The parrot eye witness

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The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

Enditoo was a pet lover. He owned a museum where he kept many animals. He had a caged parrot too. One day, when he returned from a trip, he saw a tragic scene. The door was broken and many things stolen. He immediately filed Police FIR.

Policemen started their investigations. However, that was not getting confirmed. Whatever angle they tried to search could not help. The biggest problem was that there was no eye witness. 1 member of the home saw all this but unfortunately, it wasn’t a human. It was the pet parrot who saw it.

The policemen asked the parrot but the parrot feared. One of the policemen took a notebook and started some drawings. He made a bearded man who was looking very fierce and showed that to the parrot. The parrot said – this is it.

Now, at least the policemen had some clue. But, it was still a long way. They tried to match it with their CID database to realize that he is a professional experienced thief. The policemen now needed to catch him red handed. But, how can that be done.

They activated network of their informers who can help them find the accused. They were unable to find the exact thief but managed to find a member of his gang. After rigorous police interrogations, the criminal gave the hint that the main thief is outstationed. The local Police was contacted and a plan was devised. After too much hardwork, the final criminal was caught.

But, he refused to admit the crime. Policemen took him to Enditoo’s home and the parrot there identified the thief. However, the battle was only half won. Courts do not take a parrot’s statement seriously.

The Police then took help of other local guards and ended up catching most of his men. Interestingly, the stolen assets were recovered. Now, the thief had nothing to hide.

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The donkey who ate hairs

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

The case refers to India. The tradition goes that if you witnessed death of near and dear ones – you must cut all your hairs (applicable only to males. Females don’t cut hairs in general). This haircut process is called as Mundann in the local language.

The head priest Yutdutta had a pet donkey. He loved the donkey more than his own life. Unfortunately, one day the donkey suffered from illness. Unfortunately, he died. Since Yutdutta loved the donkey, he did cut his hairs.

Yutdutta’s uncle saw him bald. His family member must have died – he thought. Without thinking anything, the uncle cut his hairs too.

The king’s royal astrologer saw this happening. He was a beloved friend of the uncle. He did cut his hairs too. Seeing his royal astrologer cutting the hairs, the king too got himself bald.

The kingdom always respected the king and thought him their guardian. So, some grief for the king was grief for rest of the kingdom too. All men decided to cut their hairs.

It never happened that a donkey’s death can prove a boon for the barbers. The barbers celebrated this.

The royal minister Mukuja who was always proud of his long curly hairs did not want to cut them. He tried to investigate what really happened. He understood the exact sequence of events and could not contain his laughter when he understood what really happened.

He then met the king and narrated. Now, the king was ashamed. It was the time for the kingdom to stop mundann otherwise they would have a bald kingdom. The minister then told them.

If you just follow the crowd without thinking what is to be done, then you will most likely be ashamed for what you did.

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And dog got adapted to mankind

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

Long back, all animals used to live in forests. Horses, ass, oxen, cats and even dogs used to live in the forest. But, as we all know – forest was never safe for them. They wanted to move out of forest but did not know where to go.

One day, they saw a man entering the forest. They all wanted him to take them along. What favor will you do to me? – asked the man.

The horse replied – I can take you wherever you wish to go. You can sit on me and enjoy. The man agreed to take horse along.

Use me as a burden carrier and I will carry huge burden on my back – replied the ass. The man agreed to take him along as well.

Oxen mentioned that they can help during agriculture and can cultivate any land. The man liked and took the ox along as well.

I can feed on mice and pests and help you live a better life – said the cat. The cat was allowed to be taken.

Now, only dog was left. That poor being could not explain how he can help humans. However, he requested humans to take him along. Human replied – I will take you too. I am giving you a week’s time. If you can’t prove your worth, I will send you back in the forest.

6 days passed. The dog was helpless. He had only 1 day left to prove his worth. He was still unable to figure out any way to prove his worth. But this night was different. Suddenly, a thief broke into the house. This was an excellent opportunity. The dog barked and the man managed to catch the thief.

The dog was also adapted to the man village and given its fair share of dog food, and to it these taste great. All others are servants of man but dog is a friend.

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The adventures of Kittu

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

Kittu was the only son of a millionaire father; an honest yet intelligent guy. But, all days are not equal. One day, a gang of kidnappers arrived and the newspaper was filled of stories of kidnappers who did their job efficiently and effectively.

Taking children, demanding huge fees, killing children if Police came to know of this – they did everything and escaped Police officers every time.

They plotted against Kittu too and took him away. Kittu decided to keep his mouth shut and keep eyes and ears open. The kidnappers asked him his name and family details. Kittu replied – Aaaa Bbbbb … The kidnappers could not understand anything. Kittu had same reply for whatever asked. The kidnappers thought Kittu to be deaf and mute.

The kidnappers have actually thought to cut Kittu’s tongue but now that was not required at all. They asked Kittu to write down his dad’s contact number and demanded $1 million as fees from Kittu’s father.

