life is fast-paced and you can stow those things away for a quite a while before they get bad enough. I don’t do that anymore obviously. There are cbd products I take regularly that have helped me so much, and I’m doing much better now. Here you can learn more about a dispensary ontario oregon if you think you might want to try this as a potential option or solution for yourself. It worked for me, but allow me to state the obvious: seeing any kind of general physician or specialist is also a great way to get started.

For example, the Albanians keep on watering their roads because they think that this will increase their health. You will notice water paved around everywhere on streets. Again, there is no scientific proof behind this practice and its linking with health. Some people do have commented that this practice is against health as it can breed mosquitoes. There is no one to really listen to them.

While such weird traditions exist in multitude in the country, the point to be noted is that no one cares whether you – the outspoken international knowledgeable traveller will like this OR not. After all, you cannot dare to change their culture. Right?

So, next time during your visit to Albania, if you notice a big tight slap on your neck after haircut, don’t complain. No one will listen to you. Get used to it.

Thou shall kill a cheating husband

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After understanding a funny law in Hong Kong, let us see another.


Many people comment that marriages are made in heaven. Yet, this need not be true every time. There are some marriages which are made in hell not heaven. The cases of extra marital affairs are known to everyone.

In order to check this problem, Hong Kong has implemented husband killing rule. As per the rule, a woman is eligible to completely kill her husband if she finds her husband is a cheater. However, she cannot use anything other than her hands for this.

If she wants to kill that other lady, that is also allowed. While you can kill your husband using your hands, you don’t have any such limitation while killing your husband’s girlfriend.  She could be killed in any manner liked by the wife.

Murder is not always recommended. Sometimes, by law, you might be satisfied by getting a monetary compensation as well. This compensation involved up to half the money the husband gave to the other woman. Considering this rule, many wives filed a petition to get the desired compensation.

Making deception in marriage punishable by murder seems really odd. But, this is a fact which cannot be answered easily. Well, also if the woman wants to neither file the petition for compensation nor kill her husband, she even has the right to send her husband to the labour camps as a working candidate for 2 years.

The law has brought many ups and downs in Hong Kong society and is indeed alarming for a vast majority of cheater husbands in Hong Kong. This is a really important rule everybody needs to know particularly those who marry in Hong Kong.

Get your song approved

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This post is about Hong Kong – a country of its weirdest laws. After all, this country made procuring license for dog owners a mandatory aspect by law and also banned skates and prohibited the use of any obscene language (including foul language, shouting and abuses) in Ocean Park. Not only this, but Hong Kong government had also banned the use of T Shirts with any logo which can make them wonder them of triad membership. Any violation of these rules is punishable by imprisonment for a definite period of time.

Keeping in mind, the great aspects of Hong Kong weird laws, this article and the next will focus on the 2 most important yet funny laws of the republic of Hong Kong.

The law

If you go with the Hong Kong legislation, it is mentioned that you need a written permission / official approval from the government and the legal bodies if you want to sing a song on any bathing beach in the country.

If you plan to violate the rule, you could be sent to prison for approximately two weeks. There are many people who had been sent to prison due to his mistake.

The repercussions

The above mentioned rule came into existence almost 5 decades ago. The real purpose of implementation is not known yet, but this rule forms a part of safety at the beach law in Hong Kong. You might wonder how singing is related to safety at beach. That I leave onto you to find out by yourself.

Since, the real reason is not clearly identifiable, it becomes obvious that the rule is to be blindly followed and taking a note of the same as a precaution is always recommended.


Check your walking side

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Australia is a place for various innovations and funny laws. It is that country which legalized electric bulb repair from only the licensed electrician. Not only this, but Victoria has prohibited wearing pink pants on a Sunday during Mid day.

Australia seems really funny. One such funny law is that they decide where and how should you walk on road. By law, it is required to walk on only the left side of the road. The rule applies to footpath as well. Well, if you are found violating this law, you might be fined OR sent to jail. Hence, you should not walk on the right side on the footpath as well.

Now, you might wonder why this rule is implemented. Who is the government to decide where and how should we walk on the footpath? Well, if this is what you are thinking, you will be punished for treason. Aussies take their governments seriously and any attempt to insult governments could be dangerous.

