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Fast Acting Advil

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This is a sponsored post and I got a free sample to try to share with others in return for my own thoughts and opinion of the products. The free sample had no influence on what I think about using the products. This is my own thoughts and opinions.

Nacho chili with Ragu recipe

Have you ever had nacho chili using Ragu if you have not ever used I have a great home-made chili recipe using Ragu that you will love. The taste is so good and you will really enjoy it.  It is always best to make it for a big family and it does not cost too much to make. You do have to take some needed time to make it but it is so worth it.


To begin you will need to gather many ingredients.

Your list to begin:

1 lb of hamburger or meat you may prefer

1 bag of red kidney beans

2 cans of chili already made I used Armour brand

1 jar of Ragu chunky mama’s special garden sauce

1 onion

1 green pepper

Hot sauce Texas Pete

1 package of McCormick chili seasoning

1 bag of Tostinos nacho chips

1 bag of shredded cheese nacho blend

After you have everything you will need some pans and a crock pot to finish everything.

To cook:

Start by cooking your kidney beans in the bag by reading the instructions on how to cook them. Take and open the 2 Armor chili cans and add them in the crock pot and put them on high. As they are cooking you will need to chop your onion and green pepper up and add them to your meat while cooking it all. You will need to have three cups of water left in your beans when they are done. If you do not add some more water and dump the Ragu sauce in the pot. You will need to use the whole jar. Next add your meat, onion and green peppers to the pot. Then add your pack of chili seasoning and stir until blended and add 4 teaspoons of Texas Pete hot sauce. Let all this cook to a boil turn off and pour in crock pot with Armor chili and mix all together. Add Tostino chips in a bowl and top with cheese. then add some chili and top with more cheese. You can then eat the best meal with your family.

This is my own homemade recipe. Me and my family enjoyed it and it makes enough for 6 or more people. It was pretty easy to make and everyone loved it. I will be making this in the future and hope you and your family love it. Here are some pictures of us enjoying it and what it looks like.







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I was sent a free coupon from Ragu and am doing this review of my own recipe thanks to the help of Ragu’s free coupon for a free bottle of Ragu sauce.  All thoughts opinions and product I used are of my own free will.