Kittu’s father contacted Police and they decided to trap kidnappers. However, this was not easy. Kidnappers had always managed to escape police because they were dynamic. They decided to change location and take Kittu along. That’s why they cut tongue of children so that they can be safer. They took Kittu to another area but were stopped by Policemen who were searching for some other criminals.

Before the kidnappers could say anything – Kittu shouted for help. The kidnappers were now confused as Kittu wasn’t deaf and mute as they had thought. The kidnappers took a reverse gear and the police followed them. Finally, the kidnappers were in front of the police. They adopted final mechanism to save them. They used Kittu as a shield by putting gun on his head. Now, Kittu’s heartbeat stopped.

Suddenly, he looked at the bottom and moved his feet. The feet of his shoe touched the kidnapper who lost his balance. That was sufficient for the police to catch them. Kittu was safe and the kidnappers were finally caught. The kidnappers were punished for their misdeeds.

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Finding the most knowledgeable

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Gopser was a scholar. He often believed that no one knew more than him. He once went to a new locality. He asked a woman – any place for travellers to stay? That woman replied – I don’t know any place where travellers stay. Travellers keep on travelling every now and then. They do not stay. Example – solar system is a traveller and so is time.

Gopser took a note and went ahead. He saw another woman on a mango tree. He asked her whether she can give him some mangoes. She asked – you confirm whether you want hot mangoes OR cold ones? Gopser could not understand the message. He asked her to provide him hot mango.

She threw mango on the sand. Gopser picked it and blew some air to clean it. The girl grieved and said – Oh my GOD! You had to blow some air! You could have taken cold mango.

Gopser demanded cold mango. The girl threw another mango nearby. Gopser saw it falling on bank of a river. He washed it to clean. Now, Gopser understood what the girl actually meant

Gopser continued his journey. He saw a man who claimed $1000 to those who answer his 3 questions. Gopser came there and heard the questions. The boy asked

  • Who are the only 2 helpless in this world?
  • Who is the biggest thief in the world?
  • Who is the fastest in this entire universe?

The condition was: If he attempts and passes – he will be given $1000. However, if he fails, he has to give $100.

Gopser who thought himself to be the most knowledgeable, failed in the process. He gave $100 and requested the boy to reply.

The boy replied – it is simple. The mother of the goat (who could be sacrificed anytime) and the imprisoned bird – only these 2 are actually helpless. The biggest thief is death for it steals the most important asset. The thought process in human mind is the fastest.

Gopser thought once again. The boy made irrefutable points.

The journey was over now. Gopser learnt a lesson that world has many more knowledgeable people whom he does not know.

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Have faith in GOD – what does it mean?

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

Minkaj was a salaried employee. However, he had complaining nature. One day, he was really upset.

He prayed to GOD asking about the injustice done to him.

He cried –

You are a cheater. Today, my alarm went off. I was late – even my Car did not start, my boss scolded me; I saw canteen closed today and had to stay hungry. When I returned home, you took electricity away. I had planned to sleep in AC but you wasted my day and you wasted my night too.

GOD replied – You do not know what I planned. Since, it was related to you – please understand what really happened.

I had a conversation with death who confirmed that today you were supposed to die. However, your wife had prayed me to save you anyhow.

I sent my angels who went on a fight with death. In that mishap, alarm went off. I came to know that death had decided to kill you in a car accident. I told angels to stop your car from operation. You had to stay hungry – sorry for that but you were supposed to die from canteen food. I turned electricity off to prevent short circuits from happening.

If you still think – I wasted your life – you can blame me for that.

Minkaj apologized.

GOD replied –

You do not have to apologize, you only need to understand that I do not allow injustice to anyone and nothing can happen without my approval. You can see only 1 part of what happened wih you; I can show you the other side of the coin provided you want to see. I can nullify any loss you are destined to make. However, I can minimize the losses. That’s what I did.

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Let us try

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

Tresika was a good businessman. He had no problem except one – his son Trojika was a drug addict. He tried all means he can to educate his son but this did not help.

Finally, he decided to counsel his son. He called him and asked – why you can’t get rid of addiction? He said that he is caught by drugs. The father said that drugs cannot catch, it is you who is catching hold of drugs. If you want to leave, you can leave them.

Trojika mentioned that this is difficult. Tresika then showed him a group of ants picking up a piece of sugar. He said – look at the miracle of trying. The ants are dedicated and want to do the thing. The piece of sugar which they are carrying weighs 40 times more than what ants weigh. Yet, ants are not demotivated. You too can experience the power of trying. At least try to say no. I am not telling you to completely abandon in the very beginning. Go slow but go steady. Use continuous improvement to live a better life. After a period, you will yourself managing to live without any drug.

Trojika did not agree for the same. But, when Tresika insisted, he agreed.

It was really difficult to quit drugs in the beginning. But, slowly and steadily he managed to reduce the dosage and finally, got rid of drug addiction completely.