Though this is not documented in the constitution, you will hear this in the speeches by the government and will also sometimes notice this in the newspapers. Don’t be confused. This is true.

Some other funny rules include:

  • Children are not allowed to purchase cigarettes and alcohol however the law does not ban them from using them. So, if a child wants to use alcohol purchased by his father, he is not banned by the law.
  • Leaving the car keys in an unattended vehicle is not allowed. The Aussies have a law for this as well.
  • It is mandatory for all bars to have a stable. Not only this, but they should also feed the horses of their patrons.
  • Owning AK47 was not illegal. They are planning to cancel this law but this isn’t guaranteed.

Which animal are you?

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After analyzing ghostly superstition of China, I move onto a second belief – finding the animal within. Thou this is not a superstition but a funny belief as well.

Remember 12 Zodiac sun signs – starting from Aries till Pisces? Both East and West loves to see astrology related to these 12 zodiacs. Well, China too has astrology related to 12 signs. Unlike normal astrology which contains mixture (Taurus is an animal, Pisces is a marine creature, Cancer is an insect, Aquarius is a water carrying utensil etc.), Chinese zodiacs contain only land animals / reptiles.

Here are they:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragons, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Each animal / reptile is associated with a year starting from 1900. Year 1900 belongs to rats, 1901 to ox, and so on. The cycle repeats every 12 years. Those who are born in January / February need to check the New Year in Chinese terms and guess accordingly. Thus, it is easy to guess your personality from the animal list mentioned above.

Now, comes the question: what is really weird in this? Well, if you happen to visit China, especially its villages, you must know which animal are you because you will find many people asking this question. You cannot easily manage without knowing the animal. Chinese consider these as auspicious and use this rule to judge your personality and this data is used to deal with you. If you act as if you do not know, then that might go against you.

Here is a simple guide which can not only help you find your animal but also know your personality in detail from the Chinese perspective.

Well, I am a horse. Who are you?

The ghostly problem of Taiwan

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Taiwan is indeed an interesting place. We also note down various developments happening there but there is one more reason for its weirdness. Particularly, for its highly superstitious ghostly beliefs. Even in this super developed scientific age, ghosts do exist for the Taiwanese.

They believe that ghosts live in water, in late summer they do come out. People tend to offer papers to fire in the crushing summer heat which is to be considered money offered to the ghosts to keep them away and this is not a voluntary torture.

The most important point to be noted is that the belief in existence of ghosts is prevalent even today. Even internationally aware and open minded Taiwanese do not ignore these superstitious facts. Despite so many economic, scientific and monumental developments happening in this country, superstitions particularly related to the existence of ghosts are still alive. So, this belief is simply timeless and immortal. This won’t fade away so easily.

Here are other timeless beliefs about ghosts.

  • Thou shall sleep before midnight at any cost. Else ghosts shall hunt for you.
  • Thou shall not whistle at night, ghosts might be attracted from your whistle.
  • Thou shall not hang clothes, else your home could be mistaken as haunted
  • Thou shall knock doors when entering at any unknown location; else ghosts will be disturbed from your entrance.

Well, the above mentioned superstitions are not only limited to Taiwan only but to entire China as such. It should be noted that in the other parts of China, swimming in any water body is considered a bad practice. After all, ghosts live there. Who knows you are attacked.

So, those who think that ghosts do not exist in this scientific age should visit Taiwan with immediate effect.

Cavely discovery

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This world is indeed a strange place. You never know which place contains which miracle. This often happens that we are trying to find something else and we end up finding something else. Nevertheless, those discoveries help us exploring this world in a better way.

This post is about Caves found in Chinese caverns of Wulong.

Other details

China contains many tunnels. It contains many caverns too. A team of explorer once went into one such cavern. They surprisingly discovered various tunnels and surprisingly all those tunnels led to a place deep inside the Earth having its own weather. That place is called Er Wang Dong. These caves come under the municipality of Chinese city Chongping and are located near to many other geographical beauties.

This underground system is really great and has its own weather. What we heard in adventure – fiction novels OR saw in movies like Journey to the center of the Earth are all real. This cavern contains its own forests, cloud and even rivers. It also contains pass ways which could be passed only through ropes. Hence, scientists are shocked. They are trying to consider this place in even better manner.

Here are the measurement details if you want to explore those cave system.

