Hello Everyone!

I welcome you all to this newly created website for which we use one of the best wordpress hosting providers. Just as the title suggest, this website focuses on strange things happening around the world. Everything is presented for fun basis.

I do not intend to insult any local laws OR any human mentality by creating this website.

What is this website made for?

This website is intended to educate about this world. The content is organized such that the things are presented in entertaining mode. It often happens that we travel to the rest of this world. At that time, it is required to know the local laws, just as a precaution.

Some rules are common, while some are uncommon. The common rules are known to everyone. So, there is no problem. It is important to know the uncommon rules as well because those are the rules very few are aware of. By knowing them, we avoid any future problem.

In general, this website will contain following facts

  1. Local laws made by government
  2. Traditions and customs (not necessarily by governments)
  3. Strange steps taken by people to solve their problems
  4. Some funny but true principles followed by some people
  5. Other strange yet funny facts

I also give you leverage to add some more weird facts. If you find any weird fact (which I missed); you can mention them in comments. After reviewing, I shall elaborate on them. This way, we shall grow together. However, it isn’t recommended to use any content of this website to make fun of other policies. All the feelings and rules are to be respected and valued.

In upcoming articles, we shall see various weird facts covering multiple nations. It shall include naming laws, travelling laws, customs, strange places etc. among others. We wish you all the best while viewing those articles. Enjoy this website!

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