He told his father that he now feels better. Father replied –

Nothing in this world is unachievable for those who try. No power is bigger than your will power. You can do anything provided you are able and willing to do so.

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The game

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

A cricket tournament was held between St. Xavier College and St. Marty College. Both the teams were excited. Finally, everything was planned and the play resumed as per the schedule.

The toss happened and the coin was thrown up. The coin stood straight. The coin was retossed and this time St. Marty won. The team decided to bat first.

Openers gave an astounding start imparting 110 runs as the partnership in 16 overs. Suddenly, one of the openers fell. Yet, the game bent in favor of St. Marty who managed to hit 276 of 50 overs.

St. Xavier had better team. They managed to score 200 runs in just 35 overs with 4 wickets remaining. They were heading towards victory. Suddenly, one of the fielders was injured and a player named Anta was called in his place.

Anta was not much experienced. He was told to go to Slips. Anta disappeared. Later on, he was discovered taking nap. He was asked – what is this? To this, he replied – you told me to go to sleep. The captain said that he had told to go Slips and not Sleep.

The play resumed. Suddenly, a delivery was hit hard for a six. Poor Anda saw ball coming at his place. He immediately tried to protect his body. Therefore, he kept his palm exactly in front of his eyes so as to protect himself. The trick worked and it was a catch out.

Anda managed to take another wicket. This was a run out. The dangerous St. Xavier stopped. Due to fielding by Anda (it was not fielding as such but just self defense), they too managed 276 runs only. This lovely match resulted in a tie. Anda was the Man of match.

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The importance

Hello Everyone!

The story presented here is interesting yet inspirational story. The names present are just fictitious and bear no resemblance with anybody.

Durdambha was a businessman’s son. He often thought himself most spiritual too. He was proud and arrogant for this. One of his friend suggested him to contact Sage Vomika to test his knowledge.

Durdambha agreed. He met sage Vomika and told him to test his knowledge by any means. Vomika said – first, bring to me that thing which has no importance at all and is totally useless for anyone.

Durdambha went in search of one such thing. He saw muddy water on the way. He decided to take it. Suddenly, a stray dog came there and took that water.

How can muddy water be useless, when it quenches the thirst for the dog?

He thought that he must take the dog. But that was also not recommended.

A dog is the most faithful and loyal creature. Calling him useless will be like promoting injustice.

He went ahead to search again. He saw a dead body lying unattended. This must be useless – he thought. Suddenly, crows and scavengers came there.

Now, this dead body is no more useless.

Durdambha went ahead. He saw a tree on the way. Growing old and almost dead. It could bear no fruit and had no leaves either. Just a plain bole.

While Durdambha was about to take it, he heard a voice from that tree’s soul – “You are here. Sorry I cannot help you more. I don’t have fruits to satisfy your hunger. I don’t have leaves either to provide you shadow when needed. But there is something I can give you. You can take my wood. I am happy that I helped you.”

No one can beat a tree in terms of selfless service to humanity. Tree can’t be useless even if it can no longer bear fruit.

Durdambha decided to take some garbage. The garbage’s soul stopped him – you dare touch me. I was the same important material which you used to satisfy your daily needs and threw me when the needs were satisfied. I am not useless. You are useless as your first touch made me like this. You touched me once and this is my fate. You dare touch me again.

Durdambha went to Vomika and said – I could not find anything useless other than my ego. Please take it.

Vomica then replied –

There is nothing absolutely useless in this universe. Everything proves its importance. The real knowledge is in using that importance wisely for strategic benefit at the right time in the right manner. Once you achieve this, no power in the universe can test your knowledge.

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Why are stories needed?

Hello Everyone!

I remember few weeks back I was discussing topics to create a new website. There I was suggested to write short stories. Then, I could not understand the capacity it has.

Now, this website is created. Let us understand the need of stories. Stories simplify the task and make it easier for the pupil to understand the hidden messages. In fact, stories are the easier methods to teach the best lesson to the fools. One can not ignore Aesop Fables, the Arabian night stories and the classic Panchatantra tales.

But, I do not want to redo them. My method is different.

What stories here are not

None of the stories here intend to insult any being – living OR not…

In addition, I will not mention any story which goes like Panchatantra / Arabian Night type (A very long tale consisting several short ones). Today, no one has time to read that way. Rather, I will have short unique stories which will be different and shall finish in a single post. So, I won’t really put the serial type story. Hence, you need not really waste time reading entire series of blogposts to understand what really happened.

I won’t focus on stories already existing rather, would like to create stories and confirm.

No ghostly tales and superstition promotion content will be shown.

What stories here are

The stories here will entertain the readers – I simply can’t be serious for long. Even my stories won’t. 😀

Just because the stories are entertaining, won’t make them non – considerable. The stories here will motivate too. Their goal shall be to educate in addition to entertainment.

The stories will be based on simple giveaways which will be suited for people of all age groups and all races ignoring nationality, religions, creed and other barriers.

Occasionally, you might see fables here too.

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