Passage length is 42 kilometers and the caves are about 1.5 feet in depth.

The cave Er Wang Dong is near to another similar cave named as San Wang Dong. Both of these caves contain their own weather system and are often used by Chinese local to guess the weather out there in their society. For example, indication of fog in these caves confirms rainfall nearby. Nevertheless, these places remain a great discovery to be explored about.

Buying TV? Do you have license?

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For what you need a license? You need a license for usage of gun, you need license for driving a vehicle, you need a license for using big and dangerous items, you need a license for selling items; you need a license for many things.

But, if I tell you that you need license for getting a TV, what will be your reaction? This post is about strange law of South Africa. By law, it is mandatory to have a license if at all you need to buy a TV.

The history

The law was setup in 20th century. As per law, if you own any device which receives a terrestrial signal, you need a license for that. OOPS! That includes Radio as well.

Till 1994, you needed a license for Radio purchases too. Poor people who wanted to access Public broadcasting without problem demanded government to change the rule. Now, Radio owning and listening was made license free.

License was kept for TV in such a way that one license per TV was mandated. In year 2000, on public demand, the law was modified to have 1 license per household, but in that case, you need to prove to the government that you really need those many TVs in a single household. Licenses were modified so that businesses have a different rule to work upon.


Now, even the TV tuner needs a license. If you want to use a TV without license, you probably need to remove the TV tuner and use the TV for DVD watching purpose only.

The law received many criticisms, right from the day of inception. Why not? Business, who need TV to monitor employee works, OR CCTV kind of too needed to pay for a license. That seemed ridiculous. Pleas are filed to close this rule. Hopefully, this rule is changed soon. But, that cannot be guaranteed at this stage.

Airplane connection to examination

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This post is about South Korea. The country is known for that innovation which no one can even think about. They ban airplanes to avoid disturbance to the students.

The rule in detail

CSAT (College Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the most important examinations of the country. It decides whether a particular student can take admission in a given college. The examination is considered efficient and of very high international meritocratic results. This examination is clearly defined as the chance to make OR break one’s destiny and contains various sections including law, ethics, lanuages, politics, science and mathematics, vocational knowledge, social sciences etc. to judge the overall personality of the student.

So, particularly when the English listening sessions are held, they stop all airplanes in the sky holding them from a particular height. This height ranges from 3 – 8 kilometres, so that no unnecessary noise is made. Airplane landings were also delayed to prevent any disturbance to the students. This rule is followed from past 15 years without fail and is still prevalent nationwide. The airplane agencies are okay with this and they like to strictly obey the rule.

But, this isn’t sufficient. Students may appear late for the examination due to traffic jam. Even that problem is taken care of. The stock markets open late, cars and other mono user vehicles are also controlled and the public transport is increased. In some cases, Police Officers are deputed to carry the students to the examination center.

Well, the examination is the only criteria to join the premium colleges in the country. It is therefore logical to link it with stress and it is one of the most important reasons which have rendered South Korea world’s 3rd country in terms of suicide rates.

Speaking freedom

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Let us visit Vietnam this time. It is a country of rich tradition. Yet, really strange.

The motivation

History speaks of war happening in Vietnam where even USA and Poland were involved. The war claimed many lives as usual the case with any war. While it was aimed to stop the growth of communism, it did the opposite. Both North and South Vietnam had united under the name of Socialist republic.

From that day, Vietnam became a hundred percent communist nation. Hence, all the laws were inspired by Communism.

The weird rules

Since, it became a communist nation, the laws were introduced like that. Pornography in all forms including Prostitution was banned. The punishment can range from being sent to Jail to even getting death penalty imparted.

The communist nation has banned a foreigner to take driver license. It is to be noted that by default the country does not recognize the international driver’s license. The only way to get a license is to support bribery.

The funniest rule is that their police is not at all interested in your problem. So, if you are deceived to pay higher fine OR someone has overcharged you OR you are ripped off, don’t rush to the police. This is considered a civil matter and as per Police, this is not to be classified as a crime. You can however contact Police to find some stolen OR lost goods. In that case, you need to pay them service fees. No, as per the law; this is not corruption or bribery but just a service tax.

It is difficult to digest such nonsense rules. Hence, people like to complain of this system. Sorry but that is not allowed because the country does not support freedom of speech.

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