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The blood in the home

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After going through various other articles in this website wherein explored weird places; we shall discuss about a strange house here which discusses about a strange person.

This house is located in Amsterdam near Netherlands. This house is located in 216, Amstel. This house is strange because of bloody stains located everywhere on the outer.

Different people have different theories regarding what could have really happened. Some call it a coincidence while others link it with a theory wherein they call the blood related to the owner himself. So, let us find who that owner was.

The house was originally meant for a businessman who was owner of a soap manufacturing location. But, he sold it to an ambassador and Mayor – Mr. Coenraad Van Beuningen who was a great politician and very successful person.

Unfortunately, not all successful people remain so for long. He started suffering from bipolar disorder. Doctors commented this to have happened due to sudden failures he witnessed arising from recession. Various medications were suggested but nothing worked and he started becoming more and more mad. The condition became worse and he ended up painting various superstitious Kabbalistic signs.

It is a really interesting point that the original owner of the home is not even remembered while the house is still considered “the house with the bloody stains”.

It seems that he painted that with his own blood. Well, no one really knows whether this is true although it looks like one for sure. This happened several years back but even today, it is apparent that those signs are carved from someone’s blood. The house remains unoccupied even today. Therefore, it remains a mystery till date why all this happened.

Poor dogs!

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In last article, we discussed a place where various groups of birds fell to death. The place in this article is also linked with suicides of non – humanly creatures. It speaks of a place where dogs jump to death.

This article is about a bridge located near Milton village in Scotland. This is a strange place because here dogs are seen jumping to the top and then falling down.

The geography and history

This bridge is located in Dumbarton in Scotland. Built over deep waterfall and rocks lying 15 metres downwards, the bridge comprises of 3 arches: 2 side and a central one.

The bridge was made in 1895 by Sr. engineer HE Milner and it gained a media attention because of suicidal dogs. This phenomenon started in 1960 and is prevalent since then.

Conclusive theories

Various representatives were sent but none managed to find a way out. Animal psychologists tried to solve the problem. They inferred not to use the term suicide as that term is misleading for animals. Even animal right advocators from PETA tried to investigate the cause but in vain. They tried to deduce that something was there which lures dogs to fell down.

Scholars tried to investigate nearby area to understand what lures dogs. There they discover fragrances which compel them to jump down. These fragrances often result from urine of minks.

While these are only theories and the locals do not believe in existence of any mink. The most dangerous fact is that this bridge is well suited for suicide of dogs or even humans for that matter.

A man kills his baby considering him devilish

Nevertheless, the bridge is a well-known tourist place and is a place to be explored about.

Birdly suicide

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This is another article about strange phenomenon occurring worldwide. This time, we shall discuss about Jatinga place near Assam, India. The place is a great scenic beauty surrounded by various mountains and valleys. It is a village having population of approx. 2000 people.

This is a place definitely not good for the birds. It did notice lot of birds falling downwards. The birds fell down with that tremendous velocity that ultimately they are crushed to death itself. The cases of various birdly deaths (often considered suicides) are prevalent during arrival of winter and after Monsoon.

Senior naturalist Sir E P Gee came to know of this mass bird suicide and he tried to understand what really happened but failed to reach a conclusion. Different scholars researched to solve this problem. Some concluded that local villagers kill birds as a safety but no such evidence was discovered. Some scientists have commented that this happens due to atmospheric conditions. The birds are distracted due to high altitudes, high wind and climatic conditions. Some link it with magnetic condition of Earth. It also seems apparent that the birds are attracted by torch lights. Anyways, these are all only theories and the exact status is not discovered yet.

Due to these theories, it seems illogical to term these deaths as “suicides”. Birds do not have well developed brain to do suicides. This might be a cold blooded murder or just an accident. This does not qualify to be a suicide.

The most important observation here is that despite the clear indication of danger and several repetitions each year; birds tend to ignore these facts and are well attracted to this place. Nevertheless, governments are trying to minimize these deaths and are working in this matter. The place remains point of attraction for various tourists.

Want to drive? Take approval from number plate

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Manila, the capital of Philippines is really a great tourist place. Due to its vast widespread landscape, it seems to be a place of attraction for tourists. Now, there is a golden rule: The tourists often lead to traffic congestions.

So, Manila must be managing this traffic congestion well. Yes, they have invented a funny yet innovative law to help the country minimize traffic congestion and pollutions.

The rule is dependent on your number plate.

Now, your number plate ends with a 1 or 2, in that case, you cannot drive on Mondays between 7:00 – 10:00 in the morning and in the afternoon at 15:00 hours to 19:00 hours in the evening, similarly if your number plate ends with a 3 or 4, you cannot drive on Tuesdays between 7:00 – 10:00 in the morning and in the afternoon at 1500 hours to 1900 hours in the evening. The rule continues till Friday. There are no restrictions in place for Saturdays and Sundays.

The system is quite corrupt there. Any attempt to violate this rule will get your driving license confiscated. You would have to pay bribe if you do not want your driving license to be confiscated by the policemen. The fee is approx. 12 Dollars. The process otherwise is quite complicated. In some cases, it seems that bribery is the only option you have.

