New Month, New Shows, New Goals

Meme Of The Week


Congratulations to this week’s meme contest winner, Cindy Ross!

Upcoming Events

We have a couple of shows coming up:
April 10: Spring Open Schooling Show, presented by Thoroughbred Exhibitor’s Association – Oregon Equestrian Center
April 23: Quiet Rein Schooling Show – Quiet Rein Riding School
Let Cindy know ASAP if you would like to attend either of these!

Just a reminder that on April 16th, the Evergreen FFA Club will be hosting their open house at Cantera for the second year in a row! Annemarie is the contact for this and will happily welcome any donations of time/help, cakes for the cake walk, or an item for the silent auction. If you have questions or would like to help out, contact Annemarie for more details! This is sure to be a fun, family-friendly event so come out on the 16th and have a good time supporting Cantera and Evergreen FFA!

The plans for Star’s birthday party on the 24th are still in the works but you can expect to know more in the next post!

Honorable Mentions

Today is Blackberry’s 24th birthday! If you see him today, be sure to stop by and give him a carrot or two to help him celebrate!


Happy belated birthday to the one and only  Cindy Ross! Her birthday was yesterday and all of us at Cantera are hopeful that she had a great day. Cindy does so much for Cantera day in and day out and we are extremely grateful to have her at Cantera!

Congratulations to Desi and Djib on a very successful weekend at the Spring Hunter/Jumper Show hosted by Team Northwest! This show was Djib’s second show ever and her first jumper show. This was also the first A rated show for both Desi and Djib which taught them both a lot over the course of the weekend. They improved each day as the show went on and ended on a high note. Also, thanks to Volker and Judy for their support and guidance throughout the weekend.

Congratulations to the meme contest runners up!


Meme By: Cheryl Cazenave


Meme By: Annemarie Taylor

Star’s Corner 


I have arrived to the month of April looking wonderful as ever! I’m sure all true Star fans know why April is the best month of the year but, for the not so dedicated Star fans or the “Star fans in training”, I’ll tell you. April is my birth month! That’s right, folks. My 13th birthday is on April 24th! This should be plenty of notice for all of you to plan your gifts to me and, to make it even more convenient, I’ll be having a birthday party that all my fans will be invited to! Keep an eye on my social media accounts for more information.

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to follow my social media pages, I’ll give you one more. In the near future, I’ll be posting the April Move With The Movie Star Run Challenge and revealing this month’s theme! Mommy and I had quite a bit of success in the March challenge with the March Madness theme and we set a new challenge record of 7.9 miles! We are hoping to exceed that once again with the April theme challenge. You’ll find out what it is in the next week or two, whenever I decide to post it, since royalty doesn’t run on anyone’s schedule besides my own.

On that same note, I’m proud to announce that Mommy and I ran roughly 76 miles for Rescue 4 All in the month of March! Total for 2016, we’ve gone 104 miles. We’re more than 1/5 of the way to last year’s goal of 500 miles! Last year we ran 500.38 miles and we’re hoping to exceed that this year! You can help us achieve that goal by participating in the next run challenge, later this month, with likes/comments!

Last week was a good one, filled with a mix of groundwork and riding, and we even got to jump a little bit on Friday! This was our second time jumping since the awful day that a car backfired specifically to scare me. Why do cars have to be so mean? And to me of all horses?! But I digress. Where was I? Ah yes, we jumped on Friday and I was gentle as can be! Mommy and I have been working hard on keeping me quiet and she was so happy to see all of our hard work on the ground translate to our riding. Happy Mommy = Extra Triscuits = Happy Me = Happy Everyone!


That’s all I have for this week. Just a reminder, for when you all are planning my birthday presents, anything edible must be sugar free(Triscuits are my favorite, as you know)! The reason being that I’m already so sweet that I put sugar to shame. So I have trouble digesting sugar because I’m too sweet and wonderful for it! No tummy aches please!

Next time you hear from me, we’ll be one week closer to my birthday!