But, what if you do not have a number plate? In Philippines, getting a number plate is really a complicated process which takes almost six months in totality. It seems complicated to wait for that much time after purchasing a vehicle in order to drive it. The law is friendly with you in such a case. You won’t be punished provided you prove that you have applied for the number plate. But, there is no excuse once you have a number plate with you.

The experience of an American while travelling to Philippines

Funny clothing laws of Thailand

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Thailand is indeed one of the best tourist places in the world. Its capital “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit” (Simply called Krung Thep Mahanokhan) is one of the best places to visit on the Earth. Due to some unavoidable reasons, it is called Bangkok in English. While this also means a very funny name when translated to English, I leave onto you to find out its translation.

While Thailand is a really beautiful place, it is also known to be a country of strange laws. Here are some of the dangerous laws.

Driving regulation

In Thailand, you cannot drive a car if you aren’t wearing a shirt. If you attempt to do that, you will be sent to jail. So, if you plan to be a nomad, beware.

If this doesn’t astonish you, then please note that you must wear a clean and neat shirt. Merely wearing any shirt won’t help. Wearing a dirty shirt is considered violation of next law. Let us see what the next law is:

The king is GOD

Thailand people consider their king as GOD himself. Hence, any attempt to insult king is equal to insulting GOD. Here are some actions which are prohibited.

  • Defacing the king
  • Stepping over the Thai currency (it has the face of the king)
  • Driving over flyover when the king is passing from the below (no head can be above the head of the king)
  • Wearing dirty clothes
  • Drinking alcohol in front of the king

The punishments can vary from a considerable fine to getting jailed for indefinite periods.

Not only this, but Thai celebrate mother’s days and father’s days in honor of their king and the queen not for their parents.

Moving out of homes

This is the funniest rule ever known. You cannot move out of your home without wearing any underwear. Any violation will lead to you getting arrested. Beware!

So, are you planning to visit Thailand? Make sure you read this article and decide on a strategy.

Snakes are guardians here

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In this article, I shall tour you of a place in India where snakes guard homes. This literally happens at Shetfaal near Sholapur in Maharashtra in India. Here, the guests are snakes. It isn’t about one or two homes; it is about every single home in that village. Snakes of Cobra category roam freely in every single home there.

Perhaps, that is why India seems the land of snake charmers.

How to reach

Mumbai is capital of Maharashtra state of India. From Mumbai, bus routes exist to Sholapur. Local vehicles can be used to travel to Shetfaal. The distance is approx. 350km in totality.

The real tradition

As per Indian Hinduism, snakes are associated with Lord Shiva – the Hindu GOD of destruction. Shiva is often shown with snakes rolling all over his neck. Snakes are considered blessings of Shiva.

In order to please snakes, every single house has a resting place for snakes. You can find snakes roaming around in schools as well. The people here believe that snakes are their protectors. Hence, if a snake enters the room, it is customary to please snake by offering milk.

Snakes are friendly

Sounds confusing. Right? Who is potent enough to befriend a snake? Can a cobra be considered friendly? Well, for these people; the snake is protector (not just a friend).

They live with snakes; their babies are kept safely near the snakes. Instead of biting the kids, snakes are often seeing posing like a protective umbrella over the head of babies. What more to say, not even a single case of snake bite is reported till date. The tradition is prevalent since more than 1000 years, so this is a remarkable thing to note.

Nevertheless, if you happen to settle there (it is a geographically well-developed place) OR even travel as a tourist for that matter, it is recommended to study this snake system first. The locals are fearless and snakes too are harmless to them but the same may not work for you.

Introduction to this new website

Hello Everyone!

I welcome you all to this newly created website. Just as the title suggest, this website focuses on strange things happening around the world. Everything is presented for fun basis.

I do not intend to insult any local laws OR any human mentality by creating this website.

What is this website made for?

This website is intended to educate about this world. The content is organized such that the things are presented in entertaining mode. It often happens that we travel to the rest of this world. At that time, it is required to know the local laws, just as a precaution.

Some rules are common, while some are uncommon. The common rules are known to everyone. So, there is no problem. It is important to know the uncommon rules as well because those are the rules very few are aware of. By knowing them, we avoid any future problem.

In general, this website will contain following facts

  1. Local laws made by government
  2. Traditions and customs (not necessarily by governments)
  3. Strange steps taken by people to solve their problems
  4. Some funny but true principles followed by some people
  5. Other strange yet funny facts

I also give you leverage to add some more weird facts. If you find any weird fact (which I missed); you can mention them in comments. After reviewing, I shall elaborate on them. This way, we shall grow together. However, it isn’t recommended to use any content of this website to make fun of other policies. All the feelings and rules are to be respected and valued.

In upcoming articles, we shall see various weird facts covering multiple nations. It shall include naming laws, travelling laws, customs, strange places etc. among others. We wish you all the best while viewing those articles. Enjoy this website!

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